Advertisement Is an Art Essay Example
Advertisement Is an Art Essay Example

Advertisement Is an Art Essay Example

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  • Published: November 27, 2017
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I may say very interesting topic for a declamation, “Advertisement is the art of making whole lies out of half truths”. Advertisement is the action of attracting public attention forcefully to a product or business again and again. Viewers are pawns in the world of advertisements. Turn on the rightly called “Idiot box” and there u see an ugly duckling turning into a striking mermaid in the blink of an eye, making you believe that pantene shampoo can do miracles but as she turns her head, to look for her hero, there comes off the long mane which a few seconds before seemed so original.

Off go the camera and the lights in a chaotic state as the models today are no Rupenzals who had hair strong enough to bear the prince hanging by it. Here is a word of advice for tod


ay’s Prince Charming, “don’t try reaching the castle holding Rupenzal’s mane for you’ll surely fall flat on all fours with a couple of broken ribs and fractured limbs as pantene is no longer the secret behind Rupenzal’s long and strong hair. Modern advertising spreads vast sums trying to make the public aware of products that it portray as a necessity of life – an obvious contradiction.After all how could our local consumers have survived to the present moment without this crucial product, to be in a position to witness its advertising? The truth is by the time an advertisement fills the time slot on your television.

Set or plays on your radio or appears in print or newspaper, chances are that we already have all that we need to live comfortably. The global us

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of advertisement is to make us forget this fact.

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