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Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Equal Employment Opportunity Gay Rights Movement Height And Weight Late 19th Century Twenty First Century
Ethnic Studies Chapters 1-3 – Flashcards 94 terms
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Business Law Business Management Equal Employment Opportunity Fairness And Equality Management Zero Tolerance Policy
Business and Society:- Chapter 17 – Flashcards 78 terms
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Accounting And Finance Equal Employment Opportunity High And Low High Context Culture International Marketing Language And Communication Low Context Culture
Int. B – Module 3 – Flashcards 26 terms
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AP Government Equal Employment Opportunity History of the Americas Political Science United States Government-Comprehensive
Poli-Sci Rights – Flashcards 29 terms
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Comply With The Law Equal Employment Opportunity Social Policy
SASM – Flashcard 96 terms
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Business Management Equal Employment Opportunity Management Policies And Procedures Principles Of Marketing Strategic Business Unit
Sales Management Exam 1 (Ch. 1-4) – Flashcards 126 terms
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1964 Civil Rights Act Business Management Civil Law Civil Rights Act Of 1991 Equal Employment Opportunity Social Policy
HR Case Laws 29 terms
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Equal Employment Opportunity Minority Group Members Supreme Court
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management CH 3 41 terms
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Equal Employment Opportunity Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Health Computing Hipaa Privacy Rule Medicare And Medicaid Protected Health Information
HIM final – Flashcards 789 terms
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Which of the following statements is true of Equal Employment Opportunity laws?
The goal of these laws is for employers to provide equal pay for equal work.
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Equal Employment Opportunity Act
Granted enforcement powers to the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
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All of the following groups are specifically identified by federal equal employment opportunity laws EXCEPT ________. obese persons women people with disabilities people over age 40
obese persons
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Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1978
Increased mandatory retirement age from 65 to 70. Later ammended (1986) to eliminate the upper age limit
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4) All of the following are examples of human resource job duties except A. Recruiter B. Equal employment opportunity coordinator C. Financial advisor D. Compensation manager
Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEOA) 1972
was added as an amendment to Title VII. It strengthened the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which was created by the Civil Rights Act, by giving it rather broad powers. For example, it permitted the EEOC to issue guidelines for acceptable employer conduct in administering equal employment opportunity. The EEOC also mandated specific record-keeping procedures, and Congress vested it with the power of enforcement to ensure these mandates were carried out. The EEOC became a formidable regulatory force in the administration of human resource management
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