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When I was in elementary school, there were many good teachers who influenced me greatly. Among them there was one teacher Ms. Lu who is my favourite teacher and I often recall her until now.

Ms. Lu was both the teacher of Chinese subject and the teacher in charge of our class. She loved the subject and had an in-depth knowledge of it. In class, she often introduced some famous Chinese literature in simple way that pupils can understand easily, so that I liked Chinese literature by that time and read a lot of books after class.

I really feel grateful for her good teaching in Chinese because liking to study Chinese made me do a lot of exercises and reading which made me good at writing during my school life and after school. From her I know as a person in the society, you should first work hard to do well in your own business, which is the base of a successful life in the future.Ms. Lu, was not only good at her teaching, but also liked her students from her heart.

She always knew the working of the heart of a growing boys and girls. She was a friend and a guide to her pupils all time. We came to her in all our difficulties without any hesitation. We knew that the teacher would be patient to listen to what we had to say and try her best to give us the best piece of advice possible.

She was very gentle and never angry. No one had ever seen her using a harsh word. She knew that the children under her could make an error. Ms. Lu’s kindness, patience and enthusiasm in her students make me love her very much, like my second mother.

She is my ideal in my life.Thank you, Ms. Lu, for the impact you have had on my whole life.

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