The Potential Problems By Adopting Diversity In Tourism Tourism Essay Example
The Potential Problems By Adopting Diversity In Tourism Tourism Essay Example

The Potential Problems By Adopting Diversity In Tourism Tourism Essay Example

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  • Published: October 14, 2017
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Many research workers believe and focus on variegation in Tourism could assist increase the popularity of a finish and pull assorted sorts of tourers ' involvements, so as to heighten the experience and satisfaction of tourers, therefore, increase the figure of visitants, return visits, good word of oral cavity and one of the most of import ground is to hike the economic system of the host finish. However, there is a hazard by following the diverseness in touristry industry.

When most of the tourer finishs are seeking to follow the diverseness scheme and compete in the Global Tourism Market, supplying similar touristry installations and activities by go oning increase the `` added value '' services and comfortss, it seems they are losing the `` uniqueness '' of their ain finish 's image. Therefore, this paper is to analyse the diverseness sc


heme which has been employed to the touristry industry of Macau - a good known bet oning finish in Southeast Asia, so as to give the deliberation of the possible jobs by following diverseness in touristry industry, and supply grounds for farther research and probe in this subject in the hereafter.

This paper is an academic assignment. It is to pull up a research proposal but non set abouting the research, hence, it merely includes the purpose and aims, methodological analysis and literature reappraisal. Therefore, there is no decision in this paper.


States and parts are ever looking at better chances in order to turn their economic system for the interest of development and improved life manner of the general populace. Industries are the chief beginning of any state of state that drive the economical state of affairss

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of the part. Many industries differ in nature of work and manner of end product they give if they operate at the optimal degree. Tourism industry is one of those industries that outputs high sum of grosss and therefore consequences in an improved economical factor for any state or part. Areas where touristry is developing and people see that finish as the centre of attractive force, net incomes climb up in those countries and consequence in the betterment of overall regional state of affairs in footings of money and life manner. Despite the fact there are many moneymaking and attractive finishs around the universe but few have emerged significantly doing the touristry industry as one of the most of import factors lending in the development of the economic state of affairs of the part.

Soon a finish provides greatest untapped stigmatization chances ( Morgan, Pritchard, & A ; Pride, 2004 ) . The World Trade Organization has endorsed this position and has suggested that the twenty-first century will see the outgrowth of touristry finishs as manner accoutrements. The chief potent of finish stigmatization is to tap the `` emotional power of travel as 'experience ' '' and make beyond the touristry industry ( Morgan, Pritchard, & A ; Pride, p.5 ) . Many states like New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia have branded themselves as tourer finishs. Macau 's scheme to vie in the planetary touristry industry is by following diverseness as its touristry scheme ( Koumelis, 2008 ; Reuters, 2008 ) .

Macau authorities has built the state 's image as a Eden among business communities, tourers, and gamblers ( Manes, 2008 ) . This alone combination

of cultural diverseness, double political system, gambling, and leisure locale provide Macau the chance to trade name itself justly as the diverseness finish like Australia ( MGTO, 2008a ) . More than 1.5 million international visitants have come to Macau in the first half of 2008, a 46.5 % spring over the same period in 2007 ( MGTO, 2008b ) . This does non include the 8.8 million Mainland occupants who visited in the same period, harmonizing to the Macau Government Tourist Office ( Koumelis, 2008 ) . Tourism and bet oning grosss make up more than half of Macau 's GDP ( Reuters, 2008 ) . With increasing attractive forces of the touristry in Macau and increasing planetary competition from other Asiatic metropoliss like Singapore, Dubai, etc. , using a diverseness scheme which enables diverseness in offerings to the tourers is indispensable to tap the international market ( Reuters, 2008 ) . The diverseness scheme is believed to hold the possible to move as a accelerator for touristry in Macau, but still there is a reported deficiency of stigmatization of the metropolis as a universe category cultural or a leisure heritage ( Macau is known more as a bet oning finish ) finish which provides quality service and substructure. On the contrary, the state stands out with its endless lines at the boundary line, horrific traffic, and inconsistent service ( Manes, 2008 ) . Therefore, there are jobs in using a diverseness scheme to international tourers.

