The cause and effects of the female menopause Essay Example
The cause and effects of the female menopause Essay Example

The cause and effects of the female menopause Essay Example

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`` One of the greatest investings which we can do is to put in wellness ; for there is no other investing like itaˆ¦.Health is life insurance, success and felicity ''

-Mahatma Gandhi

The wise adult female tradition seeks to mend the whole person. The primary techniques involve nurturing the adult female through storytelling, simple ceremonial and dietetic herbs. The `` enigmas '' of a adult female 's organic structure - pubescence, menses, gestation, lactation and climacteric - are seen as times of power and growing. Menopause is an chance for witting alteration, non a disease to be treated.

The alteration of life. The terminal of birthrate. The beginning of freedom. Whatever people call it, climacteric is a unique and personal experience for every adult female. The joy of climacteric is the universe 's best-kept secret aˆ¦.in order to claim that joy a adult female must be willing to go through beyond the monsters that guard its gate. As you stand at the threshold of it, it can look that merely darkness, danger and hold prevarication beyond. But as 1000s of adult females from all civilizations throughout history have widespread to each other. It is the most exciting transition a adult female of all time makes. As a 3rd of a adult female 's life will be in her postmenopausal period, it is indispensable that she understands and manages this period, makes some accommodations and enjoys optimal wellness.

Puberty and climacteric are enigmas that every adult female experiences. Puberty seems to be about beginnings and climacteric about terminations but both encompass decease and birth, lo


ss and outgrowth. Puberty is the terminal of the kid and the beginning of the fertile adult females, whereas menopause is the terminal of the female parent and the beginning of the wise senior ( Crone ) . Puberty and climacteric are both necessary for ripening and both are times of physical, emotional and religious turbulence.

There is another point of view, one that does non see auxiliary endocrines as a utile or healthy. One that does non see adult females as victims of climacteric, It is called the wise adult female tradition. From this position, climacteric is seen as normal, healthy and scared non merely for adult females but besides for society as a whole. The focal point is on nurturing the whole adult female, back uping her ability to bring forth the endocrines she needs instead than offering so- called replacings. Menopausal adult females are encouraged to honour and esteem their changing organic structures and to utilize climacteric as a clip for intense self-contemplation and personal growing. Postmenopausal adult females are understood to be critical to the wellness of the civilization. Menopause is seen non as a disease but as a survival advantage.

Menopause is derived from Latin words `` meno '' means months and `` pausia '' means arrest severally. Menopause truly marks the terminal of a adult female 's period of natural birthrate. Menopause is frequently defined as the lasting surcease of menses ensuing from loss of ovarian follicular activity and the absence of menstruations after the climacteric alterations of amenorrhoea as grounds.

This climacteric affects the wellness o

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the adult females non merely physically, besides psychologically, socially. They are likely to endure more from the stigmatisation and attitudes of ageing after the generative stage. In add-on, when they enter into this climacteric stage they experience low societal position and diminishing sexual desire due to the progressing age. They lack in footings of income, position, power relation to work forces. Furthermore, adult females 's physical and mental status during this phase of life will hold a important influence on her ulterior old ages of life ( David & A ; Norman, 2000 ) .

As adult females age, there wellness will be influenced by many factors such as calling, alterations in the place life, dietetic form, physical activity, economic position, her society and the environment. The normal procedure of aging and these alterations together with hormonal alterations in the generative system affect the public assistance of adult females.

In 1990, 476 million of postmenopausal adult females were reported throughout the universe, in which 40 % unrecorded in the industrialised universe. It is predicted that entire figure of postmenopausal adult females in 2030 will about 1200 million in the universe and the proportion of those populating in the underdeveloped universe will increase to 76 % . In East Asiatic part the available informations from 1989 to 1992 postulated the per centums of population above 45 old ages of age is ranged from 15.3 to 24 % . ( WHO, 2002 )

Womans in India go through menopause merely as adult females do elsewhere in the universe. India has traditionally ignored adult females 's wellness issues including climacteric but now exciting alterations are taking topographic point. Indian adult females face many societal and cultural challenges in their life. The symptoms of climacteric may change from adult female to adult female. As per the Indian climacteric society ( 2008 ) the mean age of achieving climacteric for Indian adult females is 47.5 old ages. Indian adult females who is populating in rural country 72 % are holding general organic structure achings and strivings which is chiefly impairing their quality of life.

