Effectiveness of Atl and Btl Advertising

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Gautam Mazumdar should be commended for the guidance, support, nd wealth of ideas he provided in order to see this work completed. Our industry mentors should be commended for the guidance, support, and wealth of ideas they provided in order to see this work completed. The credit of the successful completion all the unnamed people who kindly responded to the questionnaire, especially our friends in the college. * Genesis of the report This project is generated to study the effectiveness of advertising. As we see that advertising has become very essential to enter and sustain in the market.

Many companies have their tie-ups with different Ad agencies for their product launch, ales promotion, offers and all other marketing awareness activities. And there is lot of money poured into making of effective Ads. Thus, there is need to study that if the companies or an entity approaching to an advertiser is finding that Ad effective or not? Many companies use various promotional activities to increase their market share. These activities can broadly be classified under two categories. 1) ATL (Above the line) or Mass Promotional Activities. e. g.

Ads on TV or internet, print media, Banners etc. 2) BTL (Below the line) or personalized/Direct marketing. e. g. Tele-calling, promotion ia mailing etc. Companies pour in millions of dollars to promote their brand, create brand awareness and market their services to boost their sales and grab higher market share. So it makes every business sense to know the effectiveness of different media and invest in those which have high effectiveness. The objective of the research was to study the effectiveness of these promotional activities used by businessman and other companies.

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