Aim and Aims

Tourism is neither a simple subject nor the general scientific discipline that can be looked into with a specified position and scheme. Rather, touristry involves in-depth cognition

of the civilization of the country where the touristry industry is runing and to analyse whether touristry is really working as an industry or merely the natural resources have appealed the possible tourers and nil more is done in order to pull tourers and heighten the industry 's net incomes. Therefore, a careful analysis and survey with focussed aims need to be defined in this paper for analysing the diverseness as a chief constituent and challenge for the Macau touristry industry.

  • The overall purpose of the paper is to place the challenges of using diverseness in advancing the Tourism Industry of Macau.
  • There are five basic aims to carry through the purpose of this research:
  • To specify the construct of Diversity the trade name in Tourism selling ;
  • To place the challenges confronting Macau as a tourer finish ;
  • To analyse the selling schemes ( diversifying the trade name ) of Macau in advancing itself as a tourer finish ;
  • To measure the feasibleness of following the diverseness construct in the Tourism Industry of Macau ;
  • To supply grounds for farther research on diversifying the trade name of a tourer finish.

Since diverseness is non a simple subject as it involves multiple positions and ways to measure the perceptual experience of the tourers coming to the finish, therefore the purpose of this survey is kept focussed on peculiar aims. Particularly when speaking about the touristry industry of Macau, it seems to envelope great challenges along with the attractive forces to its possible tourers due to its cardinal location and natural beauty. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

In order to concentrate the construct of diverseness, it is

of import that its demand and its kernel is understood. Thus the survey aims to clarify what diverseness is really and what drives it to the significance in the touristry industry. At the same clip it is indispensable to measure that how much touristry is of import to the island of Macau itself and how does it impact the overall economic state of affairs of the district. Therefore, this survey besides aims to concentrate on the relationship of the economical state of affairs of the Macau Island with the touristry industry runing at that place that envelope a major part of the work force and employment. It is besides of import to associate the variegation in the touristry in Macau with the cultural heritage of the part itself. Since Macau has been a portion of Portuguese every bit good as Chinese civilization and it is known to be a topographic point where both European every bit good as Asiatic civilizations does non merely prevail but they are developing and thriving in the part therefore a sense of local civilization diminishing is of import to turn to that might be observed by the local community at that place. This is nevertheless a fact that by advancing the variegation in the touristry and cultural heritage of the Macau island, it would be fruitful and good for the local people as good due to the fact that the touristry industry makes the major part of the entire economical state of affairs of the part.

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The research methodological analysis is segregated into three parts. First, this research is traveling to analyze the constructs of diverseness used in

selling and stigmatization Fieldss, followed by understanding the policy of diverseness which has been adopted by the Macau authorities and how different they are from other diverseness touristry scheme of other metropoliss like Monaco, Lisbon, New York, and Boston. On the footing of the diverseness scheme as viewed by faculty members, the research worker will seek to measure if the schemes followed in Macau are compatible or non. Then the research worker will separately seek to measure the schemes undertaken to advance diverseness of Macau. This will be done by secondary research of the touristry web site, touristry publicities and rating of other strategic plans undertaken by the authorities. Afterward, a comparing of the tourer disbursement in Macau within the gambling sector and in other tourer related sectors ( the non-gaming sector ) is undertaken. Furthermore, the research worker will seek to happen their portion in GDP growing of Macau. This will supply the comparative overviews of gross net incomes and growing of Macau touristry through gambling, hotel, cultural or MICE[ 1 ]touristry.

In the 2nd portion, the research worker will set about by analysing the publicities of Macau touristry to distribute diverseness. First, analyze the finish image by garnering and reading the selling literature, therefore, a list of properties could be conducted so as to understand the message of diverseness delivered. Harmonizing to Jenkins ( 1997 ) , if one would wish to gestate a finish image, the characteristics such as the finish clime, tourer attractive forces, civilizations, finish 's population, other leisure installations and activities, diversion and scenery of the finishs have to be comprised. Therefore, in order to develop a list of

properties, the research worker have to analyse the content of tourers ' information in both written and ocular information, such as guidebook, web site, telecasting advertizement, etc. All these could supply a batch of information about a finish image. Therefore, this phase is done by utilizing the selling literature that Macau authorities is utilizing to advance diverseness like travel booklets, web site, advertizements, and publicities. To understand and analyse a finish image merely by reexamining selling literature is frequently used ; a good illustration is Dilley ( 1986 ) , who had analyzed 21 states ' images through their finish booklets. In this survey, the same method is followed so as to understand the trade name image of Macau as being marketed by the authorities.

