Seven deadly sins

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Sin clouds man conscience by corrupting the concrete judgment of what is good and evil. It tends to replicate and reproduce it given that it creates an inclination to sin. The seven deadly sins are those sins which are critical to ones spiritual growth. They are the attitudes that underlie sin and are committed nearly on daily basis without one being aware of the eternal damnation that one is putting self into. The seven deadly sins are; pride, envy, sloth, wrath, greed, gluttony and lust.

Pride is the failure in recognizing the grace of God making a person to rely and belief in their own abilities. Envy is the malicious desire for other people status, abilities and traits, while sloth is the sin committed through avoidance of spiritual and physical work (Rogers, 2008). Greed or covetousness on the other hand is the desire for material gain while ignoring the spiritual realm; while gluttony is sin committed by ones desire to eat more than which one requires. Lastly, lust is that craving for the pleasures of the body rather than things of the spirit.

These seven deadly sins once understood on how they feature into what we have befall, it will help us to

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understand much about ourselves and on how we affect others in the society (Newhauser, 2007). Furthermore, the above sins are so called deadly for they are unrighteous and detestable to God. In the line of my duty, I have encountered instances where I committed the deadly sins. During my times in the Marine, after we had gone for peace keeping missions, I used to consider all the victory that we got as our skills and abilities that made us to survive.

Pride made me not to acknowledge the powerful grace of God but my own abilities that I used so as to be alive during the battles even as my fellows were killed. Another episode is lust. Due to the fact that we used to stay away from our families, I used to admire women wherever we were sent to maintain peace some of whom we could make love together not knowing that I was sinning for they were not my wife. As a carrier in the postal office, I found myself at one point only figuring out on how I can make more wealth.

This greedy nature forced me not to be committed with God’s service given I didn’t even have time for God. There is a point in my life just after I had retired from the Marine; I used to relax at home doing nothing. Due to sloth, I was not ready to work for my family or the church claiming that what have done is enough to take care of the family. I didn’t know I was sinning for failing to work before I looked for the job as a carrier in the postal services.

Furthermore, in the Marine I used to eat much food and drinks since it was freely provided. In fact, sometimes we could drink till we are unable to walk revealing the highest degree of gluttony (Newhauser, 2007). There was a moment while in the marine that I envied a close friend of mine who was promoted after he had expressed extraordinary move while in the battle of saving our senior. I used to feel that I should be the one in that position.

Lastly, in the course of my daily duties in the postal office, a workmate misplaced my parcels which were urgent which made my anger to rise for I was the one responsible for the parcel. My wrath nearly made to act foolish towards her. In summary, we should deal with all these sins for God hates them and rather choose to do the virtues that are righteous before God. Moreover, humility, generosity, love, self control, kindness, temperance and zeal should be struggle for every human so as to curb the vices.

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