Culture makes all men gentle

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It puts them on a better perspective. It delineates a person’s identity. He becomes his culture. This is one of the reasons why I am most fascinated by different cultures all throughout the world. Each one has its own distinct quality and nature. These unique and sometimes exclusive characteristics speak so much of why these groups of people act the way they do. We gain an insightful look into the minds and hearts of people in different parts of the world. Ultimately we begin to understand ourselves better. We are all teachers to one another. This fascination often finds me in the corner of my room or in the library reading the rich culture of other societies. I love to read. It is one of my interests. Books become your passport to cross the oceans and experience the many wonders the world offers. It unbolts doors of mystery and enchantment. It provides you with knowledge- a great weapon against oppression. I have become the person that I am now through reading and exploring.

It taught me how to persevere and to take challenges as part of life. I came to America and faced every obstacle that was thrown my way. I worked myself through college doing everything I could. I never gave up. That is how I achieve my goals. I learned the value of hard work and diligence. Whenever I have free time I always see to it that I perform my chores first before anything else. I put value on the essentials. I try as much as I can to discipline myself and not just immediately give in to impulse. It takes a lot to learn self-control but with constant practice nothing is impossible. That is the reason why I also love to workout a lot. My body is my vessel to achieve my dreams. Knowledge and character combined with a healthy body will get you farther. It is a perfect combination that spells success. Someday when success is at hand, I plan to visit those wonderful places with equally amazing cultures and experience them personally, first-hand.

[1] Menander, Greek Comic Dramatist

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