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There are a lot of goals that I want to challenge myself with in the teacher field. I want to make a difference in each student life. By show tem why education can make life important of success. In the next five years I have a lot of goals. My goals are to: * Is to find a great school to teach at with great benefits.

* Work with my students in different subjects. * Show different patterns and standards in different skills of teaching. * Develop new skills, and teaching courses. Work with mentoring and Induction programs. * Enjoy watching my students grow to be successful. As the years pass I want to become the best teacher I can be for my students.

My goals in the next ten years are unreal. Being a teacher in education shows out the structure of materials in the class room. It’s always good to refresh teaching skills to have a better curriculum. There are a lot of goals, but the main tool is the knowledge and my students’ achievements. When trying to reach my goals it good to have steps.

* Plan out each goal. * Working hard on the skills, and strengths.Make sure all goals lead to great education skills, and team work. 2 When becoming a teacher there is going to be obstacles. Some obstacles you have no control of in education. The class room has a lot of obstacles.

It could be dealing with students, behavior, class work material and etc. The best thing is to work hard and work on all areas that can make a difference. Yes, sometimes it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it when I show greatness in my class. I feel that would improve with: * Planning for Instruction- that deal with the community, and goals that deals with curriculum.

Assessment- Where getting strategies and evaluate the different development of the student. * Motivation and Behavior- Making sure that I understand the individual students. By encourage students to be positive in interaction with learning. There are different topics I want to focus on: * Address needs of students * Planning positive learning behaviors * Curriculum * Programs to meet students needs * Time Management * Communication with students, parents, and the community * Classroom Space * Student knowledge and experiences There are a lot of development programs that takes time and planning.By working the goals to help students achieve their goals.

3 I would enroll in different workshops that would prepare me for technology. * Classroom Management * Assessments * Induction and Mentoring Programs * Planning * Instructional Organization and Development These will help me better understand the important parts of teaching. Where each part is connected in teaching in the school system. This shows that these skills will bring education to the light of success. I would always evaluate my performs with my students, and in my classroom. I would keep motivation by working hard.

Make sure that I keep improving myself to be the best teacher I can for my students. I would join an Organization that help teachers learn new things, and work hard to show new teaching development. Also be one of those teachers’ to belong to a tutor organization were to help students who need the extra help. I expected to gain knowledge, time, and success; because I believe by in these organizations will make a difference for the better in the students. I think that there are different techniques in developing leadership.

I would work harder to make sure that I know the latest skills for teaching.Take courses to enhance class room areas, professional guidance’s, building relationship, coaching, modeling, counseling, and advising. 4 Becoming a Professional Teacher has a lot to offer to students. Teachers’ jobs is to make sure each student get the tool of great learning. By showing them that learning is a challenge; but working hard can bring success towards the future. Every teacher teaches, and studies differently.

The development in the class room is very different. This can lead to helping with work, studying, planning, and development.Everything you do as a teacher; you use in everyday life. Be able to open a new chapter in learning and exploring with the class. Everyone has a different reason for becoming a teacher. A position of a teacher makes a lot of statements.

It shows that by the economy changing education is changing. Each student needs the education to take on the real world. By showing that you can earn your place as a professional teacher; shows how committed you are to your job, students, and the school I think when it my turn that I will have learned all the education and programs for a new teacher.In the world today there is nothing is easy so you have to put one foot in front the other, and begin my journey to becoming a professional teacher. If you look at things it’s all how you make it in your life.

There is a true passion the inside when you become a teacher. It shows you how your strength and weakness plays both sides in a professional. 5 By becoming a professional teacher I hope that I have the courage to make A difference in my students lives. I want my students to feel that they can trust And count on me. Showing your students you care has a great impact.

For me I want to share my knowledge to my class because I believe that hang is good and can be for anyone in the world. When it’s my turn to share the worlds of education I trust in myself to find the true meaning in better education. Like I said before everyone in this profession has different reasons in being a teacher. The most important reason is your students and how they feel.

Always show the power of education; because it make a statement in life. Sometimes I think about how the teacher position will be in all these different changes in the economy.As look as you know that everything is not perfect things will run smoothly. As for me I can’t wait to finish my education and show my passion for what matter the most, and that’s the students and their knowledge to learn and think for themselves.

Teachers will make a big difference in the world for years, and years to come for students, parents, and the community. That’s the best feeling because it’s from the heart.

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