Compare and contrast essay on Teenagers
Compare and contrast essay on Teenagers

Compare and contrast essay on Teenagers

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  • Published: October 8, 2017
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There are a batch of disparities between the every twenty-four hours lives of modern adolescents and those of a century ago. It is impossible for adolescents to acknowledge the differences entirely except when they are told by their parents. The mentality of adolescents keep altering so that they can suit both the technological and other alterations that occur since people live in a dynamic universe. The differences can besides be explained on the fact that persons have their ain beliefs and therefore adolescents should be allowed to do their determinations. This is a comparison and contrast paper between the every twenty-four hours lives of modern and a century ago adolescents.

Technological development has boosted both industrial production and mobility degrees. while globalisation has improved communicating across the Earth every bit good as enabling barter over of socio-p


olitical beliefs. For case there are a batch of political revolutions around the universe such as turbulences in Syria. and the Arab Spring.

Taking into consideration these among other factors. it is easy to reason that there are a batch of differences between the societal processs today and those of a century ago. Concurrently. certain societal groups such as teens get exposed to the effects of technological. societal and political alterations. This can easy be identified when measuring modern teenagers’ avocations. preoccupations. use of leisure clip every bit good as their behaviours as compared to the adolescents of a century ago ( Connors. 2011 ) .

Modern adolescents rely on societal networking to pass on their sentiments. They interact socially and can discourse school assignment on picture calls. Modern adolescents can besides keep house parties among other indoor parties which is wholl

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different from the manner the adolescents of a century ago conducted their parties. The modern adolescents are thirsty for alteration and are globally cognizant in most instances. Modern adolescents have partial entree to acquaintance and can pass on their sentiments in impartial countries through the namelessness of societal web. There are assorted dramatic alterations since there are assorted latest signifiers of media such as cyberspace and telecasting. The accent of values and household constructions today are really different from how they used to be a century ago ( Seth. 2005 ) .

People’s mentality and ends are different and due to these among other alterations the life of modern teenage is harder than it was a century ago. A century ago adolescents lived in a sheltered life as compared to the modern adolescents. Present twenty-four hours adolescents hear and experience assorted cases of force within their societies they besides understand happenings across their state and the universe ( Haag. 2000 ) . Modern adolescents use assorted technological devices such as smartphones tablets computing machines and telecasting sets at place and school. Technology has taken the topographic point that was traditionally assumed by instructors and parents. This can be identified by measuring the instruction stuffs every bit good as the communicating and societal accomplishments. Adolescents are the major targeted audiences of societal media. where they waste a batch of clip alternatively of using it constructively ( Connors. 2011 ) .

Modern adolescents are good educated as compared to adolescents of century ago. The impact of an easy entree to instruction is that the adolescents have become socially active and more dynamic. Modern adolescents tend to prove and oppugn

the traditions and norms of the society. Therefore. the young persons are going a spring of social transform in assorted states. A century ago adolescents lacked easy entree to instruction therefore they were non really active. In title century ago adolescents were conservative and adhered to societal norms that existed in their society ( Silling. 2010 ) .

Adolescents of a century old ages ago lacked entree to show engineering. They attained familiarity through extended reading from parents they besides spent their leisure clip assisting their parents with house jobs or playing out-of-doorss. A century ago instruction was an facet of society though it was non extremely stressed. Male kids were given privilege to entree instruction. nevertheless many faced fiscal restraints. Century ago societal norms did non let misss to presume similar functions with their male opposite numbers. Girls were left to go to family jobs and therefore they were largely restricted to domestic field. Motions across the universe in present times are really important since they have helped to better the predicament of adult females. Modern female adolescents can liberally research same callings and chances as immature work forces ( Connors. 2011 ) .

In decision there are a batch of differences between modern adolescents and century ago adolescents. Present young persons are used to engineering every bit compared to adolescents of a century ago. There is besides betterment in gender due to gender equality where modern adolescents have equal entree to chances. There are major differences in traditional values and household constructions. The major cause of these differences between modern and century ago adolescents is social-political and technological alterations. Today’s adolescents wholly depend on societal

networking for communicating and as a manner of geting cognition while century ago adolescents got cognition from their parents and extended reading. Today’s adolescents besides tend to prove the societal norms unlike their opposite numbers of hundred old ages ago who were conservative to societal norms. There assorted alterations in manner. manners and engineering.


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