An Effective Herbal Remedy Essay Example
An Effective Herbal Remedy Essay Example

An Effective Herbal Remedy Essay Example

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  • Published: May 29, 2017
  • Type: Case Study
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Summary of FindingsSince ampalaya has medicinal value, there has been much research done on its effectiveness as an herbal medicine for various ailments.

Because of this, ampalaya has been considered as a great challenge for Filipinos to convert ampalaya into something beneficial. This is the reason why we focus our study on the acceptability of Ampalaya as Ampalaya Waffle and its utilization.The questionnaire and constructed interviews were used to get the responses toward the color, appearance, aroma, taste and texture. Statistical tool used to evaluate the collected data are the weighted mean and frequency were further used to be able to come up with the results of the study regarding the perceptions on Ampalaya waffle.Based on the findings that the researchers gathered, after conducting sensory evaluation among the two-hundred (200) respondents. Evaluation from College Students o


n the Ampalaya Waffle, the color with the weighted mean of 4.

22 was acceptable; appearance with the weighted mean of 4.22 was acceptable; aroma with the weighted mean of 4 was acceptable; taste with the weighted mean of 4.2 was acceptable; and texture with the weighted mean of 4.2 was acceptable.From the evaluation of Elementary Students on the Ampalaya Waffle, the color criterion earned a weighted mean of 4.

12 and translated as acceptable. The appearance quality of the Ampalaya Waffle was acceptable with the weighted mean of 4.1. The aroma quality scored 3.

96 in weighted mean which is acceptable. The taste received the weighted mean of 4.12 translated as acceptable. The texture received the weighted mean of 4.

24 translated as acceptable.The evaluation of the Community/Business Entrepreneur on the Ampalaya Waffle is summarized as follows; the color has a weighted mean of

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4.22 which is acceptable; the appearance with the weighted mean of 4.36 was acceptable; the aroma criterion earned a weighted mean of 4.58 and was acceptable; the taste with the weighted mean of 4.

The taste was acceptable with the weighted mean of 4.1; and the texture with the weighted mean of 4.1 was acceptable.Overall average of the acceptability of the product received a mean of 4.21 and verbally interpreted as acceptable.

This result shows that Ampalaya Waffle has a potential market and high satisfaction rating from prospective consumers.The Students respondents from (college and elementary) gave an overall satisfaction rate of “Acceptable” for the Ampalaya Waffle. The respondents from Community/Business Entrepreneurs marked the acceptability rate with a rate equivalent “Acceptable”. The Faculty member’s respondent gave an overall rate of “Acceptable” for the Ampalaya Waffle.

The overall acceptability rate of the Ampalaya Waffle based on 200 respondents surveyed is a strong satisfaction rate of “Acceptable”.The Laboratory results for the product ensure that the Ampalaya Waffle passed all the parameters for microbiological quality. Hence, the Ampalaya Waffle is safe for consumption.ConclusionsOn the basis of evaluation, the following conclusions were derived:1.

The proposed product of the researchers is achieved: Ampalaya Waffle. Preparing Ampalaya Waffle is easy because of simple procedure used by the researchers.2. Based on sensory evaluation conducted by the researchers the survey participants graded the Ampalaya Waffle as Acceptable.

The researchers used criteria to determine the acceptability of the product such as in color, appearance, aroma, taste and texture. The overall acceptability of the product is Acceptable. Result showed that the respondent like Ampalaya Waffle. The product has been tested to passed the Coliform Count, Yeast and Molds Count, Staphylococcus aureus

and Aerobic Plate Count values that are within the DOST BulSu Microbiological Standards.

RecommendationsThe proposed product: Ampalaya Waffle is achieved. For the further development of this product, the researchers recommend other ideas and factors for improving the study as well as a foundation for future researches. The cooking time of Ampalaya Waffle is based on the waffle maker making it perfect in the texture as well as in the Appearance. The researchers set a cooking timer of 2 to5 minutes but still recommend to guide the cooking time to avoid burned product. The amount of batter mixture is accurately measure to prevent uncooked part of the product.

Over cooked waffles and burned mark has a tendency to have carcinogenic substances on the product that can pose danger to people. Based on the recommendation of the participants in sensory evaluation, grating ampalaya is a good and putting small bit of the ampalaya to be more visible in the appearance. As commented by a respondent, add more sugar to balance the bitter and sweet flavor of the waffle and fortified it with more vitamins and mineral from vegetables like carrots, squash and horse radish. Furthermore, future researchers can make a waffle to be more attractive to children and for the parents to start this as a business.

Instead of waffle, they may infuse some vegetables turning it into cookies, pies, and biscuits. Remaining the vegetable taste and its reputation to holds its nutrient content and to be more nutritious really matters. This may be new to others because of the innovation to a product to make it extraordinary. To future researchers, developing the texture and appearance of the product through

better preparation and product enhancement is encouraged.

Subsequent microbiological analyses of sample may be conducted, as recommended by the BSU-DOST Food Testing Laboratory, to monitor microbiological quality of samples preferably within a 12-month period to comply with the standards set by the Department of Health.6. Improve the packaging to make the product more presentable and marketable.Check your essays here

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