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It is widely believe that human capital bit by bit becomes one of the few resources to supply a sustainable and competitory advantage for the organisation in a market place ( Barney and Hall 1993, Wright et Al, 1994, cited in Robert, Cardy, Lengnick-Hall, 2011 ) . As a consequence, wages has been emphasized to be a strategic tool to pull off corporate public presentation and to act upon corporate values and beliefs. Meanwhile, there are many wages strategies which have been presented, for case, payment harmonizing to clip, payment by consequences, skill based wage and performance-related wage ( PRP ) ( Marchington and Wilkinson, 2005 ) . Marchington and Wilkinson besides pointed out that there is one characteristic bespeaking that it differentiates performance-related wage from the other 1s, which means PRP is designed on an person and personal footing while others are collectively-negotiated and based on standard expression. In add-on, PRP appears to be more effectual attack to actuate the employees among those reward strategies. Therefore, this study chiefly focuses on the PRP system in three subdivisions. First is relevant literature reappraisal about PRP, so two empirical instance surveies about two distinguishable businesss will be described for the undermentioned treatment about the values of PRP to concern organisations in two sorts of different industries eventually.

Section 1: Literature Reappraisal

Definition of PRP

PRP system has non grown in popularity until in the1980s, although it has been established since at least the late fortiess, pointed by Gilman ( n. , d. ) . PRP is the method that provides the nexus between wagess or salary patterned advance and some signifiers of public presentation evaluation. ACAS ( 1990, cited in Lewis, 2001 ) defines performance-related wage ( PRP ) as “ a method of payment where an single employee receives increases in wage based entirely or partially on the regular and systematic appraisal of occupation public presentation ” .

Effectss and Benefits of PRP

Lewis ( 2001 ) mentioned that the rule of PRP: “ the individual who is hardworking and competent should be reward liberally than others who provide hapless public presentation ” was approved by most work forces in Kessler ‘s research. He even claimed that in many countries of white-collar employment such as local authorities and fiscal services, PRP system was advocated. Indeed, PRP wages system has some benefits. For case, Lewis ( 2001, P106 ) indicated “ PRP was introduced in many organisations to alter the civilization and it reflected the ‘new ‘ values which senior directors considered necessary ” . Harmonizing to Armstrong ( 2004 ) , organisations that adopt PRP system believe it will offer possible benefits as follows:

The advancement of single and organisational public presentation would be seen when the work forces was motivated by PRP system.

It acts as a benchmark for alteration.

Management control of sections would be reinforced which consequences from the line manages that would be encouraged to familiar with objective-setting.

The message of considerable payment is based on the good public presentation would be emphasized.

Accomplishment of organisational ends would be benefited from the nexus between wages and the accomplishment of specified consequence by the PRP.

PRP facilitates enlisting and keeping of better work force.

To be rewarded for achievement-a basic human demand attains through PRP system.

Association with Job Performance

Performance-related wage is one of Variable Pay Systems that is closely related to the person or house public presentation in organisations. Employees ‘ wages entirely or partially depend on the systematic appraisal of their occupation public presentation ( Redman and Wilkinson, 2009 ) . However, although occupation public presentation is such an abstract construct as the actions and behaviour that are under control of employees, it contributes to organisations ‘ aims ( Rotundo and Sackett, 2002 ) . For this ground, companies are more willing to use the public presentation related wage strategy to measure the inputs and end products of employees to run into steadfast ends and societal aims. Therefore, occupation public presentation is a critical standard in the wages appraisal. In return, employees are motivated by public presentation related wage contracts, which means, they will much more focal point on their occupation public presentation to bring forth profitableness for organisations to acquire wagess. The exchange relationship between organisations and employees is common. Therefore, public presentation related wage is positively associated with occupation accomplishments of employees.

