Role Major Key Success Factor For Apple Essay Example
Role Major Key Success Factor For Apple Essay Example

Role Major Key Success Factor For Apple Essay Example

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  • Published: October 6, 2017
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Role of Design and Technology as a Major key success Factor for Apple and Samsung in the Development of Competitive advantage

Marketing Aspects:

Marketing Strategy is the end of increasing gross revenues and accomplishing a competitory advantage through explicating schemes ( Baker, 2008 ) , which deals with marketing facets such as pricing, distribution, design, engineering and publicity ( Armstrong P. , 2008 ; Kotler, 2009 ) .

As Marketing Strategy is really of import for every organisation, therefore it is discussed for both Samsung and Apple in the undermentioned Section.

Marketing Strategy of Samsung:

The Marketing Strategy of Samsung has evolved over the old ages and it is defined as follows ( Lee, 2005 ; W.Farris, et al. , 2010 ) :

  1. In order to accomplish trade name leading, it decided to bring forth premium trade name with consistent individuality and s

    trong emotional bonding, where client trueness can be enhanced.

  2. In order to accomplish merchandise leading, it normally focuses on run intoing latent consumer demands and to add value in the market by being first-to-market launch.
  3. Finally, in order to accomplish client leading, it hopes to make long term client centric partnership, where coaction with them could assist in making better merchandises.
  4. Target Market:

    The STP scheme followed by the organisation is as follows ( Lee, 2005 ; Kotler, 2009 ) :

    1. It focuses on those sections which are aged 25 to 40, Male skewed, manner witting and educated and possess mid to high income.
    2. In add-on to that, the placement of its merchandises is largely concentrating on clients who are originative, passionate, accepts and love excellence in life and high involvement in consumer electronic by being an early adoptive parent in order to utilize engineering
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in mundane lives.

In order to prosecute its selling scheme, it exercises the following Marketing mix program:

Merchandises:First of all, Samsung has a assortment of merchandises such as Tablets, Mobile Phones, Cameras, Televisions, Washing Machine etc. , all of which gives an optimal merchandise portfolio. In add-on, the consumer trusts this trade name due to its product’s public presentation in the last few old ages. Furthermore, the after sale service for these merchandises have been really dependable and fast, as a consequence of it is considered as a position symbol for its clients. Specifically, Samsung’s merchandises such as Samsung S4 and S5 uses a standard design for its hardware and besides a criterion operating system, known by the name of Android ( Bhasin, 2014 ; Armstrong P. , 2008 ) .

Pricing:In add-on to its ability as First-to-launch trade name, Samsung besides uses a market planing monetary value technique to bear down premium monetary values at the beginning in order to acquire advantage of profitable chances before allowing any rival to come in the market such as it charges high monetary values for its Samsng note 3 at its debut phase, nevertheless, when it realized that the competition is acquiring tough, so it decided to take down its monetary values in order to bear down competitory monetary values in the signifier of a acute pricing scheme ( Bhasin, 2014 ) .

Although the planing pricing scheme proved successful for its nomadic phone merchandises due to best public presentation among the users, nevertheless ; it’s other merchandises related to place contraptions are non good in comparing to its rival such as LG due to which it resorts to competitory pricing

alternatively of prosecuting the distinction scheme in footings of design and engineering ( Bhasin, 2014 ; Kotler, 2009 ; W.Farris, et al. , 2010 ) .

Promotions:When it comes to forcing, Samsung employed multiple signifiers of publicity including those which offers assorted benefits and price reductions to its trade spouse in order to increase the sale of its merchandises. Therefore, the pulling of client is done through an effectual advertisement while the forcing is through gross revenues publicity ( Bhasin, 2014 ) . With its strong selling scheme its advertisement scheme has proven effectual against its rival Apple during 2012 as it spends $ 770 million over the last two old ages ( Dignan, 2014 ) .

Topographic point:In order to widen its merchandise handiness, it uses assorted channels in the market. As portion of this selling scheme, it focuses on three sections of supply concatenation dwelling of Gross saless and Service traders, Modern retail and distributers. The map of gross revenues and service trader is to keep cardinal histories for the company along with accomplishing corporate gross revenues ( Bhasin, 2014 ) .

