“Stand By Me” by Rob Reiner Essay Example
“Stand By Me” by Rob Reiner Essay Example

“Stand By Me” by Rob Reiner Essay Example

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  • Published: December 7, 2017
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"Stand By Me" is an extraordinary film directed by Rob Reiner, based on one of Stephen King's novels called "The Body. " It is about four boys going on an adventure to find the dead body of a boy their age. The film focuses on two of the main characters, how the experience of the body changes their attitude towards life and sets a structure of how they would look upon life. The opening of the film begins with a landscape of the countryside, with a long shot of a jeep. In the sound background play the song "Stand By Me" in a slow tempo.

Reiner then uses a close-up shot of a man in the jeep, looking deeply saddened, a few seconds' later Reiner uses another close camera shot for a heading of a newspaper that read, "Attorney Christop


her Chambers Fatally Stabbed In Restaurant. " The director uses the camera shot as if it was the man eyes looking at the two boys that rode towards the forest. Then a voiceover of a middle-aged man starts to say "I was twelve going on thirteen the first time I saw a dead human being.

The shot zooms further in towards the man's head as if seeking for his memory of when he was a teenager. The scene soon changes to a flashback of a boy in a shop with the radio playing in the background. The tree house scene starts with Gordie Lachance using the secret knock to enter the tree house. It continues with Gordie and another two boys Chris Chambers and Teddy DuChamp (both of them smoking) playing cards, having a laugh and enjoying themselves.

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In the background you can hear a person knocking. Then the fourth and final member of the gang enters the film: Vern Tessio.

From the reactions of the other gang members, Vern appears to be the weakest of the group; they are many examples, one of which was Vern not knowing the secret knock. The tree house scene is really just an introduction to the other three characters. Telling us about their past ect and their status in the gang i. e. Chris is the leader. The narrator also explains how Chris is labelled by the town he comes from a poor family background and has a bad name. Furthermore, he goes on to talk about teddy's family background and of how much he adores his father even though he tried to burn his ear off.

In this scene Reiner uses many of his camera shots in the tree house purely focusing on Gordie and Chris in the same shot, this expresses that the relationship between them is a close, like family. The camera then focuses on Vern when he interrupts them by saying "you guys want to go and see a dead body? " All of a sudden from them mocking him, he became centre of attention; everyone at that point had full concentration on him and knew exactly what he meant. Vern went on to explain how he overheard his brother knew where the body of Ray Browers a kid of their age.

The scene then changes to Gordie telling of how he became the 'invisible boy' as his parents didn't seem move on after his big brother Dennis (Denny) was killed. Gordie enters his brother's

room in search of his canteen. The director then uses another flashback of when Denny gave Gordie his Yankee cap; the camera shows them in a scene together and they hug each other. It tells a lot about Gordie's admiration for his older brother; he was also one of his best friends. The scene changes to Chris being dropped off to meet with Gordie.

The shot shows Chris is a caring person as he puts his arm around Gordie as soon a he comes near him and also indicates their close friendship. Ace an older boy, a bully steals the cap off of Gordie that is so precious to him. Reiner then uses a close-up shot of Chris forced to ground by ace when trying to retrieve his best friend's cap. This shows Chris really cares for Gordie and would do anything for him big or small. Gordie and Chris are talking about when the go into junior high. Chris encourages Gordie to take college courses and not to let his friends drag him down.

The camera then focuses on Vern and teddy and conversation of fictional superheros, it was immature compared to Chris and Gordie conversation. I think Reiner did this on purpose to show the difference in the four boys. Gordie then goes on to say that he thinks writing is stupid but Chris then puts him back on track by saying that "its like god gave you something. " And went on to stay if Gordie's parents wouldn't encourage him he would do it for them. This shows that Chris really cares for Gordie and wants him to do well in school and in


In the evening Reiner a establishing shot to open the scene of them round the campfire smoking, then he uses low angle shots of the each boys round the campfire. Gordie then tell a story that he has just written. The story he tells then comes into a short film on the screen. Then Reiner uses clips of each boy saying a sentence then fading on to the other boy all of them having random conversations. The four boys hear noise while camping and decide for one of the gang to stand guard. Teddy was first, and then a panic-stricken Vern takes over.

