The Lord is My Shepherd School of Manila Essay Example
The Lord is My Shepherd School of Manila Essay Example

The Lord is My Shepherd School of Manila Essay Example

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  • Published: June 1, 2017
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The Lord is My Shepherd School of Manila was established in the late 2000s as a learning center, offering Nursery, Kindergarten 1, and Kindergarten 2 levels. Over time, the school added three levels annually, leading to a continuous growth in enrollment. Simultaneously, the number of parents who are pleased with the school's location, facilities, and curriculum has rapidly increased. Acknowledging this recognition, the school recently introduced a high school level to accommodate parents' desires for their children to continue their education at the same institution where they attended pre-school.

Elementary tradition at The Lord is My Shepherd School of Manila has developed and become accustomed to using a manual system for enrollment. Mrs. Alicia Tabernilla, who oversees both the registrar and accounting departments, relies on a manual system to record and retrieve student information, as well as calculate payments. In fact


, she manages all the record-keeping tasks simply with a ballpen and a columnar sheet.

The purpose of this research is to develop a Local Area Network-Based Enrollment with Billing System. This system aims to minimize errors and reduce processing time, resulting in increased efficiency and high-quality performance. It can alleviate the workload and provide accurate information for the school, benefiting both students and administration. The proposed system will be advantageous for students, administration, and the institution as a whole. It will enable the production of necessary information for students and teachers, making the work of faculty and staff quicker, simpler, and more comprehensive. Moreover, it will offer flexibility in billing, receiving, and tracking payments for students. Furthermore, the system can distribute charges across multiple records, handle advanced deposits efficiently, and effectively manage enrollment

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Statement of the Problem, General Problem

The yearly enrollment period at The Lord is My Shepherd School of Manila involves filing new student records rather than updating old ones, resulting in duplicated student data.

Specific Problems

  1. The manual process of recording student data leads to numerous paperwork.
  2. The manual encoding and verifying of data makes the enrollment activity time-consuming.
  3. Excessive copies of student records are generated.

Project Objectives, General Objectives

The objective is to develop an enrollment system for The Lord is My Shepherd School of Manila that will address the school’s file-handling and generation of forms. By doing so, the system aims to lessen man-power workloads and minimize time-consuming enrollment activities.

Specific Objectives

  1. Develop an enrollment system that eliminates problems with data redundancy by saving all institution records in a systematic manner.
  2. Create a computerized enrollment and billing system with efficient database management, reducing paperwork overload.
  3. Establish a computerized enrollment and billing system that allows for easy data retrieval, eliminating time-consuming enrollment processes.
  • To create an automated enrollment system with a reliable database capable of storing a large volume of files and records to prevent the loss or misplacement of important documents.

Scope and Limitation

The proposed computerized enrollment system will encompass various crucial processes at The Lord is My Shepherd School of Manila, such as registering current and incoming students, assessing fees, maintaining files, and generating necessary reports like registration forms, assessment slips, and student master lists. Moreover, any required documents for new students (such as birth certificates, good moral character certificates, and Form 138) will be recorded in the system if they have already

been submitted. The proposed system will also handle the processing of students' personal records, particularly their chosen method of payment. Additionally, the proposed system will be capable of verifying and updating student payments.

The proposed system will have limitations in evaluating new or transferee students. It is not capable of conducting actual examinations or assessing the requirements and credentials of new students. These processes will still be manually done by the directress, but the results will be incorporated into the proposed system. The system will only focus on checking whether the student has paid or not. It is not designed to send any notifications, such as emails, SMS, or reminders, regarding unpaid school fees.

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