Internet addiction is a growing phenomenon that has been linked to depression, anxiety and decreased academic performance. It occurs when someone compulsively spends time online at the expense of other activities such as sleeping or spending time with family and friends. According to recent studies, internet addiction affects up to 8% of the population worldwide. The causes of internet addiction are varied but can generally be attributed to boredom, low self-esteem, social exclusion and escapism from real life problems. People often turn towards the internet for entertainment, distraction or even comfort in order to cope with their loneliness or depression. However, this can quickly turn into an unhealthy obsession that takes away from other important areas in life such as physical health, relationships and study/work commitments. People who suffer from internet addiction may experience irritability when not online, restlessness while trying to stay offline and feelings of guilt after using the internet too much. They may also struggle with forming meaningful connections in person due to feeling uncomfortable being around others without having access to technology or relying on it for constant stimulation and validation instead of interacting face-to-face. Fortunately there are steps that people can take if they feel like they’re becoming addicted to the internet: limit your digital devices; create a schedule; get involved in activities outside of digital media (e.g., sports); seek professional help if needed; find better ways of managing stress levels; increase communication with family members; build positive habits such as exercising more regularly etc.. The most important thing is understanding why you have started turning towards technology for fulfilment in the first place so you can work on addressing those underlying issues too instead of just masking them with excessive screen time use .

Social Media and Addressing Isolation Essay Example
714 words 3 pages

The internet, particularly social media sensation has literally revolutionized lifestyles in incredible ways. The Internet has been credited with enabling social connections and networking in an unprecedented manner by easing communication. Social media is actually redefining interpersonal interactions among individuals with social instructions including the family. This has been both beneficial and disadvantageous. In this […]

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Benefits of Volunteering Internet Addiction
The Internet Is Creating A Generation Of Anti-social Youth Essay Example
574 words 3 pages

Due to the increased use of internet worldwide, the society believes have shaped up with internet addiction creating a different generation of anti-social youths. Anti-social behaviour is any practice which tends to demean our social interaction and daily activities. Since the invention of the internet and its widespread use there is a wide spread of […]

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Identity Theft Internet Addiction
Social Media Addictions And Its Implications For Future Essay Example
1952 words 8 pages

Abstract Due to the massive development of communication technologies, various aspects concerned with social sciences need to be redefined and renegotiated. The subject of psychology is one of these social sciences. The development of new sites of interaction has resulted in diverse elements manipulating the construction of social relations. This literature review is about social […]

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Internet Addiction
Internet Addiction: The Emergence of a New Clinical Disorder Essay Example
995 words 4 pages

Internet addiction can be defined as the psychological disorder which causes the individuals to spend a lot of time using the computer and the act affects their health conditions, relationships and even jobs. People who develop addictions to the internet happen to socially isolated. They get hard time in creating and even maintain the relationships […]

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Internet Addiction
The Influence Of The Entertainment Industry Essay Example
1054 words 4 pages

The world is undergoing a major revolution culturally speaking; various forms entertainment media like print, radio, movies, television and internet are having a major impact on our culture in a way never experienced before. For a period of about ten years there has been a sharp decline in the use of print media coinciding with […]

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Internet Addiction
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