The sun was shining bright on us from a cloudless sky Essay Example
The sun was shining bright on us from a cloudless sky Essay Example

The sun was shining bright on us from a cloudless sky Essay Example

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  • Published: December 24, 2017
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The river was like a blue undulated area extending before us for miles.

Lush green mountains and forest can also be seen surrounding the river and acting as its safety barriers, the gentle breeze that blew give a soothing feeling in an otherwise hot day. Ominous feelings never crossed our minds in that atmosphere. Only the occasional barking of the dogs accompanying their bosses, the chirping, twittering and the fluttering of the birds of the park broke silence of the place.Although it was close to the city but the atmosphere was much more pleasant and one can enjoy the unpolluted nature of the landscape. We took depth breaths of clean, fresh, pure air and get rid of the noise and hustle and bustle of the city.

A long and wavy walking track


was there waiting for someone to walk on it. Few party benches were there facing the river and were showing their desire to be occupied. There were some benches occupied by families and their kids. Everyone looked happy and it seemed that they were enjoying the natural beauty of that place.

It was 25th of August. A very special day for me: my birthday.My small group of friends, Sara, Sidra and Simpy had a plan to celebrate in a full fun way. According to the decide plan we had to meet in front of the Saint Lawrence River just opposite to Cornwall Square at 5:00 pm. I left home at 4:30.

My father drove me to Tim Hortons, from where I bought my birthday cake and some doughnuts. It took me half an hour and I reached there at 5:00. Simpy and Sidr

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were already there. Both were beautifully dressed.

Sidra was looking very pretty in her light purple dress. Simpy was also looking cute in her black and blue dress. We didn't set up the table and decided to wait for Sara.She arrived a little late, as she had to take the bus.

We set up the table and light fourteen candles (it was my 14 birthday). We had several things like tim bits, doughnuts, cake, French fries, drinks, muffins, cookies etc. I blew the candles and cut the cake. All were singing birthday song.

Sara was although going wild with it. We were eating, talking, singing, laughing and giggling at the same time. We were having lots of fun. We were done eating after an hour, which was about 6:30. We cleaned up the table and started walking. Simpy took out her skates and asked me to put them on.

I refused to, because I had never done skating before. She insisted me so much hat I had to agree. As I put them on I wasn't able to control myself and I fell down. I hurt my back so bad but I was laughing too. I was a little embarrassed but I enjoyed it with them. We then went to the swings.

Although they were too childish but we enjoyed it. We were having so much fun that we didn't realize the time. It was 8:30 and was getting dark. We all hurried to the bus stop, as we had to take the bus.

This is one of my unforgettable memories. This is not because it was my birthday party but because it was my first

birthday party at Cornwall.I had moved to this city just two months before my birthday. When I was moving here I had very sad feelings as I was leaving all my friends back in Toronto. I had spent great time with them and had many parties there. I though I wont have any party here because I don't have any friends there.

I never though that I would be able to make friends that quickly. I met all of them during my summer school. This party is a great memory in my life because I learned something through it. I came to know that there are always some nice people everywhere and one can not only make friends but also can make true friends no matter where they are.

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