Film Slaves 1969 Essay

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How did slavery affect African-American families in the movie and what do you think is its long- term outcome? African-American families were affected by slavery in various aspects. In some ways, more than other enslaved African-American families, they resembled other families who lived in other times and places under vastly different circumstances. Slavery was a disability that they were born into. Slavery was degrading, filled with negative treatment.

African American s were not able to voice their opinions, they did not have the right of freedom of speech. They were deprived of being educated, able to be literate. African Americans were accustom to the lifestyle, but continuing to fight for freedom. Their lives were not their own it belong to the owner/master that purchased them. How would anyone feel to have a monetary value over him or herself, or to be auction off to the highest bidder? Belonging to another human being brought unique constrictions, disruptions frustrations and pain.

They had no idea of what another form of life could be but they knew that the mistreatment was not a part of being human. African Americans were beaten and deprived of many things of they disobey their masters. Slavery not only inhibited family formation but made life stability, family security difficult, if not impossible for African Americans to have equality. In the film, he (Luke) served as a loyal slave to Master Stillwell; he was promised freedom but was sacrificed in order for the other slaves and African American implies to stay together.

Luke Just prayed to God about how he should have taken the master’s money and fled to freedom but he did not want the others to be in bondage. Once he was auction off to Master McKay, Luke was able to see that he was only a slave. He was only to serve his master in whatever way he was told. He then learned that he would never be granted freedom, no matter how loyal he was to a slave owner. The long-term outcome of slavery in my opinion was that African Americans became more rebellious to their slave owners.

They were determined to be free from captivity whether they were dead or alive. Slaves figured out ways to read, write, and become self-sufficient to gain freedom. However, the determination had many downsides to the long-term outcome of being free from slavery. In today’s society and outlook, we should be glad that we are not as limited to do and exercise rights that were provide to us. Our ancestors fought for what we have today, even though we still have a long way to go in order to maintain our freedom.

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