The Ways of Persuasion in Nivea Advertising Essay Example
The Ways of Persuasion in Nivea Advertising Essay Example

The Ways of Persuasion in Nivea Advertising Essay Example

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  • Published: April 23, 2022
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Nivea partnered with Indian thespian Arjun Rampal for a marketing campaign launch intended for repositioning its diversity of men’s grooming products in the nation. Launched on 16th May 2013, the campaign utilized the slogan "It begins with you." The ad starts with three different men who have applied the Nivea Sensitive aftershave men’s lotion on their chin. They remove the after shave and have a feeling of smooth effect when shaving. The ad proceeds to Arjun using the after shave and he talks of how smooth his skin feels after using the after shave.

Nivea Men offers items across different men’s grooming section, including facial wash, lotion, shaving, and face ointment.
The ad uses pathos-based persuasion techniques. It uses fear as the ad suggests to the male viewer he isn’t a “real man” if


he is not secure enough in his masculinity to keep his cool. Through this advertisement, Nivea is promoting the idea that they can help an Indian man figure out his ‘lady problems” with stereotypes and body wash. Sure men are their target audience for the product but let us get real. Sometimes women also do shop for their men if the need arises.

Another appeal used utilized is ethos, which is used to convince the viewers to buy Nivea products. The ad was supported by using a very persuasive slogan for consumers to buy their products. The ad advertises by stating "It begins with you." Nivea uses celebrities to promote their products because they believe viewers will buy it if they see a particular celebrity using that product. The logic behind this is that the viewer saw and thought that if they use th

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Nivea product, the could be as cool as Arjun in the ad.

Logos is utilized to give viewers the reason to buy Nivea products. Nivea claims that their products are for men of all skin types. You can utilize their face wash, lotion, face ointment, shaving cream for your skin. Using Nivea antiperspirant gives an instant freshness when traveling, jogging, or attending an official function. You have to begin off with a suitable face wash that keeps your skin clean. Utilize a decent antiperspirant since; obviously, you would prefer not to be the foul one around. In Indian men have become aware of distinct product lines made to suit them. The discernment levels have expanded. That is why companies like Nivea have diversified their Men’s product line in India.

Become your own master by additionally carrying and imparting high vitality to everybody who comes into your surroundings. Skin is your biggest organ so; please deal with it. I comprehend the significance of grooming and believe it's a crucial part of everybody's life. I believe that everybody ought to be well groomed. Everybody ought to be comfortable in their skin by taking extreme care of their skin and like themselves.

The commercial effectively uses logos, pathos, and ethos to convince viewers to buy Nivea products that are not skin sensitive. Logos is utilized to show why the viewers should trust Nivea products. Ethos assures the viewers to buy Nivea product by using a well-known actor to advertise their product. Pathos shows how the product is satisfying Arjun by his emotions in the ad. The ad depicts how trusting and satisfying it is when using the Nivea product.


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