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The Computer

The Most Beneficial Invention Over the Last 200 Years

From the beginning of our country over 200 years ago until the present time I feel that the most beneficial invention to mankind has been the computer. The computer is beneficial in many different aspects of life such as: education, business, health, and communications.

Computers are very beneficial to education in our world today. Computer classes are taught in every school in the United States. They help children get ready for the fast paced world of technology. If you don’t know how to use a computer these days there is a good chance that you will not be able to find a job. The Internet is a great way to access information for research or for general enlightenment. There are also programs such as cd-rom encyclopedias, dictionaries, and novels. There are also programs to help students with math, English, science, or any other school subject you can think of. These days you can even get a master’s degree from an accredited university online. Those are some ways computers are beneficial to education.

In this day in age computers are very beneficial in the business world. Without computers many businesses would not be able to function. Businesses rely on computers to keep records, store data, make complex mathematical calculations, and run sophisticated machinery. Computers also provide new business and employment possibilities. They are good for the economy and create many jobs. Through the Internet computers allow companies to do business overseas without having to go by ship or airplane. Those are just some of the many ways computers are beneficial to the business world.

In our modern world computers are also very useful to the healthcare industry. Computers help in the research, and manufacture of new drugs and treatments. They run the machines that analyze chemical compounds used in the development of new medicines. Computers are also used in healthcare in hands on applications. They run machines that keep people alive such as heart monitors, respirators, dialysis machines, and prenatal care units. Without computers in the healthcare industry a lot less people would survive their illnesses or accidents.

Communication is also an area in which computers have made a profound influence. Computers, with the use of the Internet, can reach people all over the globe free of cost in just a matter of seconds with the use of e-mail. Computers also control the many communications satellites that keep the world connected. The phone lines and phone systems we use to communicate with our family and friends are also ran by computers. These are just a few examples of how computers are beneficial to communications.

I feel that over the last 200 years no other invention has made as big an impact or been as beneficial as the computer. The computer is beneficial in many aspects of life such as: education, business, healthcare, and communications.

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