The Stigma Of Infertility Sociology Essay Example
The Stigma Of Infertility Sociology Essay Example

The Stigma Of Infertility Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: July 30, 2017
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The narrative which you are traveling to read will hold a really great impact on your life. I hope that you will acquire advantage by reading this narrative as I have learnt a batch from this narrative. The narrative which I want to portion with you today is about a lady who was populating in an drawn-out household after her matrimony. She was 16 old ages old at the clip of her matrimony. She was really happy in her in-laws because she got love, attention, regard and all the installations of day-to-day life that she expected from her in-laws. After some clip of her matrimony she became pregnant. Everyone in the household was really happy and aroused. But after some clip, she had abortion. This happened twice in her life. After holding two abortions repeated


ly, she was non able to gestate any more. She went through all the diagnostic trials, including trials of ovulation and tubal patency etc which revealed that she could n't gestate of all time in her life. This had put a great impact on her life. This was the clip where she needed support from her household as she started to acquire down but alternatively of support, the force from the in-laws began. Mother in-law started to torment her mundane and endanger her by stating that she would convey a new married woman for her boy in order to hold inheritor. Every dark, she was being beaten by her hubby for her small errors and when society came to cognize about that lady, they stigmatized her as infertile and this stigma made her more down. Her life was traveling on with

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that stigma, fright and domestic force. One twenty-four hours her male parent in-law and female parent in-law both expired and so the lady had to look after the whole household because she was the lone female individual left in the household. She tried a batch to come out of that psychological hurt that she experienced in the past old ages by traveling to her spiritual topographic point for praying and maintaining her ego busy in family activities.

After three old ages, her hubby besides died and she suffered grieve of fring her spouse. She was besides disquieted about her future life without hubby and babe. She was quiet prepared for her solitariness but she would n't cognize that her brother in jurisprudence would ravish her for his ain sexual satisfaction. That incident changed the lady 's life. She left that place but the society did n't go forth her. They blamed her for each and every alteration in her life.

At last, she ended up with psychotic upset ( schizophrenic disorder ) due to depression, fright, solitariness, stigmatisation and domestic and sexual force. She was sing human as her enemy and was crushing the one, who was taking attention of her. She was admitted in mental refuge for her intervention and is now shacking with his senior brother in Karachi.


By analysing this narrative many issues arises in my head. First why that all happened to the lady? What was the chief cause? Was that stigma of sterility or the lady herself, who allowed her household to go against her rights? How we can alter the heads and ideas of people populating in our society to assist the

victims of these stigmas?

The above narrative points out three major facets that are fright of instability of matrimony, domestic force and sexual maltreatment and solitariness that a lady suffered in her life due to stigma of sterility. In this paper I will discourse each facet in item by analysing issues and challenges, by giving relevant literature support and by supplying appropriate recommendations.

Stigma of sterility was the chief cause that created all the bad lucks in that person 's life. But what is sterility itself? `` Infertility is a disease, defined by the failure to accomplish a successful gestation after 12 months or more of regular unprotected intercourse. '' ( American Society for Reproductive Medicine, 2008 ) ( p.1 ) .

Infertility is a major life-altering job in both work forces and adult females. In our socio-cultural context, it becomes life-damaging job because of the stigma. In Muslim civilization, the stigma follows childless adult females even after decease. Womans without kids are n't ever allowed to be buried in cemeteries or sacred evidences. ( Karen, 2008 ) ( p.1 ) .

In the above mentioned narrative it is clearly mentioned that how stigma can convey a drastic alteration in an person 's life. Stigmatized victims end up with psychological hurt. Harmonizing to Nicole, Anouck, Mai, Giang, Nguyen, & A ; Cornelis ( 2006 ) , `` In adult females, sterility can do societal isolation, menace to their matrimony life, domestic force and heartache. ( p. 5 ) .

