Fannyism Emilie Zoey Baker Essay Example
Fannyism Emilie Zoey Baker Essay Example

Fannyism Emilie Zoey Baker Essay Example

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  • Published: April 7, 2018
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The exploration of diverse aspects of life through literature is a powerful tool. Poems such as Fanny's, Imperial Adam, and Reflecting on the Male of the Species utilize techniques and language to address gender issues and representation. Despite differing perspectives, each poem is classified as a lyrical poem due to its intense emotional exploration from a single speaker. These works feature figurative language techniques such as denotations, connotations, vivid imagery, metaphors, similes, and symbolism. In Fanny's, Emilie Zoe Baker's portrays a woman's emotional journey and societal expectations placed upon them. The poem cleverly incorporates puns to highlight modern unrealistic equality between men and women.

The utilization of expressions that use ambiguity to create emphasis or humor, whether through a single word or similar-sounding words (Baldric 2006, p.81), resu


lts in the blurring of gender roles where males are dominant and females are expected to obey. In this case, the term "dick-tater" (line 7) contributes to this idea. The poem's title, "Fanny's," can also be interpreted as a play on words regarding feminism. While the interpretation of feminism is typically associated with insanity and unattractiveness (line 16), the representation in this poem targets young women.
Furthermore, the "big bad wolf whistle" (lines 12-15) is an example of how the poem plays with ideas of masculinity and how it can be seen as aggressive and frightening. The poem also uses strong language to create imagery that shows the high expectations women face regarding their bodies and self-esteem issues. The phrases "Booth injections" (line 26) and "labia reductions" (line 27) paint vivid scenes with only a few words, making it feel as if the reader is actually present (Coach

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& Collier, up.407-408).The reader's sympathy for young women undergoing labia reductions is evoked due to the high standards set by men. D. Hope's 'Imperial Adam' poem explores Adam and Eve's sexual encounter in Genesis without mentioning Eve's name, distinguishing male and female genders and portraying women as inferior objects subject to male desires. Hope uses a woman's death as a symbol, as it is difficult to describe complex issues directly. Eve is depicted only as 'Man's counterpart', suggesting that a woman's identity is formed solely by men.The poem highlights the lack of individual identity among women, which has led to inequality since the beginning of time, and raises the question whether God intended for equality between men and women or women are seen as mere objects. 'Imperial Adam' depicts Eve as a seductive temptress who misleads men, with women being generalized as voluptuous temptresses. On the other hand, Rodney Hall's 'Reflecting on the Male of the Species' portrays the journey of manhood through various attic techniques, exploring the emotions of young boys to mature men. The poetic statement, "a man's life", allows readers to reflect upon what comprises a man's life and prompts them to think beyond the phrase itself.The use of the metaphor and imagery of a chrysalis prompts the reader to contemplate a transformative journey, as the image of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly immediately springs to mind. Powerful adjectives are utilized to enable the reader to visualize a naked boy stepping vulnerably into manhood as a fragile and inexperienced individual. Despite this, Hall portrays harsh and violent emotions that follow this boy as he is eager to be shaped by brutality,

which raises questions for the reader regarding their perception of manhood and whether the journey from boyhood to manhood is one that tests emotional and mental health. The vivid image of the "Scottish fool" and his deteriorating skin suggests a life that is worn out and ruined, indicating that the journey to manhood has been challenging. However, it leaves readers wondering if this life has been one of success or failure. Gender has been a political issue since the early dawn of human existence, with equality between males and females mostly based on power investment.Various poets express their interpretations of gender equality through their works of poetry. In her lyrical poem 'Fanny's', Emilie Zoe Baker addresses the societal pressures placed on women, such as conforming to unrealistic beauty standards and undergoing plastic surgery. She emphasizes that women should not be confined by society's expectations of them. D Hope uses symbolism in his poem 'Imperial Adam' to highlight the subordination of women to men. He questions whether God intended for gender inequality, as portrayed by Eve being seen merely as an object for Adam's use.

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