The Definition of Fete Galante Essay Example
The Definition of Fete Galante Essay Example

The Definition of Fete Galante Essay Example

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  • Published: November 22, 2017
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Fete galante, originating from Antoine Watteau, is a French term for a 'galant party' celebrating the leisure pursuits of the rich during the 18th century. This style of painting typically features elegantly dressed groups enjoying themselves in a park or rural setting, often referred to as a 'celebration of love'. Today, it is defined in website as an art representation. Fete galante paintings played an essential role during the rococo period.

The style includes works by Antoine Watteau, Jean-Baptiste Pater, and Nicolas Lancret. According to's WebMuseum, Paris, Watteau is famous for his fete galante paintings. His art style lasted a brief period until the mid-1700s but regained popularity in the 1800s. Watteau's paintings do not convey any moral or heroic message but instead explore familiar and fleeting pleasures, as stated in the book The Humanistic Tradition.

The WebMuseum, Paris displays a number of paintings by Watteau that are


categorized as part of the fete galante collection, including The Venetian Pleasures (1718-1719), which features the artist and a friend. Other notable works include Gersaint's Shopsign and The Embarkation for Cythera, both painted in 1717. Currently, there appear to be no modern art forms that can be classified as entertainment.

The following citation is from BMW Foundation's Works Cited: The WebMuseum by Nicolas Pioch features the artwork of Jean-Antoine Watteau, specifically the fete galante. This information was accessed on October 14, 2002 at text in the HTML paragraph tag refers to the Random House, Inc.'s Unabridged version 1.1.

On October 9th, 2008, was accessed through the URL http://dictionary.

Reference: ;a href=" galante"; galante;/a;. Fiero, Gloria K. The Humanistic Tradition : Faith, Reason, and Power in

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the Early Modern World. 4th ed.

The book "New York" was published by McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences ; World Languages in 2001 and has 143 pages.

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