Marketing Strategy of Apple:

The Marketing Strategy of Apple is really different and alone from the one which is normally adopted by assorted companies. In order to go a top participant in the nomadic Industry, it follows a scheme which is non traditional, which means it has no or less selling budget for any of the promotional activites required for publicizing its merchandises such as Television Ads, newspapers, magazines, SEO and Social Media ( Baker, 2008 ) . In add-on the company acquire its IPhone merchandise promoted by other companies, which non merely agrees to

advance it with full support but besides to pay for it every bit good. These Network suppliers are normally involved in advancing the Apple merchandises but they besides face some limitations, in footings of what the ad should look like and what type of content should be published for it, as imposed by the Apple ( McCormack, 2014 ) .

The Segmentation of the Apple merchandises, particularly IPhone and IPad are targeted towards those clients who wanted to experience particular and taking a luxury life is their penchant. Therefore, the psychological idea of the client is captured by the organisation in such a manner that it restricted its IPhone supply in order to do it available to the few clients. That’s why this type of scheme intrigues the media to cognize why the clients are waiting for yearss and hebdomads to acquire the IPhone merchandises by kiping near the IPhone shop, which helps the organisation in acquiring attending from the media ( Promotion ) at no cost at all. Finally, the Strategy of restricting its IPhone merchandise supply is to make two distinguishable type of clients consisting of the one which owns the IPhone in order to experience particular as portion of entirely technique and the others who are deprived of it in a sense that they feel covetous, therefore making a certain type of struggles which helps in making a word of oral cavity advertisement by doing this struggle verbalized through forums, web logs and other societal media platforms ( McCormack, 2014 ) .

In order to implement its Marketing Strategy, it uses the undermentioned Selling mix:

  1. Merchandise: In order to give good quality over clip, the

Apple have provided the Users with its IOS operating system on both Mcbook and IPhone, in supplying value for money. Furthermore ; the inclusion of treating velocity in the hardware of the merchandises was added by the company to do it compaitable with the package in order to accomplish an efficiency which enable the IOS to run swimmingly. Along with all these developments, the organisation operated its ain music and application shop known by the name of “ITunes” and “Apple Store” severally, which proves popular among the user due to their high quality over others such as Google drama shop ( Bhasin, 2014 ) . All of this was required to make distinction among its merchandises, as the intent of the organisation was to sell high terminal merchandises with great experience ( Nair, 2014 ; Moorman, 2012 ; W.Farris, et al. , 2010 ) .

  • Pricing: Planing pricing is used by the organisation in selling its merchandise such as IPhone at a premium monetary value in order to reflect for its position as being a luxury point. Despite its higher pricing, the Apple merchandises have proven to attacted a loyal client base. Therefore, the organization’s pricing policy was to keep the standard monetary value across the market ( Bhasin, 2014 ; Nair, 2014 ) .
  • Topographic point: In order to spread out its presence over the World, the organisation is present in A class metropoliss of differnet states with an first-class service backup in assisting to supply a good service for its targeted premium clients. Furthermore ; most of its I-Stores are found in premium topographic points and promenades along with the distribution to modern retail mercantile
  • establishments made though a carrying and forwarding agent ( Bhasin, 2014 ) . As the I-Store is the lone sole salesrooms for providng merchandises at good monetary value because it receive the merchandise straight from the company at best price reductions, the organisation keep its standard monetary value and prevent competition between shops by enforcing lower limit advertised monetary value ( MAP ) on the retail merchants through offering pecuniary inducements ( Nair, 2014 ) .

  • Promotions: Although the organisation have normally focus on making word of oral cavity advertisement and media promotion through making a struggle and merchandise desirableness ( McCormack, 2014 ) . However ; it have frequently use ATL platform to aim its premium clients by giving ads on the Radio, Television and Magazine ( Bhasin, 2014 ) .
  • Supply Chain and Distribution:

    Supply Chain and Distribution is largely concern with the terminal to stop flow of information, merchandises and money due to which they should be managed in such a manner to ease the organization’s fight in countries such as merchandise cost, working capital demands, velocity to market and service perceptual experience. Therefore, the supply concatenation could be customized consequently to accomplish either efficiency or reactivity in footings of using its resources ( Perez, 2013 ; Easton, 2011 ) .

    Supply Chain Management by Samsung:

    Samsung initiated a collaborate program to further growing and stableness among its providers by switching its common growing plan to smaller house in order to prosecute green supply concatenation nonsubjective. As portion of this Collaborative plan, the organisation has Win-win fund for spouse companies, support for indirect providers, joint engineering development Centre, timely contemplation of natural stuff monetary value alterations in

    parts buying monetary values and impermanent enrollment strategy to advance e-transactions. Therefore, this attack has resulted in keeping a strong and loyal web of spouses ( Joel Wisner, 2015 ) .

