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Which of the following describes a significant difference between the structure of the Texas executive department and the structure of the U.S. executive branch?
In Texas, the executive department is made up of several elected offices, instead of just one.
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/government-ch-3/
what precedent did President Washington and congress establish regarding the executive branch?
created departments (cabinets)
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What part of the executive branch does foreign-policy fall under
The department of state Headed by the Secretary of State
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/am-gov-executive-branch/
How does the executive branch influence legislation?
threaten to veto; State of the Union Address; appeal to the public to pressure Congress
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Article Six of the Constitution illustrates how the national government’s power is a. derived from the states and the people b. granted through the executive branch c. interpreted through the amendments d. shared between separate branches
a. derived from the states and the people
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In which article of the US Constitution is the leadership of the executive branch authorized?
Article II
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What is implementation? a. the process by which a law or policy is put into operation b. a set of procedures executive branch agencies must follow when issuing rules c. the process by which government agencies settle legal disputes d. a set of rules enforcing government agreements with private contractors
a. the process by which a law or policy is put into operation
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What is one power of the executive branch?
to carry out the nation’s laws and policies
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What is the primary job of the executive branch?
Ensure that laws of US are obeyed.
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What is the responsibility of the Executive Branch (The President)?
To enforce laws
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