Reiner then uses a close up shot of Gordie what seems to look like him having a nightmare. It then changes into Gordie's dream of when his was a Denny funeral and his father telling him "it should have been you Gordie. " Gordie wake up in fright. Reiner uses various close up shots of Chris and Gordie taking about Chris should take the college courses but can't because his family got a bad name. by this time Chris goes on about the milk money and becomes very emotional in the low angle of him crying he said" I wish I could go some place where no one knows me. " Gordie comforts Chris by putting his arm around him.

In the opening of the final part of the film they had reached the Back Harlow Road, the where close to the body. Vern spots the body and then Reiner uses a close shot of all four of the boys standing still and staring in as if in shock. Chris he led the others

towards the dead body of Ray Browers. They pulled back the bushes of where his face was hidden. In a close shot of Gordie just the image of the dead body rekindles the memory of his brothers' death. Chris goes to comfort Gordie hugging him making him feel wanted as Gordie at the time believed his father hated him.

Chris goes on to say "you're gonna be a great writer someday Gordie you might even write about us guys... " I think this shows Chris really loves him as more a family member than just a friend. Ace and Eyeball come into the scene. Vern, Teddy and Chris stand in a defensive stand willing to stand up for themselves but then become vulnerable when the rest of Ace's gang turns up. Vern runs cowardly runs anyway, and then teddy follows his as Ace pulls out a knife. Chris refuses to leave without the body, although he is frightened he stands up to Ace.

I think this shows Chris had the courage to stand up for what he believes in, he doesn't back down that he's a fighter. Ace pulls a knife to Chris' throat. Then all of a sudden your can hear a gun shot. Gordie then enters the screen with then gun in his hand with Chris now by his side. Gordie tell Ace that "nobody's taking him" A disappointed but scared Ace backs off and vows revenge. The four boys all come back into the scene in a medium shot. Gordie then tells the gang that they aren't taking the body "not this way" he said. They covered him up, and began to walk home.


they had many things they wished to say they the barely spoke. All of them decided the best thing to do was an in anonymous phone call was the best way. I think they all knew it was not the right way even after they had travelled so far they understood. As the reached Castle Rock, the town seemed different to all of them, it was "smaller". In close up shots of them all they said their goodbyes, Vern went then teddy. Then all was left was Chris and Gordie walking deeper into Castle rock while the narrator in the background told how Vern and teddy got on in their life.

The scene then changes to a long shot of Chris and Gordie beside the tree house. Chris thought he wouldn't get out of Castle rock but Gordie reassures Chris that he can do anything he wants to. I think this shows that Gordie wants Chris to have a good life that everyone deserves. They both 'skin it' in the final scene of them both Gordie then said "I'll see you" Chris then replies cheekily but in a way upset croakiness in his voice "Not if I see you first. " As if he knew it would be the last time he would see Gordie.

Then Chris walks away from Gordie turns and waves. While voiceover tell of the Chris that his did get out and became a lawyer, but tragically he was stabbed in a fast food restaurant trying to break up a fight and died almost instantly. Gordie then waves back to Chris in the final close up shot of him, Chris returns to the

screen, and then fades a computer monitor with an older middle aged Gordie writing about his adventure he and the gang embarked on. This is how we find out that Gordie had been the voice over and the man in the jeep.

Gordie's child and his friend enter the room asking when they are going. Rob Reiner then uses his final close-up shot of the screen and we can see the final part of Gordie Lachances' novel about his adventure with the gang. Then Gordie walks out closing the door behind him as if finalising the story to indicate it was over. With the camera angle looking out the window we see the boys playing, Gordie, his son and friend getting into the car and driving away into to distance of the road until you can no longer see the vehicle.

Although the gang wanted to seek fame and fortune, they never really found it. They found adventure, went through tough times, dangerous and some even life threatening times but got the whole experience and changed them maybe for the good. I thought Chris and Gordie had experienced all the same things as the gang but had found one extra thing their adulthood. I think this was more rewarding to both them, than fame and fortune. I think that the journey and experience wasn't just an adventure to them it was much more, it was life changing.

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