Social Media and Addressing Isolation Essay Example
Social Media and Addressing Isolation Essay Example

Social Media and Addressing Isolation Essay Example

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  • Published: April 7, 2022
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The internet, particularly social media sensation has literally revolutionized lifestyles in incredible ways. The Internet has been credited with enabling social connections and networking in an unprecedented manner by easing communication. Social media is actually redefining interpersonal interactions among individuals with social instructions including the family. This has been both beneficial and disadvantageous. In this regard, social media has also been criticized for being an avenue for the creation of an illusion of intimacy through virtual friendships. Moreover, social media use has also been attributed to the onset of addiction, loneliness, depression and isolation of various demographics (Walrave 174). At the household level, it is a common phenomenon to come across individuals engrossed in online chats using electronic devices at the expense of interpersonal relations with other humans in the vicinity. This loss of interpersonal connection


results in isolation (Paik and Sanchagrin 340). This essay discusses the viable options of tackling social isolation emanating from social media use.

Social recreation is one of the ways by which social isolation can be controlled. This intervention involves a scenario whereby subjects going through social isolation are encouraged to take part in organized group activities (Sha?ked and Rokach 248). It works by keeping the socially isolated individuals engaged and away from the internet enabled devices. They are kept busy participating in meaningful activities like exercise sessions, making art, reading to children and participating in community initiatives. As such, they are able to experience person to person interactions which are essential in building self-esteem and social skills (Sha?ked and Rokach 248). Notably addiction to social media platforms leads to deterioration of these important skills. This strategy also encompasses group discussion

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carried out in the neighborhoods. By meeting new people, one is able to make friends with whom he or she can interact with rather than making virtual friends via online sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Youtube.

Another strategy that can be utilized to help individuals experiencing social isolation is volunteer work. This enables a person to utilize time doing quality work for the community or vulnerable members of the society (Robert 4). Importantly, it helps to reinforce the sense of belonging to a community (Pettigrew 917). As one partakes in volunteer work, he or she meets new people with whom healthy and productive relations can be built and is also distracted from the urge to spend time chatting via the social media. Volunteer opportunities are not hard to come by. One can volunteer in various institutions including nonprofit organizations like orphanages and homes for the elderly. Talking and other forms of interactions one has during volunteering work form a platform for networking and expanding the social circle (Robert 4). With patience, long-term and genuinely intimate interactions develop. These relations are more likely to place emphasis on face to face conversations (Albarran 51).

There is a range of lifestyle adjustments that one can make to fight social isolation brought about by excessive social media use. Notably, they all emphasize on the creation of opportunities to meet other people and groups. It should, however, be noted that social media remains integral to modern lifestyles and therefore cannot be wished away. Instead, social media users need to learn how to use social media wisely by striking a healthy balance that permits interpersonal interactions to thrive. This calls for appreciation

that the social media only complements but should not replace face-to-face communication. If having a challenge to wean oneself off social media addiction, it is advisable to seek assistance from counselors and therapists who can offer invaluable interventions. By so doing, health and social benefits associated with avoidance of social isolation can be achieved.

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