Divorce In The United Arab Emirates Sociology Essay Example
Divorce In The United Arab Emirates Sociology Essay Example

Divorce In The United Arab Emirates Sociology Essay Example

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Presents, divorce is considered as one of the most of import issues that we face in our modern society where it deeply affects the societal and fiscal constructions of the state. Our faith has ever considered the stableness of the matrimony as one of its chief ends ; in other words, matrimony should be held in high respects. In add-on, the holiness of matrimony must be protected everlastingly unless there are jobs that come across a twosome 's life for which there is no solution beside divorce.

Statistical studies show that the divorce rate is quiet high in the gulf part which proves that authoritiess are non happening sufficient solutions for this job. However, the United Arab Emirates authoritiess realized the earnestness of this phenomenon on the households and society and began working on the job


particularly in the recent old ages since divorce rates have increased radically and go on to lift ; Divorce has become a critical issue as it affects the lives of households, doing hurting, amendss and destructing relationships. In other words divorce wakes are so serious that it could alter your life drastically. These are some of the grounds that made me take this sensitive subject. Why is divorce go oning presents more normally, even in the first old ages of matrimony? What will go on if divorce rates continue to lift? Are at that place new grounds for divorce which are related to the state development?

In this research paper, I will analyse this job while seeking for replies to

such inquiries that will assist to happen solution in order to diminish the rate of divorce and to better people lives. In

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add-on, I will analyze each portion of this job and the different positions from the parents, the kids and the household. Furthermore, I will propose some methods that may assist avoid this job.

Literature Reappraisals:

Abdualrazeq Maliki ( 2001 ) states that divorce phenomenon in the UAE society has interacting factors that may change in their badness and impact on divorce job. Maliki believes that some of the factors which help increased the divorce rates were alterations that have taken topographic point in the societal and economic field ; modernisation. He Points out that modernisation created a new side in our society which made a divergency between its members, particularly member of a Family as hubby and married woman.

Halim Barakat ( 1993 ) agrees with Maliki as the modernisation has a deep consequence in our society as he says `` Old forms of matrimony and divorce are being easy replaced by new 1s. Different sets of relationships are developing between household and society '' . He adds `` However, immature work forces and adult females show less disaffection from the household than from any other societal establishment, is it spiritual, political, or societal '' .

2-Divorce Reasons:

In our modern clip statics proved that divorce is increasing twelvemonth by twelvemonth although the rates did n't make the highest registered rate in the last 30 old ages, but in recent old ages it is increasing quickly. For illustration, the first graph shows the entire divorce rates as a per centum of matrimonies in Gulf states, where United Arab Emirates has a 34.84 % in 1995 which is one of the highest per centums in gulf. While in 2006 it recorded

18.88 % which was a great development in about 10 old ages, but out of the blue it shoots up to 25.62 % in 2007 and continues to lift in 2008 to 25.74 % as the 2nd graph shows.

Such an addition made us hunt for eligible ground for it although the grounds may change from every person but the chief common grounds are different background, arranged matrimony and early matrimony, modernisation.

Different Background:

One of the most common causes of divorce that the people are non cognizant of is the different backgrounds of the married twosome this is due to their belief that love can suppress all obstructions. `` The Emirates Economist besides reported that assorted matrimonies ( i.e. , get marrieding a alien ) are considered as one of the causes of high rate of divorce in the UAE '' ( ) . In other words, people who are different in civilization, economic category and spiritual believe, in add-on to societal position.

The civilization background is a large hurdle in every matrimony and basically itaa‚¬a„?s the first ground for differences, this comes from the difference of sentiment between the twosome were each one think they are right because of the manner their parents raised them which finally affected the manner the behave and think, for case, when an emarati marries a adult female from Europe they would frequently contend about cultural affairs like how she should dress, be more conservative towards aliens and many more jobs arises which eventually can take merely to disassociate.

Although the wealth of a individual is normally said that it 's non of import in forepart of love but the sad truth is

it 's an of import factor that can do life easy or difficult, this frequently is present when two different individual with different life styles marries, where one spouse ca n't maintain with the other financially satisfied and starts to kick about it which in bends will take to many dissensions where money is involved and a state of affairs of unrest follows. Besides this difference may impact their kids, for case,

`` If the hubby came from a hapless household which had to fight for everything, and the female parent came from a affluent household, so they might hold different ways that they want to raise their kids. The male parent may desire to be tougher on the kids and implement rigorous regulations on them. This is the manner he was raised by his parents. The female parent may be less rigorous and have wholly different positions on how to raise kids. As a consequence, each parent may fight to hold their ain manner over the kids. It would turn into a battle over power. It could finally take to disassociate '' ( ) . Some may reason that parents from different background will hold a good effectual on their kids since they get to cognize more than one civilization. However, if the parents have a good communicating they will able to avoid jobs that may stop with divorce.