Assorted surveies have proved that the last three decennaries of female life are dominated by two classs of wellness upsets greatly impairing the quality of their life. These two classs are gynaecological upsets and postmenopausal jobs. Womans needs all types of wellness support after generative stage chiefly for climacteric, but unfortunately these services are non available to most of them, in rural scenes ( Bhattacharya, 2006 )

It is apparent that most of the wellness services are concentrating towards adult females of childbearing age and she receives less attending even from the public wellness attention services one time she travels out of the childbirth age. Menopause is a critical point in one 's life where the adult female faces figure of wellness jobs. As ripening and climacteric together over burthen the adult females 's wellness, it is necessary to open up our eyes towards this population. Previously most adult females did non populate long plenty for the symptoms to go fatal. All of this adds up to a alone and turning challenge for the public wellness

attention services, since most of the adult females at this age group do n't hold partner to care for them are populating entirely with the wellness jobs that have non been adequately addressed.

Society has merely been confronting the issues of life beyond the climacteric for a relatively short clip. Research is now concentrating on factors that wholly influence the physical and psychological facets of climacteric and ageing. Womans today are expected to populate 1/3 of their lives after their generative old ages, or one-half of their grownup life. In that instance, preventative wellness attention and healthy life manner wonts and patterns can merely be the great support to better the quality of life in their ulterior old ages ( Young kin & A ; Davis, 2004 ) .


Menopause signals the terminal of an epoch for many adult females. It concludes their ability to reproduce, and some adult females find forward age, altered functions, and these physiologic alterations to be overpowering events that may precipitate depression and anxiousness ( Kessenich, 2007 ) .

With the increasing of life span adult females in western civilizations, most adult females can anticipate to populate one tierce of their lives after the generative old ages. As adult females age, many experience passages that nowadayss challenges, such as altering wellness, work, matrimonial position, that require version. Nowhere is this truer than with the alterations associated with climacteric. In the United States most adult females undergo climacteric during the late mid-fortiess and early 1950ss ; the average age is about 51 old ages ( Andersons 2007 ) .

In India the mean life span of adult females was 31 Old ages harmonizing to the nose count conducted 4 Old ages after independency, in 1951, which had well increased to 61 old ages by the twelvemonth 1991. This means that adult females will populate about a one-fourth to 1/3 of her life in postmenopausal stage. By the twelvemonth 2025, it is estimated that about 165 million adult females will be in the age group of above 60 old ages. ( Indian climacteric society, 2006 ) . With the increased life anticipation, today 's adult females nevertheless must set to the challenges in remainder of her life.

The popular belief that an early menarche predispose to a late climacteric is non substantiated. Unlike menarche the mean age of climacteric remained about the same since the in-between ages. It encompasses the period of altering ovarian activity before climacteric and the few old ages of amenorrhoea.

One of the major physiological events in a adult females 's life is menopause. Cessation of menstruations, which normally occurs between the age of 45 and 55 old ages, is cosmopolitan, obvious, and unpreventable. The hormonal alterations of the climacteric, chiefly the diminution in ovarian estrogen production, manifest in the climacteric. When adult females approach menopause their catamenial rhythm Begin to alter and go irregular which is a mark of unpredictable ovulation that cause irregular release of the endocrines estrogen and Lipo-Lutin taking to symptoms associated with climacteric ( Krantz, 2007 ) .

Although all adult females have similar hormonal alterations with climacteric, the experience

of each adult female is influenced by age, cultural background, wellness type of climacteric, kid bearing desires and relationship. Womans may see climacteric as a major alteration in their life, either positive, such as freedom from troublesome, dysmenorrhea or the demand for contraceptive method or negative, such as experiencing `` old '' and loss of child bearing ability.

A study by a non Governmental organisation in Gujarat was revealed that most of the adult females were holding less understanding about climacteric and besides they did non pay much attending to it. `` For many adult females, climacteric represents freedom from societal and spiritual restraints and from sexual torment '' ( as cited in Bhavadam, 1999 ) .

Cultural messages besides influence single adult females 's perceptual experience of climacteric. Many adult females have accepted, whereas other see climacteric as the first measure to old age and associate with it to the loss of attraction, physical ability and energy. In add-on to the physical alterations some societal and psychological alterations besides occurs which may impact the well-being of the menopausal adult females. In civilizations where postmenopausal adult females addition position, such as India, the Far East, and the south Pacific Islands, depression among postmenopausal adult females is non observed ( Shifren & A ; Schiff, 2007 )

A survey conducted by Sivakami & A ; Shyamala ( 2005 ) based on the National Family Health study - 2 information has shown that the age of climacteric is different across different provinces of India. Around 11 % of adult females are found to be in climacteric who belongs to the age group of & lt ; 40 old ages, unlike developed states where adult females pierce in to menopause during their 5th decennary of life. In Indian adult females are sing climacteric from their early mid-fortiess itself, thereby they are exposed to more period of postmenopausal clip and its associated jobs. Hence it is much needed to concentrate on the wellness of the menopausal adult females to better their quality of life.

As the mean life anticipation for adult females additions, the figure of adult females making and life in climacteric has escalated. Most of the adult females may anticipate to pass more than 1/3 of their life will be in postmenopausal period. It is normally marked by the alterations happening after climacteric ( Curran & A ; Bachmann, 2006 ) .