Having done the two phases of analysis, the research worker will hold to correlate the portion of GDP of the two sectors ( i.e. gambling and the non-gaming sector of touristry and the publicities for the two ) . This could demo us if the diverseness scheme has been successful in Macau or has decreased tourer inflow in an already strong sector.

Furthermore, Walter Jamieson ( 2000 ) presented the thought that any signifier of touristry scheme should bring forth economic and societal development. To determine the jobs of cultural variegation, the research worker will seek to determine the negative impact diverseness touristry had on the societal and economic environment of the state in the 3rd portion. This will be done by analyzing the secondary informations on the nature of touristry and its consequence on the Macau economic system:

Lead to civilization commoditization - for this, the touristry publicities will be referred to.


a higher cost of life for the occupants ( rent, nutrient services ) -the rising prices rates and the authorities nose count post the diverseness scheme will be considered.

Displace traditional occupants - determine how growing of tourers has encroached into the infinite of the locals through enlargements of hotels, nines, eating houses, etc. which has taken away private belongings.

Addition in offense rate offense - the nature and figure of offense in Macau after the diverseness scheme was employed.

Increase pollution - the ecological consequence of diverseness touristry on Macau 's environment ( Jamieson, 2000 )

The analysis of these factors and their consequence on Macau after 2001 until 2008 will supply a constructive thought as to the challenges that Macau faces ( if any ) after following a diverseness scheme.

The information required for all the phases of this research are gathered through secondary beginnings. The whole research evaluated the information from 2001, the twelvemonth before the liberalisation of the gambling licence. Furthermore, the tourer information booklets, advertizements, etc. are collected from Macau Government Tourism Office ( MGTO, 2008b ) . The information related to the societal and economic environment of Macau is gathered from the informations released by the Statistics and Census Department of Macau Government ( DSEC, 2008 ) .

In add-on, Macau is considered as a gambling metropolis, and the sensed image of bet oning or casino is ever see as the negative activities, and extremely related to drugs, harlotry, offense, spirits, etc. Therefore, if utilizing primary research such as carry oning study or interviews to garner the information of how tourists/ local communities perceived the image of Macau, or, what sort of activities they would

take part in Macau ; Then, there might be the instance of undependability occurs in the consequences. As it is normal that people does n't wish being associated with negative image and avoid being seen to hold any relationship with it, so this factor could impact the dependability of the consequence. Therefore, secondary research is chosen entirely to avoid possible mistakes and inadvertences.

Furthermore, Echtner and Ritchie ( 2003 ) mentioned that today many research workers are to a great extent rely on utilizing structured methodological analysiss such as merely asked close-ended inquiries for easy analyze, therefore, they were unable to capture the more holistic and alone constituents of a finish image. Therefore, it shows that many old researches had already carried out the primary research to analyse the finish 's image, so merely secondary resources would be plenty for making this research.

Literature Review

Tourism is one of the most growing and flourishing industries around the universe and hence needs critical consideration in order to pave its way for the hereafter developments and sustainability in the bettering tendency. Many research have been conducted in order to measure and detect the effects of different factors on the touristry industry around the universe and in single tourers ' finishs so that the challenges that are predominating or that are anticipated can be foreseen and schemes can be developed in order to back up the industry from which many people 's and many parts ' economic state of affairs is straight related. Particularly when speaking about celebrated tourers ' finishs including Las Vegas, Macau, Nevada, etc it is of import to see the challenges that need to be taken on

in order to keep a sustainability of growing and development of the industry and heightening attractive force for the tourers around the universe.

In order to hike and diverse the image of a topographic point, it is of import to regenerate the trade name image of the finish. A trade name image could impact the motives of taking a finish, act uponing one 's outlook, therefore impacting the satisfaction degree. Satisfaction of tourers could ensue in good or bad word of oral cavities and go on affect the finish image like a rhythm. Therefore, the trade name image is really of import to a finish.

Gunn ( 1972 ) was one of the first to place the different ways in which cognitive images are formed. In Gunn 's theory, it involves a changeless alteration of images that are conceived at a figure of degrees, viz. , organic, induced, and modified-induced. Organic images are those that arise from purportedly indifferent beginnings such as books, school, telecasting docudramas, and the experiences of friends and relations. Induced images are those that emanate from the finish country itself and are derived from selling and promotional stuff. The cardinal difference between the organic and induced images is the control that the finish country has over what is presented. Although small can be done to act upon organic images, sellers can bring on an image by investing in publicity.

