Domestic Violence And The Male Victim Sociology Essay Example
Domestic Violence And The Male Victim Sociology Essay Example

Domestic Violence And The Male Victim Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 2, 2017
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Domestic force has existed for every bit long as we know. Not so long ago work forces were allowed to crush a married woman with a stick that is non thicker than one of his fingers. Nowadays any sort of force, whether it is physical, emotional or any other signifier is prohibited by the jurisprudence. Domestic force occurs in many different ways ; nevertheless negative effects are the same. This essay will turn to the issue of domestic force from a different angle, which is unrecognized, unacceptable, disbelieved, and swept under the carpet. It will seek to research nature of maltreatment against work forces, cast a visible radiation on why the work forces stay in opprobrious relationships, effects on abused. Further, why is force against work forces unrecognized, how does the society react every bit good as possible `` redresss '' that could assist in covering with forbidden subject of abused


work forces.


Domestic force occurs when a household member, spouse or ex-partner efforts to physically or psychologically dominate or harm the other. ( )

Domestic force is a offense and those in danger of force demand protection.

Violence can be:







Victims are frequently trapped in the state of affairs because they are afraid of farther maltreatment or ashamed to describe it. If they are financially dependent on the maltreater, they are afraid they will hold nowhere to populate.

Violence is non confined to any societal category, nor is all force perpetrated by work forces ; in a lesser figure of instances it is the adult female who abuses her spouse, both emotionally and physically.

Deirdre, M. ( 1999 ) Food place and society, Gill & A ; M

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Ltd, Dublin

Popular accent has tended to be on adult females as the victims of domestic force although with the rise of the work forces 's motion and work forces 's rights, there is now some protagonism for work forces as victims. ( )

Violence is learned behavior. Children, who are exposed to force at place, see it as normal. They in bend are likely to be violent as grownups. Violence and intimidation are more common in persons who have low self-prides, feeling of insufficiency or trouble organizing relationships. Alternatively of showing choler verbally, they resort to aggression and physical force. Violence normally stems from a desire to command. Violence is common among those addicted to alcohol and drugs. One has to detect that this statement can non be to the full accepted every bit true as much research has indicated that force is combination of nature and raising. However, the effects of force on partner are physical hurting and agony ; loss of assurance and self-esteem ; emotional harm and isolation from household and friends. Violence strains force. Children brought up in violent places frequently grow into violent grownups. It can do homelessness, sadness, insecurity and emotional harm to kids. Spouse or kids can turn to imbibe or drugs to ease the hurting.

Credence of force at any degree leads to:

more violent society,

delinquency and offense,

matrimonial dislocation, frequently as a consequence of force, weakens society

grownups subjected to childhood force frequently become a load on society, as felons or alkies.

Deirdre, M. ( 1999 ) Food place and society, Gill & A ; M Ltd, Dublin


Majority of recorded incidents of domestic force are of work forces on adult

females. Society, although aware of the male victim, treats him as a gag. But in world he is a adult male in fright, isolation, adult male who is considered as weak. Why is that? Because he does n't suit into the stereotyped male image. ( )

Male victims face two obstructions:

To turn out that he is a victim,

To guarantee that his kids are protected and do non go the new victims. Very frequently they remain in opprobrious relationships for the interest and protection of their kids.

Most work forces respond by remaining silent. Often this silence is encouraged by fright of ridicule and realisation that it is improbable his spouse will be evicted. Even if he proves that he is a victim, it seems that merely thing that he can make is go forth place.

Then he is separated from his kids and has troubles in maintaining proper and regular contact with his kids. ( )


Certain conditions provoke force but we expect such sick persons to seek aid or medical intervention.

