The Components Of Culture And Symbols Sociology Essay Example
The Components Of Culture And Symbols Sociology Essay Example

The Components Of Culture And Symbols Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: September 21, 2017
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Symbol defines as `` anything that carries a peculiar significance recognized by people who portion a civilization '' . ( Macionis 2005 ) It helps people who shared the same civilization in that peculiar society to understand the actions was being taken by other parties without explicating or `` explaining '' the purpose of them. ( Peoples & A ; Bailey 2006 ) There are different form of symbols in supplying footing for the society mundane world, it is in the signifier of written or unwritten or verbal and non verbal such as words, drawings, images and manus gestures. ( 2010 )

Further, symbols give the significance idea of people on differentiate people societal category or position. Types of vesture or trade names, stuffs or objects that belong to a individual can be used to find the economic and place of that


peculiar people in the society. Brand name or logo is an illustration of symbol of demoing the position of the merchandises. Peoples intend to buy it is to demo their position in the society and capableness in buying power instead than concern on the quality affairs. ( ibid )

Different perceptual experiences, readings and experiences on its symbols would change from civilization to civilization of a society. ( 2010 ) Hence, symbols might hold certain particular significance or `` specific civilization '' for people who portion same civilization but non necessary confronted by other people within the society. For illustration, Chinese people wear in bright colour such as ruddy normally in the first twenty-four hours of Chinese New Year, therefore it is non necessary follow by other races. Chinese believes that the brigh

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colour would ever convey the felicity, prosperity and good fortune toward them within the whole twelvemonth.


Language is `` the key to the universe of civilization and a system of symbols that allows people to pass on with one another '' . ( Macionis 2005 ) Chomsky ( 1965 ) stated that it had to be considered as an `` innate '' ability of homo. Without linguistic communication, communicating of human being is seen as uneffective and human idea can non be perceived. ( library ) Therefore, it allows the transmittal procedure of cultural heritage base on balls through coevals to coevals. Continuity of linguistic communication through coevals allows people to understand among the other parties better who live 28 in the same society, it does demo the individuality in a civilization. For illustration, English is used internationally as a medium of communicating linguistic communication. Hence, official linguistic communication is to guarantee the continuity of cultural individuality, power and particular features of a state. For case, Malaysian stated Malay is an official linguistic communication of Malaysia, all the authorities paperss, Torahs and ordinance, local instruction uses Malay as the primary linguistic communication in learning and showing. It is the accretion of all the symbols that passed before us such as values, norms of our civilization that aid people to show in any state of affairs and environment. ( Macionis 2005 )

Language shape the societal world

Harmonizing to the hypothesis of Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf, they noted that linguistic communication do act upon the manner of people think of world while non merely assist us to show our purpose and perceptual experience. Peoples day-to-day conversation uses assorted

manners of linguistic communications from different society to portion our experiences, feelings and cognition with others. ( Kendall 2007 ) Besides, linguistic communication non merely available for human used but for animate beings besides use sounds, gestures, touch and odor to pass on and interact with other animate beings and human existences. ( Macionis 2005 ) For illustration, Peacocks got the capableness to larn from detecting and listening the manner people speak and express it to pull people attending on them.

Language in gender and business

By and large, linguistic communication usage `` masculine '' signifier to intend everything of human being while without disregarding the concern of adult females in the society. They use the word adult male which allegedly includes both work forces and adult females such as president and world. As the gender issues being more focal point by the society and more adult females inaugural activities took topographic point. Numerous arguments have been carried out from the base on balls boulder clay today society, some alterations are took topographic point to cut down the spread of gender between work forces and adult females in linguistic communication to make equitability in society. Many establishment and publication create regulations and ordinances of demoing concern toward these issues. They guarantee that `` nonsexist linguistic communication '' is used to mention adult females and work forces separately without aggregate the position of any parties. For illustration, Chairman was amended to chairperson and manpower to labour power. ( Kendall 2007 )

