My desire to pursue a master’s degree in social work Essay Example
My desire to pursue a master’s degree in social work Essay Example

My desire to pursue a master’s degree in social work Essay Example

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  • Published: May 8, 2022
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My desire to pursue a master’s degree in social work was fueled by the outcome of my experiences of learning about domestic violence in my undergraduate course. It was also influenced by my active role different organizations where I was able to provide care for child victims of domestic violence. The desire of furthering my studies started way back when I was volunteering at a non-profit organization with an objective of becoming more familiar in working with children that were coming from a less advantaged families. Initially, the organization I was working for did not give me information about the children I was taking care of; they did not tell me that the children were victims of domestic violence. Upon entry, I observed all the children carefully and concluded that they were timid, often refrained from making eye


contact and they merely uttered any word. Although I assumed that their actions were the same as those of a normal child, I constantly found myself making judgment on their general behavior with that of my childhood experiences. This actually helped me to form and establish relationships with these children.
However, my childhood experiences were evermore fueled by my study on what a domestic violence homestead can look like. I began having memories of an interview with a social worker back in the days when I was young; the interview was about the possibility of violence and abuse. I realized how the effects of domestic violence can negatively affect these children, not only with me but with that of other less advantaged children I was taking care of. My realization and personal experience with domestic violence which

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normalized when I was at a tender age has magnified my interest of pursuing a master degree which will help me care for children and families that are victims of domestic violence.

The main mission of social work profession is enhancing the well being of an individual and helps meet the basic needs of the human population; it focuses its particular attention to the needs and empowerment of individuals that are vulnerable and live in abject poverty. A master degree in social work will help me to promote human and community well-being. A master degree will also help me to prevent the conditions that limit human rights and the enhancement of better lives for the all population Positive social change becomes a reality when an individual adheres to mutual social work core values: values of social justice, honesty, respect, reliability, trust, competency, and above all the recognition of the significance of human relationship for a healthy life. I believe that if an individual adheres to these set values then with no doubt, the individual will become an effective social worker. My personal implementation of these core values has allowed my success in interactions with core-workers and above all my clients.

At my past employment places of work, I have been able to make use of my bilingual skills of speaking both Spanish and English languages. My personal cultural background and knowledge on different communities, and my domestic violence experiences will help me to better asses and communicate with my clients. My social field work has progressed expansively; I have served over six hundred hours with different populations. I am multi-trained in different diverse programs that have helped

me in gaining exposure and the experience: I boast exposure and experience on children and mothers that are victims of domestic violence, men that are the perpetrators of domestic violence, families that have not homes under the HUD laws, individuals that lack formal education, unemployed, speak Spanish only, and suffering from discrimination. I strongly believe these diverse programs have helped me to embrace and make use of the core values of social work.

In my profession, I have always learnt to treat all my clients with the same respect. However, the way I interact with them will depend with the individual; this enabled me to build a rapport. I vividly remember when I had a feeling of satisfaction, this was the day that I assisted an old Hispanic Spanish speaking woman fill out a form on her medical health benefits since she was unable to read and write. I created a conducive environment and she soon felt comfortable enough to give me the trust and share out her personal information. Helping clients with their public benefit application has really made me become more familiar with the policies and documentations on this process; I have for sure grown to be a competent advocate.

Currently, I am working towards becoming a competent Child Welfare Service (CWS) social worker; this is where I will be able to help children that are victims of domestic violence. My ability of providing direct support and resources to children and mothers that are less advantaged is something that is not only rewarding, but something that can bring about social change in the society. Every child that is a victim of domestic violence suffers in

some way regardless of the nature of abuse. Assisting this kind of children will promote personal trauma resilience which will give them the possibility of choosing a different lifestyle to the one they previously experienced.

As a potential student in MSW, I am very much interested in analyzing how the removal of children from their homesteads influences their ability of bouncing back from the trauma they experienced. When children are completely removed from their homesteads, there is a slight justification that the decisions are purely based on their interest. I strongly believe that this is a justified reason, but some decisions and choices made seem to be very subjective. In undertaking a MSW program, I look forward to gaining knowledge of the practice and the services used in the society by the CWS. In order to sharpen my skills, I strongly understand the need of pursuing further formal education. For me to have influence over the lives of victims of domestic violence, I for sure need a better understanding of the methods that will help me protect the less advantaged in the society.

I strongly believe at implementing a long lasting social change. I possess a deep concern for individuals and community as a whole and I devote most of my work at improving the lives of the less advantaged. I also have the desire of staying up to date with current research and continue with education. I also look up to the opportunities that come my way; they will help me become an effective professional in the area of my profession. Opening a private practice is also one of my career goals that will help me

provide clinical social work services to the community. In five years to come, I want to educate my community on the need of social change. It is really important to educate people on the negative effects of domestic violence. I strongly believe that domestic violence is the most pervasive problem in the modern society today. In ten years to come, I would like to come up with more educational programs that would help victims of domestic violence overcome trauma. After the ten years, I will not have any problems balancing the demands of social work problems.

MSW degree will help me empower the lives of children who face social injustice and inequality; it will help me to restore a sense of belonging to victims of domestic violence. I believe with a MSW degree I will develop in-depth knowledge that will go along way at helping me have a better understanding of the people I am working with and above all maintain my mutual social work core values. My area of study will satisfying my inner desire of fostering social change and above all help me to utilize the opportunities that come my way.

The University of South California is an important institution that I will be able to realize my goals. The institution addresses the issue of poverty and mental health of the less advantaged in the society. Through USC, I will be able to achieve more and above all make continuous progress that will help me improve the lives of other people. The institution has also focused on advocating for social change and in the process produced wonderful professional. USC is the best institution that will

help me realize my goals and ambition as a potential MSW student.

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