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Consumer Decision Process Habitual Decision Making Marketing Principles Of Marketing
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Consumer Decision Process Marketing Sports Marketing
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Consumer Buying Behavior Consumer Decision Process Marketing Markets Needs And Wants Principles Of Marketing
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Consumer Decision Process Marketing Needs And Wants Product Life Cycle
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Consumer Decision Process Habitual Decision Making Internal Locus Of Control Purchase Decision Process
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Consumer Decision Making Process Consumer Decision Process Decision Making Process Extended Problem Solving Habitual Decision Making Limited Problem Solving
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Consumers consider universal, retrieval, and evoked sets during which stage of the consumer decision process?
Evaluation of alternatives
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When the floor rusted through on her old car, Kelly knew she had a problem. Logically, Kelly’s next step in the consumer decision process would be to:
Search for information
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When consumers are engaged in the consumer decision process, the specific brands or stores they can readily recall in a product category are called the _____. – universal set – retrieval set – attribute set – evoked set – brand set
retrieval set * Retrieval sets are those brands and stores that consumers can readily bring forth from memory
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With respect to Alternative Evaluations during The Consumer Decision Process, Katie Smith know that there are a lot of apparel stores (_________ set). However, only some have the style that she is looking for, such as Macy’s, Ann Taylor, The Gap, and Banana Republic (_________ set). She recalls that her Ann Taylor is where he mother shops and her sister loves Gap. Katie is sure that Banana Republic and Macy’s carry business attire she would like, so only those stores are in her __________ set.
universal set; retrieval set; evoked set
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Which of the following is NOT part of the model of marketing strategy and consumer behavior presented in the text? -Cash flow analysis -market analysis -market segmentation -consumer decision process -all of the above are part of the model
Cash flow analysis
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The consumer decision process begins with a comparison of available alternatives.
False. The consumer decision process begins with need recognition.
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What are the factors that influence the consumer decision process?
1.) The elements of the marketing mix 2.) Psychological factors a. influences internal to the customer, such as attitudes, motives, perception, learning and lifestyle 3.) Social factors a. family, reference groups, and culture 3.) Situational factors a. specific purchase situation, a particular shopping situation, or temporal state
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