    In add-on the organisation implemented a Collaborative planning, Forecasting and Replenishment ( CPFR ) plan to better its supply concatenation direction by uniting the intelligence of a assortment of spouses in fulfilling the client demand. This enterprise have resulted in cutting costs for selling, stock list, logistics and transit. Furthermore, it has undertaken other stairss by making understandings with different houses in order to supervise market demands, shared client feedback and to cut down the operating costs ( Horvath, 2001 ) .

    Taking into history the complexness of the Samsung’s planetary supply concatenation due to which it decided to better the supply concatenation direction moreover by implementing a quality control plan by the name of Six sigma. As portion of this enterprise, the method of fiting client demands to merchandises and services while using thin methodological analysiss to fabrication were seen an effectual manner to better profitableness and cut down cost. Therefore, it decided to do 75 % of its six sigma undertaking based on redesigning procedures and 25 % focal point on procedure betterment along the undermentioned rules to steer the Six Sigma undertakings ( Hong Mo Yang, 2007 ) :

    1. Global Optimum should be emphasized as the betterment should be set to a planetary instead than local alliance of betterment thoughts.
    2. Systemization, moving as a critical constituent of Six Sigma.
    3. Five Design Parameters to qualify the alterations that needs direction.
    4. Process KPI Mapping required for specifying the aims and proctors the procedure towards direction betterment program ends.

    Therefore, it

    could be analyzed that Samsung has maintained its place as a universe leader in consumer electronics by following supply concatenation betterment processes such as Fast follower, CPFR and six sigma.

    Supply Chain Management of Apple:

    As the Goal of Apple is to develop advanced solutions, it is in the brink of speed uping its merchandise debut by geting 3rdparty concerns and licences, place possible quality defects, manage production incline issues, provide package for natural stuff, provide proper stock list degrees, determine launch measure, Raise order by doing prepayments to providers, decide backlogs, review stock list degree, adjust demand prognosis, monitor current gross revenues degrees and constituent cost tendencies. Furthermore ; the Apple has been considered more efficient than Amazon due to its stock list turnover being 59 in comparing to 10 for Amazon. The Apple has 1 cardinal warehouse in California while Amazon has 28 warehouses from seashore to seashore, as the former one is able to synchronise day of the month between cardinal warehouse and more than 246 shops in order to accomplish efficiency ( Supply Chain 247, 2015 ) .

    As discussed above, the organization’s purpose is to bring forth merchandises for premium clients at premium monetary values but at lower cost possible. Therefore, in chase of this end, the organisation non merely selected the abroad providers for production but besides form strategic partnership with other fabricating providers that understand its merchandise distinction scheme and attacks. As portion of this procedure, it has established a formalistic list of outlook for providers in order to make exclusively understandings in exchange for volume warrant. The development of relationship with the providers has enable it rapidly scale operations to

    client demand for bing and new merchandises. Furthermore ; working with its supply concatenation spouses aids the organisation in developing new fabrication procedures. In add-on it has used its deep pockets to guarantee equal production capacity by puting high volume pre-orders with the providers, which besides prevents rivals from deriving entree to the same fabrication resources. However ; the Apple has been criticized over working conditions in its providers mills and warehouses. During 2012, the organisation proposes to turn up some of its fabrication in the United States about 10 old ages after it halted the production in bing location but some of the industry perceivers have explain the ground for this act owing to lifting monetary values for natural gas and oil in China and other development along with shriveling spreads between US and abroad workers ( University of San Francisco, 2015 ; C.M.Harland, 2005 ; Meindl, 2013 ; Horvath, 2001 ) .

    Harmonizing to Blomberg Business ( 2011 ) , Apple has built a closed ecosystem where it exerts control over about every piece of the supply concatenation from design to retail shop due to its volumes and occasional pitilessness. Therefore, the organisation is able to acquire large price reductions on parts, fabrication capacity and air cargo.

    Harmonizing to the Apple Website ( 2015 ) , it is in the brink of unifying its employees in conveying equality, human rights and regard for environment to the deepest beds of supply concatenation in order to implement the societal and environmental criterions. Furthermore ; as portion of bring forthing merchandises at high environmental criterions, the organisation print the guidelines and providers for the World to see.


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