“What We Are Fighting for” by Rex Murphy Essay Example
“What We Are Fighting for” by Rex Murphy Essay Example

“What We Are Fighting for” by Rex Murphy Essay Example

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  • Published: September 1, 2017
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In May of 2006. Rex Murphy ; a former veteran journalist for the Globe and Mail. understood a great trade more than the mean Canadian why Canadian military personnels are contending in Afghanistan. In an effort to assist liberate the many Canadians of the defeat they felt with the authorities. Murphy published an essay entitled “What We Are Contending For” that outlines the grounds Canadian military personnels are contending in Afghanistan in an expository and informal manner that Canadians will be able to understand. Murphy’s essay features an interesting mix of an enlightening but persuasive manner of composing that attracts the reader to maintain reading on and possibly even do some research on the issue of their ain.

His essay circulates around the guess that “Canada agreed that extinguishing a authorities that had sheltered


and nursed the terrorist organisation that committed the atrociousness of 9/11 was both right and in our ain opportunism. that non prosecuting the Taliban and al-Qa'ida would merely go forth Afghanistan as a possible site of similar designs in the future” . This being his thesis briefly answers the implicit in inquiry of the essay and he subsequently goes on to reply the inquiry in more deepness. The essay itself supports Murphy’s thesis with great strength because Murphy’s logical thinking is sound and concrete. he has done his research to give his essay truth. and his methods and manner of composing are effectual.

September the 11th 2001 was a enormously hideous twenty-four hours for non merely the United States of America. but for the full state as a whole. Peoples in different states all over the universe felt the hurting of 9/11 and

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Canadians were no exclusion. Shortly after the onslaughts on 9/11. Canada became a large portion of the UN approved mission that declared war on the Taliban and al-Qa'ida in Afghanistan. Murphy’s place on the issue is that he believes many Canadians are non really clear in their apprehension of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan and the chief point of his essay is to make a better occupation at explicating than the Canadian authorities has done. For more than half of this seven-paragraph essay. he continuously gives his readers grounds that they can non merely understand more clearly. but can besides associate to or experience for.

Potato does a good occupation at showing his statements in a chronological order. This is of import given the subject of the essay and the historical event that the essay is wrapped about. This is particularly of import to the reader because some of the grounds why Canada is portion of the war in Afghanistan are consequences of specific cases or events environing 9/11. Murphy’s concluding and statements are sound and concrete because he places his essay in merely the right manner. is consecutive to the point. and ne'er switch his focal point off from his thesis. In other words. he doesn’t sugar coat Canada’s engagement in Afghanistan and gives Canadians the existent replies they are looking for.

Murphy doesn’t make exact mention as to where he collected the information he used to organize his statements. but after making some research one can see that Murphy’s statements throughout the essay are in fact accurate. The authorities of Canada web site has late dedicated a part of their web page to “Canada’s Engagement in

Afghanistan” . In his essay. Murphy states that “our military personnels remained deployed to ( a ) warrant a step of security while Afghanistan citizens went about the first stairss to democracy and the extension of basic rights. ( B ) aid in constructing the indispensable elements—schools. a justness system. substructure. roads—that any society must hold. and ( degree Celsius ) offer human-centered aid where possible” .

These specific points or statements are in precise correlativity with the information found and distributed on the authorities of Canada’s web page. With this is head. the reader can swear in what Murphy is explicating to them on a deeper degree. One can see for themselves that the writer didn’t come up with the thoughts himself refering why Canadians are contending in Afghanistan. He is merely taking the facts and giving them to Canadians in a more understanding manner. The degree of truth in Murphy’s concluding gives his essay and composing credibleness and this allows the reader to swear in what they are reading.

Possibly the best presentation of strengths in Murphy’s essay can be seen through the assurance that shines through his methods and manners of composing. While reading the essay. one does non happen themselves inquiring excessively many inquiries. This is partially due to Murphy’s form of expository authorship. He attempts to show the reader with information and at the same clip efforts to explicate this information and he does a good occupation in making so. The manner of the authorship is informal and descriptive.

It is informal in the sense that the manner of authorship is more like stating a narrative or an account of cause and consequence

instead than a formal piece of composing. The tone of Murphy’s authorship is serious. but at times inspirational because of the manner he explains what Canadians are contending for. His picks in account make the reader feel inspired to desire to assist Canadian military personnels in Afghanistan and assist give Afghan citizens human-centered aid every bit good. It is animating to read that Canadian military personnels are offering “humanitarian aid where possible” and this return on the issue and pick of authorship is persuasive because it has the power to alter the readers point of position.

Appreciation and complete support of the war in Afghanistan from Canadian citizens may take much more. nevertheless Rex Murphy undisputedly wrote a clear and concise essay sketching the grounds Canadians are contending in Afghanistan.

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