Furthermore, branding of a finish 's image is besides seeing as one of the key processs and sellers pay more attending to it in recent old ages ( Anholt, 2002 ) . Therefore, the trade name of a finish 's image is of import and

could see by two facets:

  • a name, symbol, logo, word grade or other in writing that both identifies and differentiates the finish. It conveys the promise of a memorable travel experience that is unambiguously associated with the finish and serves to consolidate and reenforce the remembrance of enjoyable memories of the finish experience '' ( Ritchie and Ritchie, 1998, p.17 )
  • the amount of beliefs, attitudes and feelings held by a individual or group of people towards some phenomenon. An intangible 1 that can non be straight experienced prior to its existent visitaˆ¦ the possible visitants rely on their images in make up one's minding where to patronize one finish over another '' ( Weaver and Lawton, 2000, p. 105 )

These two facets show the chief elements of branding a finish 's image. From Ritchie and Ritchie ( 1998 ) , it shows the touchable elements ; while Weaver and Lawton ( 2000 ) , shows the intangible elements. However, both of them besides indicate out one really of import thought - Singularity. It is true that tourers travel off from place ; they choose among different finishs non merely by installations or monetary values, but something could give them a memorable experience that is alone to them. Therefore, using branding to the finish 's image is for smoothing the singularity of a finish.

In such an industry where there be many variables including the local factors, economic conditions, societal conditions of the country, bet oning development, casinos and related issues that can advance the offenses and negativenesss in the society, it is of import to look into the subject from different positions. And hence literature

from different countries demands to be looked into. Especially surveies that have explained different positions of the gambling and casinos are of import to be included in this study as these constitute the major part of a touristry industry itself.

Bet oning to Macau is one of the alone elements that gather the universe 's focal point, therefore, the image of Macau, in the yesteryear, has been excessively dominated as a gambling finish. But late the Macau Government has aimed to follow diverseness scheme in touristry in order to do Macau an 'everybody 's finish ' . Here the research worker will measure the image stigmatization of Macau as a 'diversity ' finish as marketed to the tourers.

Infact diverseness in touristry has the possible to pull people from different civilizations, group, ethnicity, nationality and races and this gives roar to the industry in footings of people attractive force and affinity for the similar things go oning at a touristry finish. Since bettering or presenting the diverseness in a part is non really easy, it is a subject that needs a position point of the local occupants of a part every bit good. With the coming of modern universe and narrowing of the distances, the universe has become a planetary small town to which it is frequently referred to as. This brings people closer and makes going around the universe easier for the tourers who seek a explosion where they feel comfy and find satisfaction while at the same clip sing their ain cultural colourss in the locality of the tourers ' finish. Thus bookmans and research workers have studied the consequence of presenting and advancing variegation

in the parts where tourers are attracted through different agencies. Similarly in Macau where there is a mix and blend of European every bit good as Asiatic civilization while it presently belongs to the Chinese civilization at the nucleus degree, it is a challenge for the local authorities to make up one's mind whether they want to advance the variegation in the touristry industry that would convey more tourers In the part and therefore there may be a diminishing consequence on the local regional civilization or may be the local people might hold a feeling of being overcome

Diversity scheme in touristry is a construct which in employed to incorporate cultural and cultural touristry with modern, urban touristry ( Collins, 2007 ) . Many research workers have reviewed touristry schemes of metropoliss like New York ( Fainstein & A ; Powers, 2007 ) , Boston ( Halter, 2007 ) , Lisbon ( Marques & A ; DaCosta, 2007 ) . All these researches have emphasized on advancing civilization and cultural diverseness as the chief Southern Cross of a diverseness touristry scheme.

There are many jobs that scholars place sing a diverseness scheme of touristry. But many bookmans feel that diverseness touristry is merely a commoditization of the cultural heritage of the tourer finishs with vacationing festivals merely another manner to pull tourist attending ( MacCannell, 1976 ) . Infact most of the part that really relates to the variegation in the touristry industry in Macau island is influenced by the variegation of the civilization developing the cultural heritages and advancing them to absorb the attractive forces of visitants from all around the topographic point. A diverseness scheme

has made every other metropolis feel and expression about the same manner. So if the offering of a tourer finish is about similar as one 's place state. As there are no assortment in the offering as `` post-modern touristry '' is accused of making, so there lies a major job in pulling tourers, even with schemes to advance diverseness in the finishs ( Cohen, 2004 ) . Further, Cohen insists that a variegation scheme finally makes cultural heritages as touristry trade goods and festival merely another `` commercial '' to pull tourers.

