Summary of John C. Calhoun’s “Slavery a Postive Good”

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John C. Calhoun believed that our country relied too much on compromise.

Instead of reinforcing the law or debating upon change everyone wants to compromise and satisfy the wants and needs of all people. Instead of taking the time to make logical, well-informed changes and carrying out those changes efficiently, the people wanted change immediately. If the nation continued to make compromise after compromise, no law or authoritative position would be taken seriously and chaos would arise. Calhoun wanted abolitionists to take a deeper look at slavery, to question the possibility of positive aspects within slavery.

If they still insist upon abolishing the institution of slavery then they should put together a committee where they can propose and compare ideas. Once the topic of abolition is thoroughly discussed they can hopefully come to a civilized and intelligent response to the abolition of slavery. Calhoun thought the South was pathetic for allowing their region to become a “slave society”. Slavery dominated their politics as well as their everyday lives and polluted their intelligence as a whole.Calhoun boasted about the North remaining steadfast and while being aware of the issue did not allow it to have dominion over their society.

The North was still a society with slaves rather than a slave society. However, Calhoun feared that if the issue were not quickly laid to rest it would spread like disease through the North. Calhoun is adamant about his belief that anyone could predict the future of the Northern region if action isn’t taken soon. He is appalled by the impact this issue has had on schooling and even the media.The teachers are no longer making the students and their duty to provide them with an education their number one priority; they are being distracted by the on-going battle between the North and the South. Even the main focus of the press has become this issue and Calhoun feared that intellect would fade if this continued.

If the North and the South could not resolve this issue within a timely manner than Calhoun thought the nation would be divided so that the regions could live in peace. http://www. assumption. edu/ahc/kansas/abolition/CalhounPositiveGood. html

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