Association with Procedural Justice

As mentioned above, the major component about effectivity of public presentation related wage system is combined with employees ‘ occupation public presentation. Apart from it, it appears that procedural justness is besides one of the cardinal factors when implementing public presentation related wage strategy in that wages can be seen as an external resource to be allocated ( Chien, Lawler and Uen, 2010 ) . For illustration, Tornblom and Vermunt ( 1999 ) indicated that if organisations ignored the perceptual experience of procedural equity, it was hard for organisations to happen an appropriate and meaningful attack to administer the resources such as wagess. In add-on, it is expected that assessment political relations could be more lessened by the sensed procedural justness ( Maheshwari and Singh, 2010 ) . Furthermore, It seems for employees whether the wage agreements are just could be more of import than existent wage ( Armstrong, Thompson, Brown and Cotton, 2006 ) . In the terminal, procedural justness is an indispensable component for both organisations and employees which contributes a moderating consequence on PRP strategy.

Implementation Weakness and Limitations of PRP Reward System

Even though PRP presents tremendous advantages and benefits in organisational and managerial maps, nevertheless, there have been a big sum of unfavorable judgments refering about execution failing and restrictions of PRP system. Procter ( 1993, cited in Lewis 2001 ) illustrated that some employees concerned that due to favoritism which played a function in PRP, direction standards and distribution would be applied more randomly in peculiar. Harmonizing to Gielen, Kerkhofs and Ours ( 2008 ) , PRP system would render the rewarded activities be focused on by the employees merely while others would be neglected. They besides pointed out that it is hard to mensurate single work of some occupations, such as instructors and creative persons. From Armstrong ( 2004 ) , foremost of all, experient directors are needed during the procedure. The unqualified people would de-motivate the employees due to the fact that they tend to see the operation of PRP to be subjectiveness and incompatibility. What is more, over-emphasizing inducements for the person is likely to take to the negative consequence of the teamwork, sometimes jealousy may happen during the squad. Sexual activity favoritism besides can non be undeniable. For illustration, the survey of the Trade Union Congress the Association of First Division Civil Servants ( Armstrong, 2004 ) showed that prejudice in both wage and preparation was found in gender during the assessment procedure, peculiarly in the adult females. Thompson ‘s survey ( 1992 ) indicated that PRP needs a batch of money to implement and this would add immense load of organisation ‘s finance.

2. Case survey

Case study 1: Teacher Performance Incentives And Student Outcomes

In this instance, the authors focus on performance-related wage ( PRP ) system which has been applied in USA school instruction in 1996. Due to student public presentation severely, the PRP system has been progressively utilised. The aim is to honor on betterment of pupil keeping. There are two intents of this paper: to reexamine the grounds on the effectivity of PRP on pupil accomplishment ; to suggest new grounds on the topic.

A instructor needs to complete multiple undertakings, non merely about learning. On the other manus, a individual instruction plan involves several instructors and they respond on same one mark in a plan. Therefore, it is difficult to mensurate the overall public presentation of single individual. The wages finance job is the school of decision makers merely can utilize a small gross as the wages.

The information acquired in 5 old ages ( 1994-1999 ) in two community high school which one operated with merit wage ( School A ) and the other wage in traditional method ( School B ) . Teachers received a base pay for 60 proceedingss category that they teach. Teachers with higher making are paid a 5 % higher in basic wage. There are two bonus wage methods. A fillip was given if 80 % of students assigned to categories were still go toing at the terminal of term. The 2nd fillip is based on pupil study. The instructor who received a evaluation of 4.65 or higher on the 5-piont from the study, will hold public presentation fillip ( 5 % ) and keeping fillip ( 10 % ) .

Both schools investigated had unfastened registration within the county. The paper used a difference in differences analysis and both were compared in regard to attendance, rate point norm, class completion, and go throughing rates. The consequences shown the class completion increased in both school and all raised over 15 % . The Daily attending rate diminution for the two schools in general. School A ‘s ( merit wage ) attending rate stayed the same, and school B ‘s ( traditional wage ) rate increased slightly.The GPA and go throughing rate were both declined in two schools during the five-year investigated period, because the pupil study lead to learning quality decreased through luring pupil evaluation high to obtain public presentation fillips, so it cause the GPA and passed diminution significantly.

In drumhead, the higher pupil keeping was achieved by implementing of PRP and the execution of PRP had a negative consequence on pupil day-to-day attending.