MacCannell ( 1976 ) wrote that it is of import to advance what the tourers are expected to see. He theorizes that tourers make a strong contact with what they see through selling and publicities of tourer 's finishs. And while they are in the topographic point, they appraise the location.

`` Sight - shaper -sight transmutations are non simply something that may happen in the act of sightseeing. They are indispensable elements of the act. Tourists have criticized for neglecting, someway, to see the sights they visit, interchanging perceptual experience for acknowledgment. '' ( MacCannell, 1976, p. 121 )

Here two of import aspects are revealed for the sight - market - contact phenomenon. First, is the on sight information or perceptual experience sing the sight is carried to the sight by the tourer, and the 2nd is the unnoticeable position of the sight. Therefore, that information about the finish paints a image of the topographic point itself could be seen. This aspect must be remembered incase of the excursionists. Hence, if the publicities sing the tourer topographic points do non fit the on-ground

perceptual experience of the tourers, this will halter the touristry of the topographic point. This must be kept in head while advancing diverseness touristry of Macau. Using the construct developed by McCannell, the research worker will seek to measure the diverseness scheme of touristry in Macau.

This is due to the fact that Macau has been undergoing several alterations since a century and people from different parts have been shacking in the part and therefore a mix of civilization is predominating in that part that includes both European or Western colour every bit good as Asiatic touch, therefore the methodological analysis to detect the gambling and other attractive force that are developed in the Macau island O pull the tourers from different parts and civilizations will supply a good image of how tourers are attracted as the manner authorities wants to pull and advance variegation. Besides, it is of import to see that how the authorities, public and private sectors are fighting and be aftering to battle with this issue of advancing variegation the nucleus of the touristry while challenges related to it including local opposition to a sudden alteration and fright of losing the local heritage.. hypertext transfer protocol: //


Tourism is one of the fastest growth and most developing industries in the universe and this requires a close consideration to expect the challenges of the industry and to rectify or battle them. The relationship predominating between touristry and the economic growing in different parts in the universe including Western and Asiatic finishs provide a concrete grounds of positive interrelatedness of both in footings of growing and development. It can be easy said that the touristry

industry is appropriate for the economic growing of low-income every bit good as average income states and parts, nevertheless it is non as that indispensable or compulsory for the prosperity and growing of the developed states despite the fact that touristry can still lend to construct up their image across the universe as a beautiful and appealing finish.

Besides, it is anticipated that low income states have to hold an equal degree of substructures, civilization, cognition system and development in order to pull healthy figure of tourers. States that have medium income bulk in their economic system require high degree of cultural and societal development for case medical services and high degrees of per capita GDP. hypertext transfer protocol: // page_id=172 & A ; id=2183

Since, touristry is one of the largest industries in the universe that has got attractive forces for people across the Earth and it is one of the speediest turning spheres of economic activity, a batch of surveies have been put up to analyse the effects of different factors on its development and growth.. As the taking or sometimes referred to as dragon caput industry of the overall economic system, touristry has remained the focal point of attractive force for local policymakers, authorities every bit good as private sectors and research workers. Tourism development has been moved as a policy option, peculiarly for developing states in order to help the economic growing. There are several statements for this. First, the demand for international travel continues to turn in developed states. Second, developing states need foreign exchange net incomes to help their ain economic development and to fulfill the lifting outlooks of their turning

populations. hypertext transfer protocol: //

In developing states touristry has been a critical industry for the publicity of state 's economic state of affairss, it was apparent when a comparing for the comparative growing of 14 touristry finishs or states inside a sample of 143 states was made during the clip 1980-1995.using criterion OLS cross-country growing arrested development, it has been observed that the touristry states grow extremely faster than all the other states, including OECD and the states that are less developed. The ground due to which these states are turning in a faster gait is non that they are hapless than the mean states ; and non that they have got high economy or investing leanings ; or they are really unfastened to wider trade. Researches on achieving sustainable touristry at turning degrees in Macau directs that a greater coaction between touristry and variegation in touristry is of import while the authorities is battling with the scenario of advancing variegation. The cardinal subject for Macau in the last 10 old ages has been how the tenseness between the advocates for greater casino development versus those for cultural variegation has played out in authorities policies, private sector touristry development and host community concerns about variegation and accomplishing quality touristry. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Macau has been undergoing in its ain most intense stage for the development of touristry in the last 10 old ages, where a plentifulness of rescued land lying in the island have been given over to the touristry industry in order to use them for more attractive forces and conveying at that place more tourers in which they have been rather successful in

