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Occupational Therapy Predictions About The Future Rational Emotive Therapy Social Psychology
Corey CBT, Reality, and Feminist Master Test Bank – Flashcards 125 terms
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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Rational Emotive Therapy Teenagers And Young Adults
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Abnormal Psychology AP Psychology Introductory Psychology Rational Emotive Therapy
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AP Psychology Criminal Law Cultural Norms And Values People And The Environment Psychology Rational Emotive Therapy
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Abnormal Psychology Rational Emotive Therapy Sexual Response Cycle
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Abnormal Psychology Introductory Psychology Mental Health Rational Emotive Therapy Social Policy
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Carl Rogers Low Self Esteem Rational Emotive Therapy Social Skills Training
psych 16 – Flashcard Test Answers 145 terms
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AP Psychology Psychology Randomized Clinical Trials Rational Emotive Therapy Seasonal Affective Disorder
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Carl Rogers Low Self Esteem Rational Emotive Therapy Social Skills Training
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Black And White Thinking Necessary But Not Sufficient Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Rational Emotive Therapy
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Beliefs Counseling Psychology Psychoanalysis Rational Emotive Therapy Self Defeating Thoughts Therapy
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AP Psychology Personality Psychology Rational Emotive Therapy
psy exam 4 – Flashcards 55 terms
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Abnormal Psychology Health Psychology Rational Emotive Therapy Social Skills Training
Social Psychology 14_16 – Flashcards 60 terms
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Rational emotive therapy techniques
Cognitive, emotive, and behavioral
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Rational emotive therapy concepts
The client’s thoughts are often based upon misguided or erroneous beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions.
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The Rational Emotive Therapy Process is based on the
4. Expressing empathy, developing the discrepancies between a client’s present behaviors and values, rolling with resistance, and supporting a client’s self-efficacy are the four pillars of __________. a. motivational interviewing b. rational emotive therapy c. person-centered therapy d. contingency contracting
a. motivational interviewing
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8. _____ is a short-term dynamic therapy that focuses on current relationships and social interactions, and is based on the assumption that psychological symptoms are caused and maintained by interpersonal problems. A) Psychoanalysis B) Rational emotive therapy (RET) C) Interpersonal therapy (IPT) D) Cognitive-behavioral therapy
C) Interpersonal therapy (IPT)
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Tommy came to Dr. Chambers seeking help with his fear of heights. First, Dr. Chambers asked Tommy to list all of the situations concerning heights that led to his fear response. After they had ordered them from least fear-provoking to most fear-provoking, Dr. Chambers had Tommy listen to soothing music and slowly relaxed him as he imagined each step. Which of the following best describes Dr. Chambers’s treatment? A) The exposure technique of flooding B) Systematic Desensitization C) Rational Emotive Therapy D) Aversive Conditioning E) The social cognitive technique of modeling
is the term described in the text as the process of managing and sometimes suppressing emotions. Selected Answer: A. Rumination B. Reappraisal C. Rational emotive therapy D. Emotion labor E. None of the above
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