Language in race, ethnicity and societal category

As I stated above the official linguistic communication reflects the state and power of a state, in facts, it means to a

significance of ethnicity every bit good. More than one linguistic communication in state would take jobs to the society because different race and ethnicity perceive otherwise on the `` high quality '' of one class over the other parties. ( ibid ) Besides, different background of civilization on its race and ethnicity would impact the pronunciation of words otherwise. ( Library ) For illustration, most of the Malaysians speak Malay as their penchant linguistic communication, therefore, English has been influenced and formed a new manner of English in linguistic communications which known as `` Manglish '' . 20 The feature of `` Manglish '' are being noticed they normally end with the sounds like `` La '' , `` leh '' , `` mom '' , `` neh '' and others. In add-on, linguistic communication has created a societal category value for people, sometimes certain class of people tend to take down the other parties by utilizing `` derogative term '' to certain category or group of people in their society. For illustration, the word of `` black '' in Black Americans in those yearss clip is being used regard the position of different group in America. ( Andersen & A ; Taylor 2006 )

Valuess and beliefs

Value is `` an thought shared by the people in a society about what is good and bad, right or incorrect, desirable and unwanted '' . Kluckhohn stated that value involve sense of emotions and feelings and supply a counsel for people to do judgements on the behaviour in the society. ( Library ) Value of civilization affects the manner of people live in the position of building their

ends toward success, behaviour on undertaking capablenesss which is motive and velocity and thoughts about good life.

On the other manus, beliefs respect as `` the specific statements that people hold to be true '' . Thus, values being respect as the `` criterion of goodness '' for people to follow, while beliefs are for that society of people to judge it is `` true '' or `` incorrect '' based on their current or past milieus and cultural heritage throughout the coevals. ( Macionis 2005 ) In world, some belief may be betterment or logically impossible but yet it guides people through their lives. ( Anderson & A ; Taylor 2006 ) For illustration, most Chinese would see graveyards every twelvemonth in the month of April in lunar calendar which known as `` Ching Ming '' festival to idolize their ascendant or passed away households or friends. They believe that unfastened firing those paper theoretical accounts in graveyards which design in the paper signifier of electronic contraptions, labour couples, house or other for them in trusting them would hold a better life in another universe and demoing a sense of regard and girl of them. It is a good manner of making these among the Chinese society, if the garbage to make so, they being regard as pervert or disrespectful of their passed off loved 1s.

Valuess in struggles

In facts, values create struggles for people as good even though it is a criterion of goodness in steering people to act ethically and usually. Conflicts happen when one value is continuing over the other value. ( Macionis 2005 ) For case, people uphold net income value exceed

than household values which show less concern of their household members, behave courageously in doing any determinations without interfere people 's feelings. While household values are more concerned than net income values, people tend to move people oriented, they think profoundly earlier to take any actions that might ache or let down their households.

22 Sometimes, personal involvements could impact us to disregard the values in certain fortunes. ( Peoples & A ; bailey 2006 ) For illustration, concern work forces tend to hide the truth that hapless quality merchandises are selling to the other parties particularly tourist. Most of the clip, they merely concern the intent of doing net income for their concern without taking attention of the user safety or wellness concerned toward the merchandise.


Norms respect as the `` regulations and outlooks by which a society guides the behaviour of members '' . ( Macionis 2005 ) It provides counsel for people to move in that peculiar manner which guarantee that a harmoniousness and systematic society is obtained. Therefore, people have proper understood on covering with their day-to-day societal interaction and act systematically till the terminal of life. ( Andersen & A ; Taylor 2006 ) For illustration, unethical mode such as stealing and slaying are considered serious offenses in every society. Hence, people who of all time commit this would be punished with serious countenances such as decease which depend on the earnestness of the incorrect Acts of the Apostless and the stringency of the norms is in that peculiar society. Further, societal places and functions are related with the most of the norms in society such as female parent, worker or attorney.

( Library ) For illustration, mother have a set of norms and responsible to educate and learn them until they have the ability of taking attention themselves with the legal age of 18 old ages old and above.

There are two types of norms which is folkways and mores. Folkways are meant by `` norms for everyday interaction or societal usage '' . It is a criterion of behaviour that follows by a society or group of people. ( Macionis 2005 ) For illustration, Muslim supplications visit mosque every Friday for praying affairs while Chinese visit temple to pray every first and 15 in a month harmonizing to lunar calendar. Moress are more rigorous control than folkways. It refers to the norms that are `` widely observed and have great moral significance '' . ( ibid ) By and large, norms use jurisprudence or regulations which are in the written signifier of guidelines to bespeak the right or incorrect act that happen in the society. ( Andersen & A ; Taylor 2006 ) For case, appendix 2 which was a interrupting new that happened in Malaysia which refer to the appendix, it shows a Muslim lady who was imbibe beer in public and caught under Syariah jurisprudence with sentence of `` transcribed '' . Other people view this issue was human being can non penalize such heavy sentences to a lady. She might able to defy the hurting and other effects after floging procedure. But, Syariah jurisprudence has been stated clearly under the jurisprudence. Hence, it creates trouble on whether forgiving the lady or the keeping true with the stringency of jurisprudence.

