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America displays their citizens as equal, but these reports published by the authors suggest otherwise by explaining the unequal lifestyles of the high, middle, and low class of America. There are many struggles people endure during their life, some of which none they can control. Struggles such as being homeless, being born in a poor environment, or even losing your valuables due to the upper class struggles, all shape your life direction. It is sad to see these people wanting to improve their life’s and do better for themselves but are unable to due to not having the basic necessities in life. Homeless students often drop out or fail classes because no one knows of their plight. When people don’t know who to come to for help they Just fade away” (697). , this statement from the article, “Homeless on Campus”, show how students do not continue their education due to simply not knowing where to go to for help. Most people want to Improve themselves through college, but need help with funding for school and will obviously require basic necessities. A quote from the article states “Advocates for the homeless report countless examples of students sleeping In their cars and sneaking Into a school gym to shower and change clothes. (695). Many students are suffering and need financial assistance In order to set their lives on track. There are many other students who are born from middle to upper class families and they go to college with all the help and assistance they can get, while these other students have nowhere to start. No home, no financial assistance. No family, no basic necessities, and yet the government expects these students to go through college just fine and land on a career to settle their lives. Basic necessities that come with ease to the normal class become a struggle to these students.

There is clearly a situation that students cannot control and there must be a solution for these helpless students. Some students may have the housing and support, but the environment students are born into can also have an effect on their futures. The article titled, “Fremont High School”, shows another example of how students are treated unequally due to the American government. It states how the many faults In a school all gather together to greatly affect your education and learning valuables. Some of the classrooms “do not have air-conditioning”, so that students become “red-faced and unable to OFF to show the unacceptable learning environment these students have to deal with. If the “United” States would fund the school for a proper learning environment, then they can be considered equal. Until then these students are forced to stay in these inappropriately heated classrooms and have to focus on school work while dripping in sweat from attacking heat waves. The use of the restroom also comes into a big aspect for these students. “Fremont High School, as court papers documents, has “1 5 fewer bathrooms than the law requires. Of the limited number of bathrooms that re working in the school, “only one or two… Are open and unlocked for girls to use. ” Long lines of girls are “waiting to use the bathrooms” (707). A perfect statement showing that even the government is breaking the law by not providing a legal amount of restrooms to these students. These students attend this school for a time of eight hours a day and some end up not using the restroom at all. Obviously people feel extremely uncomfortable when needing to use the restroom, on top of this discomfort they would still have to attempt to try and learn and achieve an education.

Most, if not all, of these students are unable to concentrate while feeling the need to relieve themselves. This again all leads to the inequality these students have to deal with. Education is a very important value for people to have. People can take anything they want from you such as money, your house, your car, and other valuables, but they cannot take away your education. What’s so great about education if you are unable to receive any? Another quote states “According to teachers at the school, the average ninth grade student reads at fourth or fifth grade level. (705). This quote shows that the students have not been properly educated due to lack of proper school funding. The government needs to provide these students with proper education in order to consider them “equal”. These students are not getting any similar treatment compared to the upper class, which have quality instructors and school facilities that have proper learning environments. America puts equality as the name of the country considering we are called the “United States”, but clearly there is nothing united about America.

One citizen has all the support they can get room a home, car, and financial assistance, while another citizen can’t even access a sanitary water utility to bathe in. Students involved in struggles such as being unable to afford housing or being born into poverty are all the cause of how America’s government is run. The government and the high class have a large effect on the middle and low class. The article titled, “Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%”, states how the economy and the 1 percent of the upper class affect the 99 percent of the middle and lower classes and vice-versa. Those percentage numbers don’t look very equal.

Why shall only 1 percent of America enjoy the high life while the rest of the 99 percent struggle? Many people think of America as a whole and as an equal but most of the time that is not case. “America has long prided itself on being a fair society, where everyone has an equal chance of getting ahead… The chances of a poor citizen, or even middle-class citizen, making it to the top in America are smaller than in many countries of Europe. “(751). This quote is basically stating that many people identify America as freedom and opportunity when in reality it’s as or is worse than most other countries.

If you are born into poverty you are more likely to stay in poverty, if you are born into middle- advantage of building to even higher standards and rarely ever fall to the middle and lower class stage. Many people obviously believe if they come to America they are finally free. Just because Americans have types of rights and freedoms does not automatically categorize them in the upper class of life. People have to start somewhere in order to build themselves, but what if there is nowhere to start? These articles all state the many ways of life and how life works.

This form of overspent and lifestyle does not show equality what so ever. In order for people to build themselves they must have the starting support by their parents, if not parents then their country in which the government does not offer. Many students become homeless due to many personal problems to where the government does nothing about. Students would then have to deal with the fact they do not have they basic necessities of survival to improve themselves and higher their education. Some also cannot afford education, which also then falls under the poverty category.

Financial id is given but is very limited at times to certain people. The aid these students receive only cover college expenses and not even all of it, they then have to worry about supporting themselves outside of school in order to properly continue their education. To my opinion, this is a ridiculous form of equality and must be solved immediately to help improve America. Equality will be appealed when everyone has the option to be put into a class of their choice depending on the amount of work they are willing to do. Until then, the so called “American Dream” will be a nothing UT a myth.

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