The first chief issue that arises due to stigmatisation of sterility was the fright of matrimonial instability. This is quiet common in our society that work forces and in-laws either menace

or go forth the sterile adult females. One of the major causes of polygamy is adult females 's asepsis. Barren adult females have no regard in the Muslim society. She has to either go forth her hubby or accept his co-wife. Harmonizing to D Kumar ( 2007 ) , Infertility leads to matrimonial struggles, polygamy or divorce. ( p. 3 ) . These are the issues that can impact on adult females 's psychological wellness. She suffers through emphasis, depression, force, and maltreatment by intimate spouse and in-laws and is at high hazard of acquiring emotional hurt.

Another issue that is highlighted in the narrative was domestic force and sexual maltreatment that happened in consequence of sterility. Womans are abused verbally, physically and emotionally by their in-laws when they came to cognize about their asepsis. They blame and disregard her in many ways. Sonja, Akin, Sally, & A ; Xiaoyun ( 2009 ) provinces, `` Society puts high force per unit area on married adult females in footings of gestating a kid, if a adult females fails to make so, she is being ridiculed and abused as enchantress and unproductive by their in-laws. '' ( P. 92 ) . Husband besides bursts out their choler on married woman. They abuse them physically and sexually that can ensue in unwanted gestation or insecure abortions that can do psychological and emotional hurt. ( Faridah, Syed, Badar, & A ; Naveed, 2009 ) ( p. 2 ) . It is quiet common in our civilization that father in-law or brother in-law besides abuse adult females physically and sexually to demo their power. In my narrative, the adult female was

raped by his brother in-law, who was the strain earner in the house. Childlessness itself is a straitening experience ( Dyer, Abrahams, Mokoena, Lombard, & A ; Spuy 2005 ) ( p. 1942 ) but when it is associated with domestic force, stigmatisation and sexual maltreatment, the life becomes suffering and it consequences in societal isolation, self-destructive ideation, choler and self destructive behaviours that subsequently take to physical and psychological jobs.

The 3rd issue faced by my client was loneliness. French republics, Rebecca, Huss, Marsha, Genevra,

Hillary & A ; Joseph in 2006 define solitariness as a natural portion of aging that tied to loss of friends and household through decease or forsaking ( p.8 ) . Loneliness normally felt by people in old age when household bonds are breakup due to any grounds. If it is progress, it can take to depression. Harmonizing to Frances, ( 2006 ) , `` Loneliness may be acceptable and less stigmatising manner to show depressive symptoms. '' ( p.10 ) . Peoples sing loneliness tends to hold lessening medical conformity and they are less sensitive towards their physical wellness. In 2009, Sheryl explains that loneliness links to a figure of psychological and physical troubles including reduced medical attention and conformity. ( P.1 ) . Loneliness besides decreases people 's satisfaction from life. They feel that they are less worthy and seek to harm themselves. Harmonizing to Emmanuel, Adamson, Seter, & A ; Jeremiahs ( 2007 ) , `` Suicidal ideation is associated with solitariness. '' ( P. 5 ) . Childless adult females experience solitariness in their ulterior phase more frequently every bit compared to adult females holding kid.


my position, sterility of adult females is the major cause of matrimonial instability, force, maltreatment and solitariness. Stigma associated to infertility can take to psychosocial job and psychological hurt. As wellness attention supplier, we should concentrate on bar of sterility, instead to bring around. Individual and group guidance should be done to forestall sexually transmitted diseases and to advance safe sex. Young person should be given instruction on sex, single homo rights, gender equality and schemes to get by with emphasis, anxiousness and choler. We can non alter the society 's head or the tabu attached with sterility overnight but it can be eradicated by working collaboratively with household, communities, and societies. This tabu is non outside, it is within us. If we feel that sterility is a medical unwellness and non stigma, we can learn others the same. The procedure of alteration starts from our egos. Besides this, sterile twosomes should be given appropriate referral to the counsellors. Furthermore, they should be explored about get bying schemes and alternate life purposes. In add-on, households of sterile twosomes should be counseled to avoid domestic force. There should be support services that can assist adult females in their ulterior age to avoid loneness. In decision, despite of all the stressors of life, a adult female can still populate a healthy life if the above recommendations are suitably and timely consider.

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