Offensive Advertisement Essay Example
Offensive Advertisement Essay Example

Offensive Advertisement Essay Example

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  • Published: July 23, 2017
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Some sellers use persuasive advertizements to capture the attending of the clients ; nevertheless. some sellers use violative constructs to do promotion and create strong trade name consciousness. This is what Dolce and Gabanna did in backing the merchandises in the market. The magazine advertizement portrays an image of a lady while being raped by a group of work forces. The controversial advertizement shows a adult male keeping a adult female by her carpuss which symbolizes domestic force. While the lady lies on the land and the adult male grips her arm. they are being surrounded by topless work forces. Apparently. this advertizement portrays force against adult females ( Walters. 2007 ) .

Obviously. the company wants to advance promotion through this posting advertizement. The company aims to sell the


trade name name instead than the merchandise itself. Through this sort of advertizement. the society will easy remember the name of the company which would do them purchase the merchandise because of its prominence in the market ( Bel et al. 2005 ) . This originative posting ad aims to sell the trade name and wake up the emotion of the people sing domestic force. Although it portrays aggression. the company has the right to demo it to the populace to do the clients aware about the rights of adult females in the society.

Showing violative images does non intend advancing a certain action to the populace. it may function as the span to do the authorities and the community act to eliminate the root of aggression in the universe. It has to be distributed to the market non merely to make gross revenues but besides t

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open the eyes of the people about domestic force. The thought that this posting ad became controversial because of its subliminal messages should be taken as a good selling method because the public easy reacted to the messages that this sort of ad shows to the society.

This advertizement may hold negative messages but it merely shows that even the dress company could make an effectual promotion to advance the concern and convey up the social jobs. The critics may happen this advertizement as violative ; nevertheless. this would trip the emotion of the people and do them move against domestic force. Mentions Bel. B. Brouwer. J. & A ; Das. B. ( 2005 ) . Media and Meditation. New Delhi: Sage Bruno walters. C. ( 2007 ) . Is This Fashion Ad Promoting Gang Rape? . The Consumerist. Retrieved March 19. 2009 from hypertext transfer protocol: //consumerist. com/consumer/advertising/is-this-fashion-ad-promoting-gang-rape-313579. php

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