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RSA Computer Literacy and Information Technology Stage 1 provides me with examples of an ‘objectives’ method of assessment. A student undertakes a CLAIT course usually over 30 weeks. There is no formal candidate entry level. The syllabus has been developed to provide Stage 1 accreditation in 15 different computer applications. Candidates may cover as many applications/modules as they wish, and will receive a certificate to accredit what they have achieved. Successful completion of 3 applications/modules will gain the student a full RSA CLAIT Stage 1 Certificate.

OCR dispatches the requested number of Assessment Record Folders (one per candidate) to our examinations officer at the college and a copy of the current OCR-set assignments. Assessments can take place at any time when the College feels the candidates are ready. The course tutor marks the worked assignments. The college submits the completed Assessment Record Folders with the print outs inside to the appointed OCR Marking Co-ordinator, who checks the accuracy of the marking made by the course Tutor.

OCR issues certificates, reflecting any amendments made to the awards by the Marking co-ordinator. The aim of the assignment is to assess students’ ability to use a range of computer applications in a specific way, with a good degree of accuracy. The CLAIT course is aimed at anyone who would like to use a variety of computer programs effectively. It is suitable for students in schools, colleges and for those in or hoping to gain employment. The scheme provides a good stepping-stone for those intending to go on to specialised or more advanced computer courses.

Method of Assessment Students take a final assignment for each module they have studied. The assignment is a practical task, which covers all aspects of the syllabus for that application. The Syllabus for each module is divided into Elements of Certification. These are positive statements of competence within the computer application. Elements of Certification are subdivided into Assessment Objectives, which define specific competences, which are necessary for the award of the Element of Certification.

All Assessment Objectives in an Element must be achieved for the award of that Element. The Assessment Objectives are subdivided into Performance Criteria; these define what must be demonstrated for the award of the Assessment Objective. All the Performance Criteria in the Assessment Objective must be met for the award of that Assessment Objective. The final assignments may all be taken at the end of the course or taken after each module has been studied at intervals throughout the course. The college or Tutor can decide when it is best for the students to complete their assignments.

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