Many adult females pass through the climacteric without indecent symptoms. These adult females remain active and in good wellness with small break of their day-to-day modus operandis. The ability header with any emphasis involves three factors: the individual 's perceptual experience of the event, support systems, and get bying mechanisms. Nurses can play a major function in helping menopausal adult females by educating and reding them about the battalion of options available for disease bar, intervention for menopausal symptoms, and wellness publicity during the clip of menopausal alteration in their life, and nurses can assist to do this chance as a world ( Kessenich, 2007 ) .

Dr.Meeta Singh on universe climacteric twenty-four hours held in New Delhi said that even though consciousness about climacteric is

turning, most Indian adult females have a history of self-denial and neglect. A prepared faculty an information booklet about the climacteric was given to the adult females in India and feedback was taken from the adult females about their perceptual experience about climacteric and it was found that most of the adult females were non really good knowing about climacteric and fables such as climacteric being a 'disease ' instead than a natural phenomenon were lief believed. It was found that even educated adult females believed that sick wellness was a portion of climacteric ( as cited in Lal, 2006 ) .

Health attention professional should bear in head that, the postmenopausal adult females might be loath to raise inquiries about some jobs spontaneously. However, climacteric is period of clip where the adult females need to concentrate on herself and her demands. The first measure is to do her understand about the physical and emotional alterations that may be in front for her ( Borrego & A ; Forteza, 2005 ) . So it is of import to turn to the wellness issues faced by menopausal adult females besides should be encouraged to seek healthy life manners and medical aid to take charge of their wellness.

International climacteric society ( IMS ) , in coaction with the World Health Organization ( WHO ) has designated October 18 as universe climacteric twenty-four hours. In observation of the twenty-four hours, the IMS and council of attached climacteric societies launched policies that support research workers and research in the country of menopausal wellness. The public wellness attention system does non admit the particular wellness demands of older adult females. There has been extended research on climacteric in the West but in India, merely a few institutes have recognized the potency of research on the topic ( as cited in Bhavadam, 1999 ) .

Research to measure the quality of life during postmenopausal period may assist in bettering and keeping the good wellness of the adult females. As the climacteric occurs at a deliberate clip when a adult female 's societal support can be retreating, research is considered necessary to happen out is preventative wellness attention can hold a major impact on a adult female 's quality of life.

Womans shacking in rural country are either unwilling to seek medical aid, unable to acquire services from the private sector or they merely ignore their postmenopausal job. Therefore, the research worker had an purpose to measure their quality of life among the adult females who are from the rural country to better their quality of life by administrating a self instructional faculty on get bying schemes.


A descriptive survey to measure the quality of life of postmenopausal adult females and in a position to develop self-instructional faculty on get bying schemes in selected rural country at Madurai territory - 2010.


The aims of the survey are

  1. To measure the quality of life of postmenopausal adult females
  2. To happen out the association between the quality of life with selected demographic variables of postmenopausal adult females such as age, household income, type of household and business.
  3. To develop a self-instructional

faculty on get bying schemes


H1- There will be a important association between the quality of life and selected demographic variables of postmenopausal adult females such as age, household income, type of household and business.


Quality of life

In this survey, quality of life refers to the sensed degree of satisfaction felt by the postmenopausal adult females about their life in footings of physical, psychological, environmental and societal sphere assessed by utilizing WHOQOL-BREF standardised graduated table.

Postmenopausal adult females

In this survey postmenopausal adult female, refers to who has attained climacteric and the last catamenial period is non less than 1 twelvemonth and non more than 5 old ages and who belong to the age group of 45 to 55 old ages.

Self-instructional faculty on get bying schemes

In this survey it refers to well planned written information for the postmenopausal adult females, which they can read by themselves and understand the definition of climacteric, wellness jobs, and schemes in decrease of menopausal jobs.


  • Qualities of life during menopausal period vary from single to single.
  • Satisfaction in all four spheres contributes on good quality of life.
  • Change in quality of life is more common among postmenopausal adult females.
  • A community wellness nurse being a alone figure of the wellness attention squad can place the menopausal jobs and can farther give them the guidelines to get by with the jobs.

Boundary line

  • Study was limited to the adult females who were unable to verbalise all their jobs.
  • Study was limited to the adult females who are willing to give the written information
  • Study was limited to the adult females who were more than 55 old ages of age.


The consequence of the survey would assist the research worker to measure the quality of life of postmenopausal adult females in rural country and increases understanding about the quality of life among postmenopausal adult females. The survey findings will be helpful for the research worker to fix a self-instructional faculty on get bying schemes to be adopted by the postmenopausal adult females. It would be helpful for the nurses to place the sort of support, counsel and guidance, instruction needed for the clients achieving climacteric.