Case study2: PRP, procedural justness and occupation public presentation for R & A ; D professionals: grounds from the Chinese high-tech sector

The article is to prove the effectivity of PRP ( Performance related Pay ) by elaborating the relationship between PRP and research and development professionals ‘ occupation public presentation in Chinese hi-tech organisations. Research and development professionals are a cardinal factor in beef uping hi-tech organisations ‘ competitory advantage.

As a high engineering business, the chief feature of R & A ; D professionals is that the organisations use outcome-base to pay. To set up a fairness allotment process will unite a compensation construction which wage and public presentation better. On the contrary, it will ensue in negative result for employers. Consequently, the writers explored the influence of procedural justness on occupation public presentation and moderated effects of procedural justness on the relationship between PRP and occupation public presentation.

The survey was concerned with theoretical background and hypotheses. Undertaking and contextual public presentation are two factors of public presentation and each independently contributes to overall public presentation. Organizations rely on undertaking and contextual public presentation to keep direction effectivity.

There are six hypotheses in this diary and all of them are base on Harman ‘s single-factor trial to minimise possible effects of common method discrepancy. There are 1000 questionnaires sent to R & A ; D professionals in hi-tech organisations. Then they incorporated questionnaire points and applied a Likert 5-point graduated table ( 1 ‘strongly disagree ‘ to 5 ‘strongly agree ‘ ) to happen the relationship between PRP, procedural justness, and undertaking and contextual public presentation. The survey show that PRP can both associated with an R & A ; D professional ‘s undertaking public presentation and contextual public presentation, as the arrested development coefficient were all important and positive through hierarchal multiple arrested development analysis. The relationship between procedural justness and undertaking public presentation are supported. But it does non back up between procedural justness and contextual public presentation by negative arrested development coefficients. Procedural justness positively moderated the both relationships between public presentation related wage, undertaking public presentation and contextual public presentation. On the other manus, by proving the research in Harman ‘s individual – factor faculty, all the dependability coefficient is really high and close or over 0.9, it shows all the trial procedure and figure are sufficient dependable.

Finally, the article infers that the public presentation related wage can excite professional ‘s occupation public presentation effectual, particularly in the undertaking public presentation. Besides procedural equity would impact employee citizenship behavior.

Section 3: Mugwump Analysis

Both the high engineering company in Taiwan and U.S high school implemented PRP purpose to better the staffs ‘ motive and public presentation. Harmonizing to Chien et Al. ( 2010 ) , the successful of PRP application in the high engineering professionals ‘ occupation public presentation is base on the procedural justness. In contrary, without a just intervention may make rifts among employees and leads negative consequence in concern organisations, such as ill-defined judicial admissions and public presentation assessment. However, for other complex organisation, such as school which requests multiple undertakings and results may take to misdirected and unintended. Therefore, PRP in different field may hold different effects. Redman and Wilkinson ( 2009 ) found that PRP can be used for cost control and development ( although these two are in struggle ) . Harmonizing to the treatment in portion one, there is really small groundss can turn out PRP is a successful attack for actuating people. Most of researches show that wage for public presentation tends to ensue demotivational instead than motivational consequence on the whole ( Redman and Wilkinson, 2009 )

It seems that public presentation related wage successfully applied in hi-tech sector on reinforce R & A ; D professionals ‘ occupation public presentation. Performance related wage merely shows its advantage in the R & A ; D professional ‘s undertaking public presentation ( Chien et al, 2010 ) . Because in such industry, higher wages normally more attractive for those task-oriented employees. Therefore, it can non be applied to full work procedure in an organisation. There has other state of affairs. The employees could be mislead that result is equal to honor and ensue employees unquestioning to increase public presentation measure instead than quality. When employees perceive that their organisation applies public presentation related wage as motive, they will hold better occupation public presentation. The effect of better occupation public presentation non merely can better organisation ‘s competitory advantage, but besides cut down its monitoring cost on R & A ; D professionals. Chien et Al. ( 2010 ) found that public presentation related wage may besides be applied to actuate employees of less programmable. The particular illustration is sales representatives that working for a shop and their mark can non be pre-specified. Salesperson needs to fulfill every client ‘s demands and better gross revenues will consequences higher wage. Chien et Al, ( 2010 ) found that procedural justness is merely positively related to task public presentation when R & A ; D professionals perceive that processs used to find inducement distribution are just and the undertaking public presentation addition. It is crucially of import that professionals feel that the PRP strategy is being reasonably assessed and they can acquire proper feedback support. If this is non happen so PRP will hold negative consequence on motivate professionals.