Work forces are expected to take duty for their actions ( force ) but no alibis are accepted. Yet when female is violent society provides a list of alibis: post-natal depression, emphasis, PMT etc. Although most work forces will be sensitive to these jobs, they should non hold to endure force as a effect. ( )

Work force AS Fathers

When a adult female is violent and opprobrious in relationship, it is non needfully assumed that she is a bad female parent. In work forces 's instance is automatically assumed that he is unfit parent. The jurisprudence presumes that the kids are about ever better off with

their female parent. As a effect the lone options for work forces seem to be put up with maltreatment or to go forth place, since under the jurisprudence there is no protection for them. ( )

Work force today are passing more clip with their kids. They provide half of the kid 's familial stuff, and so are another beginning of unconditioned love so indispensable to every kid. ( )

Thorough history function of the male parent has changed. Prior the late 18th and early 19th centuries, male parents were involved in day-to-day lives of their kids. They taught them how to work and worked alongside of them, particularly boies. With industrialisation male parents and urbanisation male parents frequently worked 14-16hours in mills ( frequently in deplorable conditions ) which hindered their function in domestic personal businesss. More late, a new sort of male parent is emerging, resembling more closely those of pre-industrial epochs. This male parent still plays a major function but is besides more involved in domestic undertakings and caring for kids. There is a difference between this public image and private world. When a male parent is involved in kid 's life it can do a large difference. Childs rational, physical and all other developments can be enhanced if their relationship with a male parent is near. This does non alter if a male parent does non populate with a kid ( ) There are no surveies which suggest that a kid brought up by a adult male show any pronounced psychological or emotional characteristic different to one raised by a adult female. ( )

Unmarried male parents have no automatic

rights to their kids. They may, as a consequence, be denied entree to their kids. Unmarried male parents have no constitutional rights, and few legal rights, to their kids.

It has been established that male parents who have non been denied entree to their kids have more positive experiences of household life, and are more likely to hold satisfying and carry throughing relationships with their kids. ( Lesley C. 2004 )


Why do work forces remain in opprobrious relationship is the inquiry that can non be answered easy. Following statement can supply one of the grounds:

A adult male received peculiarly bad crushing from his married woman. She used assorted tools plyerss, screwdriver etc. He suffered contusing to his weaponries, legs, natess and back. He did non utilize any physical agencies to support himself. A twenty-four hours subsequently he had his hurts recorded by the household physician ( female ) . Her attitude was bemusement, indifference and ill will. She did non promote him to describe farther incidents.

He appealed to female societal workers who suggested he should pack his bags and leave, despite the fact that he had three immature kids. But his life would n't look deserving populating without them. He did non take that option. He went to the territory tribunal to use for protection and safety order. But they were unsupportive and did non register his bruising that was seeable. Judge gave him a protection order, and his married woman threatened him and applied for protection order against him. On juncture he has left the house ( on her insisting ) . She accused him of abandonment. He was

denied entree to his boies. He returned place and she is moving really nice until she feels safe to return to her violent behavior. He has put up with maltreatment for old ages in order to be with his kids. ( A male victim 's confidential statement )

In this statement it is clear that the victim did n't acquire any support and that the life that he is populating is non a pleasant 1. The physician 's ill will is merely scandalous. In my sentiment she was non looking at him as single patient and showed feature of a differentiator. And all that is left to reason is that adult male as a victim faces bias and is left with no pick to carry through anything. His basic right as a patient and victim are non satisfied.

If a male victim seeks aid society should offer the same protection to assist him and his kids as is given to the female victims. Womans who are violent should be lawfully responsible for their actions. ( )

There are figure of grounds why work forces are loath to describe maltreatment:

Fear of non being believed

Fear of being denied entree to their kids

Fear of being judged and blamed for the maltreatment because of society biass

Fear of retaliation by maltreater

Fear of spouse doing false allegations against him

Fear of being left homeless

( )


The inauspicious effects of domestic force or maltreatment can be really long enduring. Work force who have been abused by a partner or confidant spouse frequently suffer from:

Low self-pride


Substance maltreatment

Sleeping jobs

Inability to work

Consequences of maltreatment:

Performance at work has been affected

Loss of occupation

Put strain

on relationship with kids

Some have lost contact with their kids.

In add-on to these jobs, physical maltreatment may ensue in serious hurt or decease if the victim does non go forth the relationship. ( )

By cognizing facts about maltreatment one would hold to reason that there is no difference between work forces and adult females when looking at the effects of maltreatment.


Domestic force against work forces goes unrecognized because:

It has taken old ages of protagonism and support to promote adult females to describe domestic force. Virtually nil is done to promote work forces to describe maltreatment.

