The role of technology and learning Essay Example
The role of technology and learning Essay Example

The role of technology and learning Essay Example

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  • Published: October 12, 2017
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It has been said that engineering is quickly altering the function of instructors all over the universe. Discourse the function of engineering in learning and larning. It has been said that a clip will come when engineering would be able to replace the instructor in the schoolroom. Discuss.

The engineering is utile to our day-to-day life particularly in learning and larning processed, but teacher are the chief function of instruction. Make the calling of instructors will be stop if the engineering exists in instruction? In my sentiment, the functions of instructors are more of import in learning and larning processed compared to the engineering even the engineering can alter the function of instructors. This is because in instruction through the teachers’ function, the communicating will be which occurred between the instructors and pupils in the categories. But, through


the engineering besides, we can larn something at anyplace and anytime. Technology had influenced in how people lived. Before this, we used to make undertakings or works manually. Now, through the engineering we invented tools that can assist us to carry through undertakings faster and more efficient.

In Malaysia, about every schools are used the computing machines or other electronic devices in their schoolroom for learning and larning purposed. By utilizing the engineering, the Ministry of Educations had to developing the instructors how to utilize the electronic devices such as computing machines, projectors, and others. So, this will used a batch of money for the preparation. But, this preparation are still non helped the instructors how to utilize the engineering devices for instructions, because it take a long period to develop them. Within the engineering, the schools, universities and

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colleges can salvage their money for learning and larning purposed. Which utilizing computing machines and others electronic devices, they can saved the sum of paper that are used. Furthermore, the acquisition will be more effectual by utilizing the engineering which the pupils can larn more about the utilizations of engineering in their surveies. Students can larn or see the utilizing of engineering such as cyberspace. Through the cyberspace, pupils can larn more about the utilizations of web sites, e-book, e-textbooks, and others. In extra, pupils will derive new sort of larning experienced in their categories through engineering such as information engineering, cyberspace, and engineering devices. For illustration, pupils can larn their lessons through the cyberspace more than one time harmonizing to their ability to understand it.

Technology can heighten the chanced for communities and interactions within the educational purposed. For illustration in our day-to-day life, we are utilizing societal media such as Facebook, electronic mail, web sites, skype, and others. Students and instructors can make a treatment group through cyberspace which they can non make at the schools. This is because the clip was limited for pupils passing at the schools. For illustration, pupils can merely used electronic mail to asked inquiries which it will straight direct to his or her instructors personally. Through this, instructors will cognize their students’ failing in the categories. So, the acquisition will be more effectual. Presents, largely universities and colleges in Malaysia have international pupils which came from about all around the universe. Through this engineering, it will assist the communications between pupils and the pedagogues. For illustration, Open Universities are developed and utilizing Distanced Education and e-Learning as a

new methods in delivered courseware for academic programmed and others, which means that the pupils are non need to go to the categories and they can learned through the cyberspace such as on-line acquisition programmed. If the pupils missed the category, the talks can be recorded and pupils still can see and learned the lessons.

Technology was non the solutions to the 21stcentury instruction. This is because engineering is merely a method to assist in instruction and learning advancement. Students can larn how to be more independencies and learned new accomplishments such as they can larn making research which it will be used at high degree of instruction. Technology allowed people to shared their sentiment and thoughts. It can be represented at every staged in educational processed. So that, the instructors can done their undertakings or learning processed easier through the usage of engineering.

Technology did non changed or transformer the functions of the instructors. But, it opened new methods of larning among the pupils. Students will go more independent in making their plants. Normally, instructors will be the function theoretical accounts for their pupils. The instructors should go a capable developer, which means that the instructors should convey new cognition or information of the topics based on their ain experienced, researched, and others. The development of engineering caused the opening new merchandises of electronic devices and application. So, the utilizations of engineering in the instruction must be be aftering carefully to forestall the instruction and acquisition progressed which is carried out in different or incorrect ways. The instructors plenty cognition was to be able to take, planning and carried out measured for competency development in used

of information engineering and communications. Besides, engineering besides can be used to back up the pupil public presentations in which how they are doing a determination and accomplishing their ends.

