The Validity And Purpose Of Modern Values In Lao Tzu Paradox Essay Example
The Validity And Purpose Of Modern Values In Lao Tzu Paradox Essay Example

The Validity And Purpose Of Modern Values In Lao Tzu Paradox Essay Example

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  • Published: March 27, 2022
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In Taoism, there are two contradicting variables that appear to make sense upon examination: when something is considered beautiful by people, everything else is perceived as ugly.

Indeed, the statement is true as one attribute cancels out the other, and one must let go of one while maintaining the other. Building ideas based on the inner voice or vision in one's mind and heart is crucial. It is important not to be blinded by surface-level observations. Tao considers success and failure equally perilous.

One must achieve a balance because even a successful individual can falter without finding ways to maintain their success. How you perceive yourself can either instill fear or hope within you. Tao's paradox also indicates that one must love and have faith in the world's ways in order to take care of it. Tao emphasizes that people must cease


excessive thinking in order to resolve their problems.

He questions whether one must avoid what others avoid and value what others value. This shows the importance of independence and freedom in making personal choices. In terms of leadership, he believes that a good leader is both loved and feared by their people. They do not speak excessively, but when they take action, their subjects appreciate their work, exclaiming "amazing: we did it, all by ourselves!" The Tao paradox encourages individuals to form strong relationships and networks in order to achieve success, as something big starts with a small beginning. According to the Tao Te Ching audio, following the teachings of Tao philosophy promotes modern values and leads to personal success.

The paradox serves as a word of wisdom, guiding principles that help develop good morals in individuals

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It promotes peaceful coexistence and reduces conflicts and wars among people.

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