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Now day’s people think they know everything. So why do people do things like rob a bank knowing it is almost impossible to get away with. Then there are others that drop out of high school knowing that if they want to get somewhere in life an education is needed. In any case people lack wisdom and knowledge.

Which one is needed in life? Knowledge is like wisdom, but it is opposite at the same time. Can knowledge be bought or sold? Yes, because when going to school the education is paid for in order to obtain the knowledge that is given.Teachers can be looked at as selling their knowledge by getting paid by school that they work at. Then we have our books that we have to purchase that hold the knowledge that we seek to understand from the teachers. Definitions on knowledge that can be found in the “Merriam Webster collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition,” are: (1112) “The fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association.

Also, (1112) “Allows a person for change in response to new information or analyses, seeks always to improve. One would gain most of their knowledge from an education. Consequently to be a better CEO he or she needs the knowledge of business on how to run a company. However wisdom does not teach knowledge so one would probably seek out some sort of schooling to obtain that knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to make correct judgment and decisions.

It is an intangible quality gained presumably through experience. Overtime wisdom can become stronger by self-reflecting through meditation.Most of Proverbs in the bible pertains to wisdom. However the word has a positive connotation which means it is used only for the right cause.

If one is full of wisdom, he or she will make the right choices according to the situation. Once acquired wisdom is usually not forgotten. Wisdom can be obtained throughout life and it is through life where wisdom is gained. For every grey hair I say, “That is wisdom. ” Wisdom will come from the mind and heart, expressing common sense, good judgment and understanding.A good example is that knowledge knows that a tomato is a fruit while wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Knowledge can be heard by listening to the voice from within, speaking on the wisdom that should be held like treasures. For myself I have found in life wisdom is used over knowledge. Wisdom for me was to wise up and not get into trouble or run with the crowd, but to focus on myself. Then with wisdom came knowledge, because of that I enrolled in college as a part time student.

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