Social control involves a mechanism

which known as countenance are used to modulate people behavior and thought. Sanctions are divided into positive and negative. Positive countenances are a wages for those Acts of the Apostless and follow decently in the society whereas negative countenances are available for those `` aberrant '' who are non conforming to the regulations or Torahs for the society. ( Library ) For illustration, kids would have positive countenance such as congratulations or money or object wages from their parent if they behave obedient where negative countenances are proper rigorous counsel or advice and penalty such as soft wicker is applicable on them.

16 Material civilization and engineering

Material civilization includes artefacts such as machines, tools, books or vesture which made by human being. With the synergism between `` material civilization '' and `` technoculture '' in today society, experts use those artefacts to heighten engineering promotion by utilizing the handiness of resources, degree of engineering, labour, accomplishments and cognition to better human ability in heightening productiveness and determining our society with their attempt. ( Sheumaker & A ; Wajda 2008 ) For illustration, the formation of transit such trains and planes has efficaciously reduced the continuance of clip taken for people travel from one topographic point to the other topographic point with a sensible monetary value.

It looks truly a great interaction between the `` material civilization '' and `` technculture '' . In facts, people from assorted cultural backgrounds, norms, linguistic communications and idea who live in the same society would make many jobs. Due to this ground, the society has been affected and alterations being take topographic point on that peculiar society. Taking Malaysia as an

illustration, population of aliens from Bangladesh, Indonesia or Myanmar has increased enormously in our society. Cheap and extended labour is achieved to help in developing the state, yet it brings a batch of societal offenses and endangering the safety of occupants toward the state.

Besides, artefacts would hold different significances in different societies as our civilization is non the same as each other. ( Library ) For illustration, a piece of leave usage by a group of people as the tool of authorship, a pieces of paper, frock codification to cover certain private portion of their organic structure or to transport out spiritual activities. But the other state people use it to maintain as a sample or experiments by those botany pupils or it is merely foliages fall on the land which got nil particular significance or usage intent for them.

In add-on, material civilization is rather similar to non material civilization. For illustration, church or temple is an illustration of material civilization, which is a topographic point for the spiritual to interact and convey values, norms and art ( illustration of non- stuff ) throughout the coevals and guarantee the continuity and consistence of the faith exist in the universe. ( Brym & A ; Lie 2007 )

42 Part degree Celsius

Theoretical analysis of civilization that I choose is structural- functional analysis. Structural functional theory which known as structural functionalism, it gives the society an apprehension of civilization as an organized system usage to run into human demands. In theoretical positions view on the natural scientific discipline for this theory, there is an `` analogy '' between society and an being. In the analysis of a life

being, the natural scientist attempts to place the assorted parts such as constructions and to find how they function. ( Brinkerhoff et al 2005 )

In other words, it besides known as consensus theory, which views a society signifier in an orderly mode, interrelated and equilibrating among every portion which guarantee that it works and maintains the smoothness procedure of the whole system for society. ( 2010 )

There are few variables that are assumed behind the structural functionalism which are stableness, the form of any societal form in keeping the society. Whereby, harmoniousness, being is the cardinal of the society which control every of its parts efficaciously and expeditiously. Last, development, people adapt to the intelligence forces or demand and extinguish useless or non necessities construction. ( Brinkerhoff et al 2005 )

Harmonizing to my research, there are assorted anthropologists or functionalists has its ain or similar positions on the abovementioned theory. First, Bronislaw Malinowski stated that civilization allows people to run into human demands like biological demands such as nutrient, shelter and reproduction, instrumental demands such as jurisprudence and instruction and integrative demands such as societal, faith and art. A harmonious and peaceable society is achieved where everyone is sharing the common norms and values. ( Kendall 2007 )