Religion plays a critical function in everyone 's religious and mental wellness, where religion can do a individual strong to confront the troubles of life and go on to accept the challenges presented to them, this being said a twosome with different faith can do tonss and

tonss of assorted jobs chiefly the religion of the kid or even the certain necessities of a faith like have oning hijab for adult females, if such job were non resolved in clip the matrimony would decidedly fall in and a household would interrupt with divorce.

The difference in societal position between the twosomes is a major job which frequently leads to household complications where both households donaa‚¬a„?t accept the matrimony that will happen or even after matrimony, where the household decides to cut all dealingss between the twosomes, this will go forth the twosomes with a large challenge because no affair who you love nil can crush the love of your household and losing it will do you fall back to the last solution to return your household ties which is divorce.

Arranged Marriage:

Marriage is

Early Marriage:

One of the of import causes of divorce in the United Arab Emirates is early matrimony, which remains as one of the state 's tradition. Although the instruction degree has risen in the UAE, but this did n't forestall the pattern of early matrimony in the state. However, Many researches disagree as they say `` Universal, early matrimony is no longer the Standard it one time was in Arab states: The mean age at matrimony for both work forces and adult females is by and large lifting, and more Arab adult females are remaining individual longer or non get marrieding at all '' ( ) . It 's true that early matrimony is on diminution but it still continues to happen and lend in raising divorce, harmonizing to booz & A ; co diary, `` Our society is partially responsible for

the high divorce rates as a batch of twosomes marry rapidly without any opportunity to cognize each other, so in world they are like aliens and there is no communicating between them '' Furthermore, early matrimony can impact twosomes life doing divorce for many grounds such as, the deficiency of communicating and experience, besides deficiency of independency.

Early matrimony is one of the grounds that lead misss to go forth school and get down a new life in which they do n't hold adequate duties in add-on to limited consciousness of what matrimony is and how to cover with it, which lead to miscommunication with the other spouse. Many researches agree that deficiency of communicating is the chief cause of divorce, `` communicating is the disclosure of ideas or thoughts and is an of import facet of all relationships '' ( ) .As in our society the ground of the bad communicating between the twosomes is that '' many male childs and misss need to interact with the opposite sex, since their upbringing and schooling have in most cases been purely gender segregated '' ( booz & A ; carbon monoxide ) . Furthermore, matrimony in a immature age may miss the experience that is required in covering with jobs that twosomes may confront, since these immature twosomes do n't hold a batch of things to see and larn from it before acquiring married.

In add-on, in our part many households support their married boies financially which will promote them to depend on their parents without recognizing that matrimony represent independency. Besides it will cut down their duty award their new life. In contrast other households may

non assist their boies with money, which will go forth the new twosome facing debts in a really early age. `` Consequently, money jobs ensuing from premature matrimonies can besides do divorce '' ( ) .


Modernization is the `` Transformation of a society from a rural and agricultural status to a layman, urban, and industrial 1 '' ( ) . In other words, modernisation means the great development that happened all of a sudden to alter a state from many ways. For illustration, the United Arab Emirates witnessed a immense betterment in many sectors such as economic system, instruction and medicine Fieldss. Although these alterations have a positive impact on the society, but it besides have a harmful influence that can lend to high divorce rates. Harmonizing to ( ) `` Modernization and economic development have been cited as one of the factors taking to disassociate in Western societies ( Heaton, Cammack, & A ; Young ) . Similarly, the economic roar in the UAE, which is associated with rapid modernisation and globalisation has affected single life styles and household values as good '' . So the impact of modernisation has been proofed through the increasing Numberss of households that have changed their life style to hold more polished life than traditional one. Furthermore, this altering affects the society as it adds new grounds for divorce like adult females seeking independency in add-on to the addition of demands of a matrimony.

First of wholly, the greatest alteration that occur through modernisation is the female instruction and

3-Divorce Effectss:





4- Role of Government:



In decision, there are many grounds for acquiring divorce but the most common one is the deficiency

of communicating between the married twosomes ; deficiency of communicating can destruct any sort of relationships in which will impact the socity as a whole.

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