An Analysis of Manhood by Steve Biddulph Essay

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Now, in order to correctly present to you Biddulphs motives and ideas; together we need to establish a firm grasp on the book itself. What was it about? And why did Biddulphs write it? And who is Biddulph? Manhood (published in 1994) is a best seller, selling over 1 million copies; it touches on masculinity, relationships, sexuality, friendships, equality and even parenting.The book explores all these areas to chart and examine the problems confronting men in this modern age; and also on ways to solve them.

Essentially, Manhood is a book about setting men free from social constraints and also from themselves. The author, Steve Biddulphs is a Tasmanian psychologist, and a family therapist who has written numerous books including Raising Boys which is also a best seller. He continues to write various novels today such the Secrets of Happy Children.In order for Biddulphs to come to his conclusions on many topics, he has a set of underlying assumptions and values for which he claims to be why the problems that plague men arise, and also what men need to do to solve them. Biddulph suggests that men’s problems are a result of “under fathering” and the lack of healthy male role models for boys.

This is somewhat true, many people have missed out on close relationships with their fathers, or any other men for that matter, especially once reaching adult hood.Biddulphs greatest assumption is that there is essential masculinity, which is constantly mentioned throughout the book, which I’ll be bringing back up later. This leads us to Biddulphs thesis: which is that men have been under fathered, under nurtured and under loved. That men are neglect of role models and that all of the above lead to suicide, sex with strangers, aggression, and unhealthy relationships. Throughout the book Steve uses a variety of techniques to support this.

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