He remarks that every cultural facet has its ain significance and it is utile to execute the map for the people and society. Every cultural facet is inter- related, they are non function separately toward a specific action. Based on his surveies on `` kula ring '' which is a trading system that undertaken by the Trobriand Islanders in Papua New Guinea. ( Ferraro 2006 ) This

system is frequently viewed as an economic exchange, in fact is ceremonial. Harmonizing to Malinowski, `` The chief rule underlying the ordinances of existent exchange is that the kula consists in the bestowing of a ceremonial gift, which has to be repaid by an tantamount counter- gift after a oversight of clip, be it a few hours or even proceedingss though sometimes every bit much as a twelvemonth or more may pass between the payments. ( Ram & A ; Rajendra 1997 ) For case, ceremonial necklaces and watchband and trade goods are the points normally involved in the exchange of trading concern. Alvin Gouldner stated that both trading parties are keeping a morally right behaviour in guaranting a good correlativity between them. Therefore, Kula ring has been efficaciously working as a societal control and retaining peaceable contact and communicating around the trading countries. ( Ferraro 2006 )

Second, Emile Durkheim is one of the male parents of sociology, his construct which known as corporate scruples, it includes the common values or norms that conveying single to society. He emphasizes that it does non be when we are birth, we must be learnt within one another and `` internalized '' it in order to organize a bond that pull the whole society align it from throughout the coevals. The cardinal issue found here was Durkheim said that instruction plays an of import measure in the development of corporate scruples and educate kids more on moral values and norms that guide their behaviour, perceptual experience and cognition in a proper criterion. Society would go portion of us through the procedure of instruction and therefore people will keep

strong values of society in forestalling any restraints take topographic point. ( Global sociology 20010 )

Besides, as he afraid of the visual aspect of `` alienated '' where people are being detached and a societal alteration take topographic point in organizing a society every bit good as the moral system which based on single and non corporate demands any longer. He has an thought to continue the bing corporate demands within the society by utilizing periodic corporate rite. These sorts of rites or activities help to actuate a individual towards one society. ( ibid ) For case, Malaysians celebrate national twenty-four hours on 31st of August every twelvemonth and it is a public vacation for whole society to observe and interact with one another. Besides, it is a memorable twenty-four hours for them to demo their grasp on those warriors who successfully maintain a harmonious state which lead the formation of Malaysia today.

Third, Robert Merton besides have the another position on structural functionalism which is the relationship of constructions and maps in mention to the whole society. ( Ritzer 2010 ) He differentiates between the manifest and latent maps. Manifest is those recognized and intended with the histrions in the societal system bespeaking motivations for their action. Whereby, latent is those unrecognised and unintended by the histrions. ( McClelland Kent 2000 ) His deductions on this theory affecting all parts of the system are functional, extremely incorporate and indispensable. On the other manus, disfunction respect as emphasis and instability in a cultural system where it might hold negative effects towards the society. ( Ritzer 2010 ) Furthermore, empirical research respect as a dissolver to a

cultural trait which is functional or dysfunctional. ( Ferraro 2006 ) Hence, he asserted all kind of analysis perform at assorted degree of functional analysis, it appears that disfunction can be within systems, depending on their relationship to other systems. Therefore non all constructions are positive, nor are all of them indispensable. ( Ritzer 2010 )

For this theoretical of analysis on civilization, assorted sociologists or functionalists has the similar thought that civilization is the `` scheme '' that bring the society together and they would see any obstructions as `` menace '' in forestalling them from being a whole society with proper system. Hence, a cultural universal is exists since the common form of civilization is found around the universe. George Murdock has been made comparing between hundred of civilizations and he could place tonss of cultural universals in his findings. ( Macionis 2005 ) For illustration, faith is one of the elements as it enhances societal coherence and group solidarity. It besides helps in seeking for moral individuality and gives proper significance and accounts for human being and supports as a record which transmit it through coevals to coevals. Political provides Torahs and ordinances to guarantee the stableness of the society by set uping assorted types of countenances, human being safety is being protected and legion services such as wellness attention and instruction are implemented. ( SocioQuest 2005 )


In a nutshell, three of the structural functionalists have got its ain positive positions on civilization where it is a good thing for human existences which leads harmonious and to continue the individuality of the state in order to guarantee that all the facets of cultural

values are transportation from coevals to coevals. As portion of the citizen of the society, we have the duty in playing our single functions decently even though legion functions that we need to be concerned on. Further, our behavioural would alter consequently with the environment factors where we are populating and state of affairss or jobs that we are confronting with. Therefore, it is of import for us to command and pull off our behavior decently. Because it would necessarily act upon the other parties particularly those kids who well on observation and larn whatever from grownups.

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