The instance of learning industry foremost introduces the trial base on the result of class completion, day-to-day attending, GPA point and passing rate. There are multiple marks related with instructors ‘ public presentation. The consequence shown the keeping of pupils was successful but student public presentation. PRP can excite instructors to better learning manner to pull more pupils stay in category but it can non equivalent to better learning quality.

By proving the attending throughout the last hebdomad of term is faulty. Even the class completion was improved, though go throughing rate of students dropped can turn out that, the influence of PRP in learning result is hard and difficult to specify it is good or bad in an organisation. If fillip is chiefly decided by pupil ‘s rating, it could drive instructors diminish their criterion of demands in survey to pull higher evaluation from pupils. Therefore, the betterment of attending can non explicate whether the public presentation of pupils has been improved.

The survey of Eberts et Al ( 2002 ) did non recognize the assessment of learning public presentation could be involve others factors. Forest ( 2008 ) claim that there are others factors affect public presentation and motive stronger than PRP. When aiming a instruction industry which with complex undertaking, PRP might non be the best attack to advance instruction quality even though it could actuate instructors. To discourse the grounds which lead PRP is non utile in instruction country, the hierarchy of demands could be introduced. As an instruction industry the support might supported by authorities bulk, school will more concentrate on the repute because it is the most of import factor to pull pupils. To accomplish this object, the accomplishment of instructors from public academic research and diary could obtain more regard from others. In the theory of Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands, there are some people non merely satisfied in their basic wage and a stable work, this is the ground why non-financial accomplishment is a self- realization demand for the people which want to set up self fulfilment from challenge undertakings ( Buchanan and Huczcynski, 2010 ) . The achievement recognized from school and academe is a non-financial wages for instructors. ( See Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands in Appendix 1 )

The aims of public presentation related wage strategy must be mensurable, realistic and accomplishable, so that staffs can clearly concentrate on their single mark and accomplish it with motive. It besides is conductive with the intent of organisation. The instruction industry might non suitable in execution of public presentation related wage in their wages system. The Graded system is seems that worked good than public presentation related wage in learning country. In Eberts et Al ( 2002 ) instance, PRP could better the class completion instead than better public presentation of survey, such as go throughing rate. However, in this instance for mensurating class completion merely bound on the last two hebdomads of term, so the aims were misguided. Consequently, attending should be measured throughout the whole twelvemonth instead than the last two hebdomad of term.

The difference of execution of public presentation related wage between Chinese hi-tech company and learning industry in USA is their background is different. The relationship between the actions of instructors and the acquisition of pupils is excessively complex and hard to mensurate, and the potency for demoralisation and dislocation in cooperation is excessively great. These are the ground of attempts to present PRP into public instruction have made small betterment ( Ballou, 2001 ) . It is hard to specify simply the PRP effects in an organisation, because the directors would use others scheme or wages system aims at bettering motive and public presentation of employees.


In decision, PRP is non a Panacea for every state of affairs. Consequently, it would be recommendable that both academic research workers and directors of organisations should pay more attending to existent state of affairs and possible jobs of the application of HRM theory. By utilizing PRP in different types of organisation must be abided by procedural justness and clearly mark. There are a scope of restrictions shown in these two instances. To implement PRP is a challenge for the complex organisation, and meanwhile, it can non distribute good in all place of a concern organisation. This essay besides discuss the non-financial factor can impact PRP operates in instruction organisation. By and large, it is difficult to state PRP is good or bad.

Appendix 1


Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands.

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