The Internet Is Creating A Generation Of Anti-social Youth Essay Example
The Internet Is Creating A Generation Of Anti-social Youth Essay Example

The Internet Is Creating A Generation Of Anti-social Youth Essay Example

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  • Published: April 28, 2022
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Due to the increased use of internet worldwide, the society believes have shaped up with internet addiction creating a different generation of anti-social youths. Anti-social behaviour is any practice which tends to demean our social interaction and daily activities. Since the invention of the internet and its widespread use there is a wide spread of anti-social youth practices such as the spread of hate speech, negative narcissism and express of anger in unclear circumstances among youths.

Arguments for thesis

1. Cyber-bullying
2. Misrepresentation
3. Identity theft

Argument 1

Cyber-bulling involves taunting of the victim in an unaccepted manner which lowers self- esteem. It includes inflammatory remarks, provoking posts, stealing someone’s password and information, the building of fake online sites and impersonation with the intention of getting the feedback from the readers. May researches show that 25-40% of the youth


are associated with this act. Youth are very vulnerable to the cyber-bulling due to the exposure to the social sites. The is inappropriate since the percentage of the cyber bullying related cases to youth are less than 50% hence they don’t participate much as the adults.

Argument 2

This is where the youths are posting misleading information due to lack of accountability and physical presence on various internet sites.
( Kuss et al, 2016. pg. 143). It includes misrepresentation of age among the youth where they feel they are inferior, identity misrepresentation, impersonation and romantic deception by the youths. Use of internets in impersonation, concealing identical and generally misrepresentation is associated with youths are the major addict. Misrepresentation is not so common with the youth since this is a common platform for all the internet users.

Argument 3

Many youth uses personal information found online to creat

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a different digital identity for various purposes.
(Bolton et al, 2013. pg 245). It is the alteration of the online digital profile of some to earn favours from other people by getting the relevant information for and or hack into various personal accounts. The identity theft is very common in youth for gaining personal information from the posted digital information which are online. Generally there’s no specific person case study to prove the involvement is directed towards the young generation


It is clear that the widespread of networks have impacted greatly on the social lives of people and more specifically on the youth which discourages socialization. This is as shown from various case studies conducted where quite a good number of the youth are involve in cyber-bullying, impersonation and identity theft. Socialization among human beings is very essential and should not be replaced by technology and in this case appropriate terms and conditions on the use of networks should be adhered to.


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