recent old ages so far.. It is located one hours distance by ferry or boat from Hong Kong that is besides a popular Chinese tourer finish and right adjacent to the comparably affluent southern Chinese state of Guangdong. This besides gives Macau a really alone and attractive location to entree this increasing demand for leisure touristry in relation to China, both now and in the yesteryear. The recent addition has been in response in portion to the Macau authorities interrupting the monopoly on local gambling licences that has allowed abroad investing in new belongingss and activities. Tourist reachings to the island have risen from 16.6 million in 2004 to 26.9 million in 2007 in an country of around 28 square kilometres and this continues to turn at a gait of around 11 per centum traversing 33 million tourers geting at this land last twelvemonth. Although the bulk of the visitants come from China, nevertheless in past recent old ages a figure of tourers from different parts including Asiatic and European states have arrived at Macau happening it appealing zone for gambling and leisure intents.

For illustration, mainland Chinese visitants that arrived to Macau in October 2008 accounted for about 58.4 per centum of the entire reachings into Macau ; nevertheless this per centum is now distributed across the tourers coming from other parts. Before this roar in the reachings of tourers to the finish, cultural touristry in Macau has begun to develop in analogue with gaming and other gambling as one of the cardinal attractive forces of Macau. The starting motor normally is a guided twenty-four hours Tourss and self-guiding tourers with a assortment of motives,

outlooks and epicurean heads that may include chancing every bit good in some signifier. The Macau authorities has disseminated the `` Ordinance for the Tourism Industry and Related Industries '' in July 23rd, 1966. Ten old ages subsequently the standing commission, the Committee for the Defense of Macau 's Urbanity, Natural and Cultural Heritage was created in 1976 in an attempt to advance the cultural diverseness and attractive force holding one of its authorizations to join forces with the Information and Tourism Centre to advance the district 's natural, architectural and cultural belongings

The impact of the authorities on Macau 's touristry has been to advance variegation and soaking up of assorted civilizations and heritage at one topographic point through introducing and developing new casinos, bet oning zones and resorts where people holding wider and diverse backgrounds may acquire attractive force from and experience satisfaction while sing Macau. Special Administrative Region 's ( SAR 's ) policy development in alliance of these schemes in the last 10 old ages has been critical. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Macau is known as the `` Monte Carlo of the Orient '' and renowned for its gambling activity. However, the touristry industry chiefly comprises of bet oning zones, hotel and catering concern, recreational activities. With a population of about 450,000 and a land country of 27.3 square kilometres, Macao received 11.9 million visitants in 2003. Visitor reachings continue to turn in 2004. On the other manus, the rapid growing of visitant reachings and the increasing importance of the touristry industry hold given rise to the statements sing societal and economic effects.

By 1863, Macau was a assorted population of Portuguese, Japanese, Malays,

Indians, Africans, Chinese, and Eurasians or `` Macanese '' much of which is still apparent in culinary art, architecture, and imposts The mix of civilizations resident at Macau make it more attractive for the diversified civilizations and tourists.Macau 's gambling industry has been a strong canvass of attractive force for the tourers around the universe, nevertheless it emerged after 1875 in a manner to absorb maximal outlooks and demands of the tourers from around the universe holding different wants and outlooks and differed from the bet oning zones of China by including laniary games and Equus caballus racing, Macao 's touristry industry has a comparatively long history. Its development has been closely linked to bet oning. As a sub-sector of touristry, gambling has brought along the development of other service sectors, and supports employment. Therefore, one of the biggest challenge that Macau faces today is to advance its current gambling zones as a multicultural and diverse Centre of attractive force for the tourers who can bask all sort of games that they do like and that give them a feeling of a cultural heritage. .

