What if earth stop spinning

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But if the Earth slows down, it will break the calibrated system so they wont know where the aircraft actually is. If the navigation system doesn’t work correctly, computers will tell planes to land far away from airports and many lives will be at risk. If the world spin slows for about fifteen kilometers an hour, oceans would be the new mall problem. Our planet Is fatter In the middle and the spin Is one of the forces that keep water in place on top of the Equator. If that force weakens, the ocean will begin to move to the poles.

Millions of cubic kilometers of ocean will be moving, which will raise the sea levels, flooding cities and draining other. If sea levels rise, the alarm we breathe will change as well. Our atmosphere rotates along with the Earth. If spin slows, the atmosphere will follow the ocean. In cities in the tropic such as ROI, Iambi and Singapore will be harder to breathe. Cities with higher elevation will begin to struggle for breathing as well because the air will be too thin for people to breathe. These cities will have to be evacuated because the air wont be

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Solar radiation will be a problem too. If the Earth spin slows down, the magnetic field that usually protects the Earth from solar radiation will be gone, since the rapid rotation of the Earth inner core generates this. As the rotation slows down, the magnetic field will weaken and the solar radiation won’t be deflected. Miami will not be at risk of flooding and the air will be breathable. However, the sun will be their major problem. The heat will be intense as well as the solar radiation, which won’t be peeled by using sunscreen. The days will become steadily longer.

Seconds and minutes will soon become hours and days. If we spin at 225 kilometers per hour slower than we used to, each day will be almost 28 hours long, which means 2 more hours of daylight and 2 more hours of darkness. There will be earthquakes in places where there have never been before and that will happen because the three layers of Earth, the molten core, the mantle and the crust, will be spinning at different speeds. The Earth will be literally ripping from the inside out. In Dalton to this, heat from the core will be released in the ocean, killing dozens of fishes that will float to the surface.

The sea, on the other hand, will be moving south. Drained cities will become larger, and the ones that are connected by Earth that today Is underwater will form new continents. For Instance, we will be able to walk from London to Paris. Australia and Indonesia will form a new continent and Hong Gong’s and other ports around the world will be dry. Another geographic consequence brought by the ‘OFF volcanoes all over the world. There won’t be safe roads; many of them will be destroyed by the volcanic activity and earthquakes.

If Earth’s spin slows down, we won’t be able to travel by air nor land. If we spin at 340 kilometers per hour slower, the day will last for about 30 hours. Cities like London, Moscow and Berlin will be swallowed by a new ocean. In countries like the United States food will start to lack and many people will die because of starvation. If the speed of the Earth spin is 320 kilometer an hour, which is 12 hundred km/h slower than it originally was, the days will last 124 hours. Entire countries will be underwater and in some other the air will be too thin to breathe.

People will struggle to sleep since each day will be more than two and a half days long and so will nights. Humans are not programmed to sleep in a world that is light for more than sixty hours straight. If people don’t sleep, they will have blood vision and lack of muscle control. Animals will suffer of the effects of this phenomenon as well; especially migratory animals. Some migratory birds will die since they will freeze because of the long periods of night when traveling south. The name will happen with zebras and some species of butterflies.

When the Earth spins at Just 60 kilometers an hour, the days will last 624 hours. The sun will stay in the sky for 30 days, followed by 30 days of night. The concept of four seasons will be gone: no summer, fall, winter nor spring. We will only have bright and hot and dark and cold periods. During nights, the temperature will fall to minus 55 degrees Celsius; humans will struggle to adapt and only animals which hibernate will have a chance to survive. Vital food crops that need a lot of sunlight to grow, such as corn and wheat ill disappear. Forest will freeze and die.

American cities such as Boston, New York and Chicago will be flooded if the Atlantic and Pacific converge. In night time, weather will lose control because wind patterns will be unpredictable; there will be rainstorms and blizzards. If the Earth barely spins, the days will last 768 hours. There sun will stay at the sky for 16 days straight. Only 10% of the United States’ former landmass will be inhabitable; people will struggle to grow crops and create shelters. Seas will become the best source of food. As continents have been flooded, seas have become nutrient-rich, meaning a lot of food for fish.

People who used to farm will now be fishing during day time. In night time, refugees will work together for catching fish from the frozen ocean. However, it won’t be enough to feed the remaining population. Most supplies of fresh water will disappear. People will lack water since rain will fall on the ocean and there won’t be winds to bring them to land. People will have to collect water from what once was snow. If the Earth finally stops spinning completely, the days will last en year. The Earth won’t be spinning, but it will still be orbiting the sun.

It will be light half of the year and dark the other half. The concepts of day and night will be lost; we’ll only have six months of light and other six of darkness. The oceans, atmosphere and climate will settle into place. There will be a new mega continent in the center on the planet that will divide the two large extensions of ocean in the poles. However, more than half of this new continent will be inhabitable. The magnetic layer that protects us from the sun will be gone; in day time, the sun will cause a spotlight and temperatures will rise up to 55 degrees Celsius.

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