The thought that work forces can be victims of domestic maltreatment is so unthinkable to most people that many work forces will non even try to describe the state of affairs.

There has been really small investing in resources to turn to the issues of domestic force against work forces.

In most instances physical harm and the impact of force on work forces is less evident so force against adult females.

Even when they report it, they do n't have aid and in the first topographic point are non believed ( )


Work force in opprobrious relationships use assorted methods to try to avoid or decrease violent state of affairss. ( )

They may:

Go into another room

Leave the house, travel to household or friends

Sleep in their auto or wherever they can travel

Accept duty for all kinds of untrue accusals

Cover up for their violent spouse. ( )

This will non halt onslaughts. But most of them will make anything in hope to halt maltreatment. But they fail to enter accidents. Normally they do n't state any household

members and do alibis for their hurts. They fear humiliation even when maltreatment is life endangering. ( )

Abused work forces are non cowards but their actions can be misinterpreted as such. It is a commiseration to see how even the strongest work forces succumb to the antique manner of thought, that if they report abuse they will be seen as weak. On contrary those work forces who will digest anything to be with their kids, are to be admired.


Even when work forces attempt to describe maltreatment, they are met with favoritism, incredulity, and remarks that most of the clip proves why they were loath to describe anything in the first topographic point. Normally people 's reactions would be about work forces 's size ( he should be stronger than a adult female ) , that he did something to merit it. Even the constabulary are in incredulity and remark if they arrest her, what will go on to the kids.

The generalized sentiment that work forces are non capable of taking attention of kids demands to be changed in order to do any advancement in such instances. Law should be applied irrespective of gender, because that is a concealment topographic point for a adult female. Today 's society is, non making much to work out the job. Many adult females will believe twice before they act if they knew that they could be arrested like any work forces in the same state of affairs.

And when it comes to the constabulary instruction, they should acquire more information sing to gender equality and psychological science. Abuse is the hardest and least dignified thing that can be

done to any human being. And society Lashkar-e-Taibas this maltreatment to go on.


In Ireland:

One adult male in 25 has experienced terrible physical maltreatment in a relationship 1 in 90 has experienced sexual maltreatment and 1 in 37 terrible emotional maltreatment.

While 1 adult female in 12 has experienced physical maltreatment, 1 in12sexual maltreatment and 1 in 13 terrible emotional maltreatment. ( )

These figures show that while hazard to adult females is higher, domestic force is something that besides affects a important figure of work forces. ( )

More than a‚¬15million is provided by the authorities each twelvemonth for services for female victim, while less than 1 % of this sum is provided for male victims.

Mary T. Cleary. Irish tester, 15.09.2006

Irish Governments financess for sick persons of domestic maltreatment clearly show the difference of support available for adult male and adult females. It is clear as the sky that abused work forces are non given adequate support or acknowledgment by Government.

These figures speak for themselves and demo how Irish society knows and acknowledges the domestic force against work forces. But merely acknowledging is non adequate and that surely needs to be changed. The individual who is working hard to accomplish that is Mary T. Cleary, the laminitis of AMEN.


Domestic force against adult male is a subject that non many are willing to get down. This essay has done merely that. It explored different facets of maltreatment against adult male. Huge Numberss of things are forestalling acknowledgment ( on a bigger graduated table ) of abused work forces. The fact that maltreatment is abuse, no affair against whom it is done, does

non alter a fact that we as society on micro and macro degree are shuting our eyes. Women, Police Officers, Doctors, Government are taking the `` race '' . It is clear that work forces are disadvantaged and the hurdlings that they are confronting are about impossible to get the better of. Their cardinal rights as parents are non respected.


While making the research for this assignment I came across a web site RAPE CRISIS NETWORK IRELAND that, in my sentiment, has a really of import and utile characteristic.

It gives advice how to cover your paths so that cipher can happen out that you visited this site. Instruction manuals are clear and easy to follow. This site has non relevance to my assignment, but I could n't neglect to detect their safety issue. That is a first site that I came across that offers the characteristic. I think it should be present in all sites that trade with violent issues, because it can give assurance to many people to seek for replies, to describe the maltreatment. In many instances, fright of maltreater happening out that they tried to `` make '' something puts the victims off.