The sustainability of touristry development has become one of the major and taking considerations of Macao in recent old ages. Since, the industry has grown dramatically over the last few old ages and turning presently every bit good, such an issue has been spread outing in importance in line with the turning part the industry makes to the part 's economic system as a whole. Macao is an island kind of metropolis with a blending of eastern and western civilizations. Its alone landscape and a mixture of Euro-Asian architecture attract tourers

from all over the universe. As one of the chief industries in Macao, touristry employs about one tierce of the entire part 's work force and generates about 40 % of the part 's GDP ( gross domestic merchandise ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

In order to advance the gambling zones in Macau and to pull more tourers from different civilizations and involvements, Macao Government had announced the legality of bet oning in that resulted in little and unregistered casinos get downing to thrive and developing. In 1930, a local man of affairs had established Hou Heng Co. , that acquired the sole right to transport out bet oning concern for the first clip and later in 1937, another Tai Heng Co. succeeded in acquiring the grant on the gambling concern and started to run three casinos. In the same clip the tourer resources and constitutions put their attempts in order to develop. However, at that clip there were merely three well-established hotels, viz. International Hotel, Central Hotel and East Asia Hotel in the 1950s. Until the Government granted the Sociedade de Turismo vitamin E Diversoes de Macau ( STDM ) the franchise to run casinos in 1962, touristry so entered into a boosting epoch. With the increasing figure of visitants from Hong Kong and the mainland China and the promotional attempts of the Government, several hotels of international criterions including Santiago, President, Hyatt Regency, Royal and Mandarin Oriental were established during the period of 70 's and 80 's. Besides merely offering the hotel installations, many other cultural attractive forces and events were developed for the visitants coming to Macao. A figure of different sorts

of eating houses have now appeared and the tourers remain acute on seeking different culinary arts in Macao. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Since past ten old ages, Macao 's top three touristry markets have been Hong Kong, China and Taiwan which have now begun to spread out and started to envelope more parts as being one of the favourite finishs for touristry. Despite the fact about 90 % of the entire tourers and visitants were stand foring merely China, Hong Kong and Taiwan at one clip, it has begun to diverse with the attempts of the Government to do the attractive forces to draw a bead on different civilizations and heritages from distant parts as well.. This consequences the touristry industry since 1990 to ship on a widening way although driven mostly still by the rush of largely Chinese visitants. However the visitant reachings exceeded 10 million overall in 2001, and ascended to 11.5 million in 2002. In 2003, the reachings rose by 3.1 % . Chinese market and other Asians in the part other than international tourers are now seeking diverse visitant experiences outside of merely bet oning that was antecedently made an attractive force for the visitants in the part. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Through its manner of variegation, Macau hour angle besides looked in o upgrading and diverging its Casino concern back uping the touristry and variegation in it. Macau has been rather celebrated for its developed Casino industry in 2007 ; the gross coming from the Gaming industry surpassed Las Vegas taging a great accomplishment doing Macau the top Gaming City in the universe for the first clip. Despite of the fact Macau

benefited a batch from its gambling and casino industry, its monopoly position in the societal economic science has become one of the unstable factors due to which the sustainable development of Macau is drifted slow. Keeping in position that the variegation is a major challenge ; Macau is battling through different agencies, more significantly in a clip when Macau encountered fiscal crisis and a tough policy on the Mainland abodes ' visit to Macau. At the same clip, Macau has won the award of World Culture Heritage for its historical and cultural territory in 2005, the World Culture Heritage Sites added new factors to the local attractive forces.

Macau 's Government is happening different ways in order to pull tourers and visitants from different parts and civilizations. This involves speaking to the media, publicizing to the planetary populace about the cultural variegation and attempts of the Macau Government in conveying the attractive forces at Macau Island every bit far as gambling and leisure is concerned. Macau has besides contacted representatives from different parts and countries to convey them to see the new developments in Macau as the touristry development has emerged significantly in the recent yesteryear. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Not merely the Media representatives, but besides Macau authorities is active on the official degree at Governmental platform to acquire the consents of general populace in favour of Macau 's turning touristry industry and attractive forces for the people around the universe holding different civilization and diverse nature. Keeping in position that the variegation is now the key in order to back up the economic system of Macau and better the visitants show up in the Macau

metropolis, every attempt is being put up at every degree through different understandings and advertizements to the planetary audience.

