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A scene that makes their way into Bride and Prejudice is Lalita’s and Lizzy’s flamboyant mothers. They spend all of their time trying to find their daughters grooms. For example, Lalitas mother made Kholi-sahib come all the way from the USA to find a wife. She was so happy that he went to the USA to get a fancier life that she did not even ask Lalita if she wanted to marry him. She did not really care what Lalita had to say. In this movie, I believe that the really enforce marriage in the movie and the book.

They don’t care if it’s going to go well or going to be on the rocks. Another plot point that makes it into the movie is when Balraj—Bingley departs to England. He leaves for business. In the book, he just eventually comes back. But, in the movies, he leaves and Jaya—Jane decides to follow and, gets tricked by his sister. I don’t really think that makes a difference culturally because I believe any jealous person would go to extremes to make anyone mad.

Which characters are the same? How does the application of Indian culture emphasize the character traits Jane Austen created in her novel? Provide examples with specific details from the film to support your response.

A few characters that are the same is Mr. Darcy, Lalita, and Kholi Sab. Mr. Darcy is still of American decent in the movie but when placed India, he remained shy and mute at times. Lalita also remained outspoken. She spoke her mind to Darcy at the hotel. Kholi Sab, Mr. Collins, is still trying to marry Lalita, Lizzy. A scene that remains the same is when Kholi Sab decided to marry Lalita. He really thought that she wanted to marry him, which was hilarious to me. He worked out and everything before he proposed to her.

Which characters/scenes do you think are the most “new” and “fun,” and which are well-played? Provide examples with specific details from the film to support your response.

Some new items that were present in the movie were all of the dancing and singing scenes. This is one of the reasons that I like viewing this movie is because it seemed like everyone had fun during those scenes. It was like the Indian High School Musical. These scenes also showed how everyone was affected by many different situations. Another new scene was when Georgie visited Mr. Wickham’s water house. Mr. Wickham had also gotten her pregnant.

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