Domestic force can be prevented through early intercession, by jurisprudence enforcement, societal services and the condemnable justness system. Even work forces as victims, who are loath to press charges due to miss of resorts can be assisted one time they have been identified and removed from violent place environment. ( )

It amazes me, through my research how the authorities and all involved do n't hold adequate cognition and common sense to cover with issues like force and maltreatment against work

forces. As I grew up I witnessed domestic force on many occasions. Friends, neighbors, members of my household, unknown people who were abused made me believe about causes and solutions to the job.

While condemnable force is good known, domestic force is swept under the carpet. As a standard `` adult male '' is the maltreater and `` adult female '' is the abused.

I visited a figure of web sites in order to happen relevant statistics about abused work forces but lone twosome of them had any information about abused work forces. The chief focal point is on adult females and kids. The lone 1 that deals with every facet of maltreatment against work forces is AMEN.

I know that is of import but besides shows me that minority ( abused work forces ) is neglected.

A survey of MALE VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE -commissioned by AMEN- was conducted. The survey was carried out in County Monaghan. ( See appendix 1 )

To do the image clearer I wanted to see how other European states react and cover with this issue. I visited International Domestic force and Abuse bureaus list. It contained 55 states but none of them had any administrations listed clearly aimed for work forces. That showed me that Ireland is in front even if there is merely one administration for abused work forces. But it is `` approachable '' manner more easy than in other states.

Irish Government financess for sick persons of domestic maltreatment clearly show the difference of support available for adult male and adult females. They are non given support or acknowledgment by Government. ( See appendix 2 )

I witnessed many violent effusions in

the dark clip. But I could n't neglect to detect that bulk of those incidents were started by adult females. Freedom and alteration of life manner allow adult females to travel out and move as work forces. But binge imbibing is one of the things that are non good in any manner. In my sentiment adult females know that they will non endure large effects ( such as apprehension ) if they attack person, so they feel confident to make as they please.

In this survey ( subdivision 9 ) work forces surveyed suggested following support systems that should be put in topographic point to cover with maltreatment that is done to them:

aˆ? Statutory services, and in peculiar the Health Boards, to take the job of male victims of domestic maltreatment earnestly.

aˆ? The Gardai to take male victims of domestic force earnestly and to handle the affair with more sensitiveness.

aˆ? The legal system ( i.e. legal professionals, tribunal staff and the bench ) to take a more balanced and just attack.

aˆ? All work forces surveyed felt the demand for a 'safe topographic point ' to take themselves and their kids when incidents in the place became peculiarly opprobrious.

aˆ? Better protection for their kids if they are forced to go forth the household place.

aˆ? The right for work forces to stay in the place when they are the victims. ( Leaving the place has negative deductions for the male in that it means he may hold unequal entree to his kids and that he is go forthing his place which in most instances is his exclusive plus. )

aˆ? Better equality when the issue of detention and entree

to their kids is being addressed by the tribunals.

aˆ? Less gender prejudice by societal workers and wellness attention professionals when covering with male victims of domestic maltreatment.

aˆ? More options to the adversarial household tribunal system.

aˆ? The issue of work forces 's wellness and public assistance to be taken more earnestly by the Government.

aˆ? Adequate support services for male victims.

These recommendations are clear and they cover all countries that need to alter in order to cover with maltreatment against work forces. However change demands to get down on little graduated table get downing with work forces who need to acknowledge that they can besides be vulnerable, and in that in their `` macho '' universe some infinite should be left for admiting that fact. All kids should be made cognizant that maltreatment is abuse no affair whom it is done against. Without that, I 'm afraid, we wo n't acquire far.

Intrigued by this subject, I asked friends what they think about maltreatment against work forces. Almost all responses were raised superciliums and incredulity, laughter and the same answers as in all stuff that I have researched for this subject. The image that people have in their caputs is that maltreaters are male and merely few said it is possible that females can be maltreaters every bit good.

My hope is that this essay will at least on a little scale brand people cognizant of ABUSE AGAINST MEN.

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