Advantages and Disadvantages of TV Commercials

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The 2009, the American Time Use Survey Summary conducted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics stated that Americans, 15 and over, spend an average of 2.8 hours per day watching television. Businesses that use TV as an advertising medium to promote their product or service receive valuable air time that reaches countless viewers. However, many disadvantages exist as well. Larger Audience PoolYou can reach a larger amount of people in a shorter amount of time through television advertising than you can with print or radio advertising since television viewing accounts for over half of leisure time spent at home for those 15 years of age or older, according to an American Time Use Survey Summary.

Different time slots and channels are available that offer advertisers target demographics such as daytime slots on major networks for stay-at-home moms or weekend spots on music channel stations to appeal to teens. The amount of people you reach with a television commercial depends on the programming it’s attached to, as well as the time slot. For instance, if you want to target a general audience comprised of working people, you will want to run your commercial during prime time. ExpensesFilming a TV commercial often requires a script, actors, director and film editors, which can prove expensive.

Yet, if you shop around, you can make your own commercial for approximately $2,000 or less, according to Check out local production companies or, which offers stock footage for reasonable prices.

Costs for running a commercial on television depend on variables such as the length of the spot, the time of day or night, the TV show it runs with, the size of the viewing audience and whether you choose local or national advertising. Local advertising will typically amount to less expense, but, no matter what market you choose, you have to run your commercial repeatedly to see an increase in sales, which means a reoccurring costs. Commands AttentionTelevision advertisements command people’s attention via audio and visual stimulation. While print ads present as static, television ads prove dynamic with their colors, movement, sound and light. Certain images or musical tracks can provoke emotional responses in people that may make them more likely to buy a product or service. Limited FlexibilityIf you don’t like the end result of your filmed television commercial or you need to update information, it’s often difficult to have changes made without incurring additional expense and time.

Either you will need to contact the production company and have the commercial edited or re-filmed or you will need to search for and purchase stock footage that more accurately addresses your advertising needs. Creative OutletTelevision advertising gives you the ability to exercise your creativity and bring your business to life in front of countless viewers. If you are a small business that relies on recruiting and retaining customers, a television commercial can allow you to attach a personality to your business, which may help attract customers, according to Outbidding PossibilitiesIn the advertising world, television commercial slots are subject to bidding wars, which may leave you with a less than desirable advertising slot.

If another business owner wants the time slot you currently have, he can outbid you and win the slot for his own advertising. This typically happens during the fourth quarter of the year, when businesses compete for holiday ads, according to Entrepreneur magazine.

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