The character of Lulu
The character of Lulu

The character of Lulu

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  • Published: October 6, 2017
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Discuss Frank Wedekind ‘s Lulu in relation to its cultural and societal context. Pay peculiar attending to the ways in which the drama challenges and/or perpetuates certain premises refering gender and gender ; include a treatment of the drama ‘s relevancy to our modern-day context.

This essay will be researching and discoursing the character of Lulu in Frank Wedekind ‘s drama of the same name. It will dig into the relationship that Lulu has with the work forces and adult females of the late 1800 ‘s, every bit good as the challenges that adult females have experienced over the centuries holding to deny their sexual appetency in a patriarchal universe. There will be probes into female subjugation and gender position. Besides one will be looking at the functions of fictional and factual ‘Femmes Fa


tales ‘ throughout the ages, from those in narrative books to existent ‘icons ‘ who have reached out to the universe through modern media coverage. It will discourse whether being a sexually attractive adult female is aid or hinderance, is a adult female a slave to work forces ‘s desires or is it a tool that adult females use to populate and take the life that they wish?

In research of the character of Lulu I read the debut from the drama Lulu adapted by Nicolas Wright and his penetration to the character of Lulu and Frank Wedekind ‘s method research by holding sexual brushs with a figure of cocottes. Using this method Frank Wedekind created smasher, by taking different the qualities and defects of the cocottes he had met, adult females who are described as “ resistless, some dauntlessly honest, some oblique, some manic, all doomed. ” ( Wedekind/Wright, 2007:11 ) Nicolas Wright gives the feeling in the debut that

“ Surely he must hold come across a adult female who, at the age of five or so, was raped and prostituted by a adult male who may hold been her male parent. This is precisely what had happened to Lulu, as Wedekind goes to some problem to spell out. Is he stating that this horrid event has formed her life, that ‘s it ‘s made her what she is as an grownup? As a 19th-centery vaulting horse, he may non descry the connexion. Yet his remarks on adult females are full of penetration, and the manner the manner lulu sexualises every relationship she enters into with a adult male seems really much portion of damaged- child syndrome. ”

( Wedekind/Wright, 2007:11 )

By reading Nicolas Wright ‘s ideas on how the character of Lulu is an abused kid and is a damaged psyche and as a character has a really warped position of what is acceptable and what is normal in a relationship. Due to the feeling of her childhood raised by a adult male who is

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said to be her male parent who is insinuated in the drama they had an inappropriate relationship. This is evident in Act 4. She asks Schigolch to kill Rodrigo ( an acrobat who is blackjacking smasher ) for her.

“ Smasher: what do you desire? Do n’t inquire excessively much.

Schigolch: good, now… . if you of all time felt nostalgic… for our old agreement… ..

Smasher: oh God… .. !

Schigolch: Why non?

Smasher: I ‘m… .changed. I ‘m non a kid any more.

Schigolch: what do see when you look at me now? Some aged monster?

Lulu ; but you ‘ve already got a kept woman. ”

( Wedekind/Wright, 2007: Act 4:94 )

Lulu from a immature age was passed around like a plaything for work forces ‘s enjoyment. This information reflects that Lulu is ever looking for person to look after her, and the security which comes with matrimony, as she has ne’er had that as a kid. Now as an grownup Lulu can merely trust on her exceeding beauty and the fact all work forces from different position ‘ are drawn to her. This in bend empowers her to pull strings the work forces in her life, to flex to her every caprice while the adult male still thinks he is in control. But in return by going what the adult male wants from her Lulu is able to enrapture them by aiming their failings and acquiring what she may desire in that times before her eyes start to inquire once more. This is more evident when she marries for the 2nd clip, Eduard Schwarz. In this relationship she is the 1 who is control and she does n’t wish this as she has nil to pull strings him with, so it is my belief this is the ground she begins an matter with Dr Franz Schoning. This matrimony to Schwarz seems to be a healthy relationship and really comfy life manner, and which by Lulu come ining into this matter with Schoning makes me inquire that Lulu is non desiring a loving household and the security of being married, she wants some danger and exhilaration to her life, and to me this selfish attitude which many adult females from her background would kill for makes me believe what does Lulu truly desire? It ‘s evident she needs the security of matrimony which is what society expects of adult females in her position and state of affairs. But this is n’t what lulu wants ‘ she is a healthy sexed adult female with a natural sexual appetency which unluckily was traveling against the society grain.

Lulu ‘s character was in front of the clip ‘s as she was written in a clip when adult females were repressed and had to get married for security. In a manner that was most adult females in that epoch aspiration was to get married good and above their station. In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin Mrs. Bennet was obsessed with happening hubbies for her five girls. The heroine of Pride of Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet is the complete antonym of Lulu. Whereas Elizabeth Bennet wants to get married for love,

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