Turning Back Essay Example
Turning Back Essay Example

Turning Back Essay Example

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  • Published: May 29, 2017
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As I wander through the aisles of the lively and busy metropolis, I come to see and witness the highlands of avalanches, the oozing chocolaty color of the river banks, feel the breeze of every smoggy morning, listen to the music and beats played by car horns at a heavy traffic, and watch over fast asleeping children thriving the corners of the dark streets---things I never saw in the province. I never thought these could be real before I saw them with my naked eyes.

As they say “welcome to reality. ” It is just hard to think that the Earth we use to call “a paradise” is way far from what it is now.These drastic changes have been and are being continually brought about by the ever-changing and ever-innovating environment. “Did you ever stop to notice all the bloods


we’ve shed before? Did you ever stop to notice this crying Earth, this weeping shores?.

.. What have we done to the World. Look what we’ve done” . These couple of words are repeatedly playing in my ears after listening to the song. Sometimes, I stop and wonder.

I look around and question myself. What has happened? What is happening to our environment? What is happening to us?Have we forgotten all the sacrifices and the generosity of our beloved Mother Earth? Sometimes, I caught myself saying “Alas! ” What a beautiful world this could be if only we know how to take responsibilities. What we picture of Earth now is basically a reflection of all what we have acted upon. Our selfishness and greed, our loss of discipline, our simple actions, and our pursuit for our

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own satisfaction and personal gratification all leads to this single yet heavy burden.

At present times, all of us are victims of our wrongful acts.However, the innocent, the young, are more likely to be greatly affected. Trying to put my feet in other’s shoes, it is really hard to be a victim---too hard when you know you are punished and yet you don’t know the reason why. The wrath of nature had been felt and seen enough. Too many calamities have gone in the past, taking millions of lives and properties.

We wouldn’t want destruction anymore. Who wants to suffer anyway? This song, the “Earth Song”, popularized by Michael Jackson serves as a calling to us. This is a wakeup call for all of us. We can’t say we didn’t do anything that caused us here.We are all accountable for all of these and we are held responsible for all our actions----may this/these be simple or complex contributions.

Remember that big things start from small things. That is why we should be very knowledgeable and careful of all our actions. It is a no-no to just stare and watch other people suffer from the things they are not accountable of. We have to do something. May this song renew our views and perspectives and be guided through all the acts we do.

May this song be a turning point to all of us and may this song lead us once again to the “paradise” we all wanted to live in---to the place we can call “home”.

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