The function of instructors might be changed. The pupils will be more independent in work outing their undertakings, provide guidelines, supplying information or suggestions for the students’ activities. This state of affairs shown that the pupils are less depends on any support and guidelines from the instructors for their activities. However, the engineering was non suited to be used in the out-of-door activities such as athleticss and others. For illustration in the football games, pupils will necessitate instructors to go their manager. This state of affairs shows that instructors are still the chief of import function in instruction even the engineering had developed in our state. Besides that, by utilizing information engineering, the instructors can set up plants such as students’ attender, scheduled, and others which can assist instructors salvage their timed instead than utilizing traditional methods. The instructors besides can seek a suited topics affair before come ining their categories. By utilizing picture, music, and other option, the acquisition advancement will be more effectives and interesting compared to the traditional methods. In this manner, engineering can assist pedagogues and scholars have better timed spend together.

Technology helps pupils to surveies through distance larning which they can see lived talks and reviewed the lectures’ notes, can make a survey groups, and others, which helped the instructors and pupils save their timed. This means that the talks do non hold to do another excess category for the pupils who have missed their lessons. Besides, the instructors have to

supervise and observed the utilizations of electronic devices in the schoolrooms. Teachers besides have to practiced instruction by utilizing the engineering tools such as computing machines, and other electronic devices to guarantee that learning and larning advancement be more effectual and interesting. Other than that, instructors besides have to developed activities and lessons that will research the features in the communicating with their pupils. The exchanged of thoughts with support from the instructors will widen in telecommunication used. With this state of affairs, an pedagogue particularly will more understanding utilizations of engineering and will travel frontward with more analysis of its impacts, and widen our abilities to be more critical of the utilizations of engineering in instruction.

By utilizing the engineering, instructors were no longer merely focused to present cognition from a text edition. Teachers would hold information from about all around the universe websites merely by utilizing computing machines with Internet accessed. Students can used computing machine engineering for carry oning an experiments that was impossible to seek out based on the standard course of study of scientific disciplines in their schools. A history instructors can do their topics came to life by utilizing pictures and vivid imaged. Students will experience proud after they learned how to used the electronic devices engineering such as computing machines in their schoolroom, and they were motivated to learned and done their work with more efficaciously. Teachers besides can make their ain package that can heighten a curricular activities for their pupils.

Technology play an importance function particularly for instructor of kids with particular demands or with disablements. It can do teachers’ undertakings easier. But, instructors are allowed to make

acquisition activities and larning environments that enables the disablements kids to learned with other kids. In extra, there is batch of information about kids with disablements that particular needs instruction instructors can seek through the cyberspace. Some of these kids are non be able to pull and written any words, so the instructors have to used new alternate to assist the disablements kids by utilizing new methods such as used a computing machines in their acquisition processed.

With engineering, instructors can hold assortment of ways to maintain the pupils attending. For illustration, the instructors are utilizing sound and ocular presentation in the schoolroom which it can maintain their focused in the treatment. Technology besides helps in environment protection. Nowadays, there are few of schools that used computing machines in their schoolrooms and libraries.

In decisions, it has been said that engineering may alter the function of instructors all over the universe. But in facts was the function of instructors can non be replacing due to their importance function in the instruction processed. The engineering can do pupils more interested in the ways of learned which pupils will be more independent in making their undertakings or activities in the schools. But they still need a counsel and support from their instructors. This is because engineering merely a tools and method in learning and larning processed. There a batch of benefits that the instructors can acquire through the engineering developments. Encouraged, critical thought, and interested helped the instructors and pupils with the utilizations of information engineering in the schoolroom. So, both engineering and the instructors have their importance functions in instruction in our state that makes instruction and acquisition

processed in the schoolroom go more interested and successful.


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