CID 450 Ch 6

Transaction logs are built into web server software.
Research shows that the two most important factors shaping the decision to purchase online are utility and trust.
Bundling is the process of selling two or more products together for a price that is less than the sum of the two product’s individual prices.
Consumers choose online channels (e.g., e-mail) primarily due to social media influence.
The highest amount of online advertising spending is for online video ads.
Which of the following is not true about search engine advertising?
Search engine advertising is the fastest growing type of online advertising.
Which of the following is not one of the main stages of the online purchasing process?
Which of the following is not a practice that degrades the results and usefulness of search engines?
social search
Which of the following is based on the idea of complete price transparency in a perfect information marketplace?
the Law of One Price
Which of the following features of e-commerce technology allows fine-grained, highly detailed information on consumers’ real-time behavior to be gathered and analyzed?
information density
Acquisition rate is a measure of the:
percentage of visitors who indicate an interest in a site’s products by registering or visiting a product’s pages.
Hits are a measure of the:
number of HTTP requests.
The marketing technique known as ________ involves merchants offering products or services for a very low price for a short period of time.
flash marketing
Creating multiple variations of information goods and selling these to different market segments at different prices is called:
The richness made possible by e-commerce technologies does which of the following?
It allows video, audio, and text to be integrated into a single marketing message and consuming experience.
Which of the following is the most important tool in establishing a relationship with the customer?
company website
Which of the following involves getting customers to pass along a company’s marketing message to friends, family, and colleagues?
viral marketing
Which of the following statements about CAN-SPAM is not true?
CAN-SPAM prohibits unsolicited e-mail (spam).
Uber has been criticized for using which of the following?
surge pricing
Purchasing an online ad on a CPA basis means that the advertiser:
pays only for those users who perform a specific action, such as registering, purchasing, etc.
Consumers tend to look at native ads more frequently than display ads.
Evidence suggests real-time customer chat increases the dollar value of transactions.
Which of the following statements about the Internet’s impact on marketing is not true?
The Internet has decreased the impact of brands.
All of the following are fixed price strategies except:
yield management
________ is an industry-standard database query and manipulation language.
Which of the following measures the average length of stay at a website?
Google’s AdSense is an example of which of the following?
context advertising
Which of the following measures the percentage of e-mails that could not be delivered?
bounce-back rate
Impressions are a measure of the:
number of times an ad is served
The Nike iD program is an example of which of the following marketing techniques?
customer co-production
Which of the following features of e-commerce technology has reduced the cost of delivering marketing messages and receiving feedback from users?
universal standards
The percentage of all e-mail that is spam averaged around ________% in 2016.
Which of the following industries accounts for the highest percentage of spending on online advertising?
All of the following are “traditional” online marketing tools except:
social marketing
The majority of online shoppers find vendors by clicking on display ads.
Lead generation marketing firms specialize in inbound marketing.
Ad blockers operate in a manner similar to which of the following?
Which of the following would you use as a framework for working with your company’s big data sets?
Which of the following is an automated, auction-based method for matching supply and demand for online display ads?
programmatic advertising
All of the following are among those most frequently affected by ad-blocking except:
online retailers
A web beacon is:
a tiny graphics file embedded in an e-mail or web page.
All of the following are online communications that are used to support the evaluation of alternatives stage of the consumer decision process except:
targeted banner ads
All of the following statements about cookies are true except:
the data typically stored in cookies includes a unique ID and e-mail address.
In 2016, what was the approximate Internet penetration rate for individuals with less than a high-school education?
The incremental cost of building the next unit of a good is called the:
marginal cost

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