Tourism playing an of import function in Macao 's economic system and apparent from the fact that the tourer grosss amounted to MOP38.8 billion in 2003 accounting for approximately 92.9 % of the entire service exports and therefore doing a big ball part in Macao 's national histories, it is of extreme importance to see how variegation in the industry and means to pull the visitants more in the part can be acquired through set uping development strategy.. Through development of diversified, multilevel multicultural, recreational activities and unifying them into oriental one, Macao is expected to be shaped as a comprehensive recreational land. hypertext transfer protocol: //

It is appreciable that the Macau governments are now seeing variegation in touristry as a mean of guaranting the development and betterment in the local conditions every bit far as economic sciences and employment is concerned. This brings serious and witting attempts from all the sectors to advance the variegation and face the challenges that are associated with it. This involves the battle put up by public sector in footings of official visits, invitations to different governmental functionaries from different parts in order to see Macau metropolis and see the cultural variegation in the part and return back to their states with an image of diverse Macau experience. This besides involves the attempts from private sectors where the gambling zones and casinos apart from hotels and leisure resorts are being setup with assorted colourss maintaining in position the outlooks and satisfaction degree of people from different countries. ( http: // )


this besides brings challenges for the local authorities every bit good as local populace in footings of sustainability of the cultural variegation. This is the fact excessively that the variegation in the touristry industry might be seen from an violative point of position as they may reason that their local civilization and local heritage that originally belongs to China and Portugal chiefly will be diluted and they may finally lose their individuality that they hold with regard to their civilization. However, the fact that the touristry variegation would finally convey more visitants to the finish and breast would hold more attractive force towards the tourers conveying in the touristry gross for the metropolis. This manner the economic system of the Macau metropolis that is already supported more than 20 % by the touristry industry would beef up the economic conditions of the part. The variegation in the touristry conveying in more visitants would besides be good in footings of overall employment in the part.


Macau metropolis is one of the taking and most popular touristry finishs in the universe comparing the well known topographic points like Las Vegas. Despite the fact that Macau metropolis is holding major part of its economic end product supported by the touristry industry, it is given high consideration in footings of scheme and planning for farther development. Keeping in position the chief drivers that can impact the touristry industry I a positive mode and that can convey more and more visitants to the part and doing a strong economic system through developing touristry industry and increasing grosss from it. However, variegation is one of the most of import factors that really

influence the figure of tourers and visitant arriving at Macau and hence, it is seen as the chief focal point of touristry planning and scheme. Diversification will advance the attractive force of visitants towards the civilization and vicinities of Macau and therefore brings grosss back uping the Macau Island economic system and employment in the part.

Therefore, authorities and private sectors are endeavoring difficult to advance variegation despite it is non simple and without challenges. While advancing variegation to the touristry, Macau authorities is interceding with other states ' functionaries and establishes good relationships with the media forces in order to near the heads of the general populace around the universe. Besides, non merely publicizing the variegation in the touristry is the measure that Macau authorities is taking for the development of the industry, but besides it has started to hike the preexistent bomber industries of gambling, casinos, hotels, leisure and cultural points that are linked closely with the touristry industry.

Not merely chief points associated with the touristry industry of Macau Island but besides the day-to-day life merchandises, cultural sculptures and everyday points have besides been colored in the spirit of variegation aiming the exclusive purpose of pulling more visitants in the part. The significance of variegation in the part to convey in more tourers is really apparent from the attempts that are being put at every degree in Macau, nevertheless the challenges that they are confronting in footings of people sentiment shacking locally and the ability to convey this development and alteration in order to provide for their aspiration of pulling more and more is well of import.

Battling variegation and its issues is an emerging

consideration of Macau touristry industry ; nevertheless they are undertaking with it in a house mode that has started to convey the successes to the part conveying up the figure of tourers in the island significantly and this brings up the gross and finally the economical state of affairs of the part in a better place.


Through the study and the survey that has been conducted by reexamining different literature it is understood that more research and survey is required in order to understand the jobs and issues that are being faced by the touristry industry particularly in Macau 's position. Since Macau is transporting a turning touristry industry and it needs to prolong its growing while looking for more developments and betterments at the same clip, it is of import for the authorities and private sectors every bit good to see the challenges affecting variegation and cultural heritage. Despite the fact that current old ages have shown a good addition in the figure of visitants geting Macau and Government is advancing variegation in the cultural heritage and touristry experience through more gambling and casino experiences.

As there is a close relationship of the economic state of affairs of the part with that of the development of the touristry industry, therefore it comes at precedence to analyze the current state of affairs and see what variegation effects can impact the cultural heritage of the Macau island. It would be helpful if the issues that are related to the variegation of touristry are studied through study or questionnaire based research survey and the information is accumulated to analyze. This would give a better image of how the challenges

related to the variegation in touristry can be tackled and what attempts do the authorities and private sectors need to set in order to confront them.

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