Satisfaction comes from helping others Essay Example
Satisfaction comes from helping others Essay Example

Satisfaction comes from helping others Essay Example

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  • Published: September 18, 2017
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Satisfaction defined as a joy originating from man contemplation of himself and his power of action. There are many ways to achieve satisfaction. Creative people get satisfaction by singing, journaling, music as well. Likewise, Spiritual people get satisfaction by praying, meditating or so.

Generally, people get satisfaction by getting things done by communicating and volunteering.At First, how creative people get satisfaction? I met an intelligent, talented man, which he sings in front of many people every time when there is a concert. He said to me singing in front of many people is surreal .Besides he enjoys the hundred people watching him although he is not that good performer. Indeed, some people have some common likeability. For example, not liking the performance in a performer, throwing things in front of hi


m and terrible opinions but he told me that he felt satisfy what he do.

Similarly, some people are content to what they do to people they satisfy in making people happy by singing.Secondly, Satisfaction from spiritual people is the most confusing thing. How can they satisfied by praying? Moreover, I realize people that always praying and constantly go to church are satisfied and gratify in serving the lord because anticipation especially in our life. I always go to church but I do not feel satisfaction with it.

However, it helps me to know more about god and learning a lesson in every sermon of the priest. Additionally, it helps me to help encourage other people to go to church and I was satisfied in what I am doing with those people who does not go to church.Thirdly, the most common thing is which every people

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do satisfaction by giving to charity. When you decided to give to charity, of course you did not think that something would give back to you in return. You give to charity because you want to help other people, make a difference and give back to the world.

Your intention is to give nothing more. Making a difference, specifically giving to charity and being able to help people who are in need, is such a noble act that you can surely be proud of. However, it is definitely not a thing to brag about. There is a big difference between the two.In fact, you may justify your actions by saying, "Well at least I am helping!" but the truth is that if you aren't doing things for the right reason then chances are you aren't doing them as well as if your heart was into it.

Your good works should speak for themselves you should not have to shout about your benevolence from the rooftops.In summary, satisfaction is truly comes from helping others not just in helping but also in communicating like singing either praying. In addition, when you send money off to a charitable cause, you should do so happily and without complaints because you are aware of the fact that the money will used for the betterment of the world. Finally, satisfaction is non-but content of what you do to other people.

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