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Process flow, calculations of key metrics around process performance etc. You are expected to show critical thinking in analyzing the current situation at, recognizing bottlenecks, inefficiencies etc.

You are expected to make clear, well Justified suggestions for performance Improvement All questions carry equal marks. You are expected to show understanding of the objectives, approach, organizational structure etc evident in the case in relation to developing the new product. You are expected to show understanding of the new product development course learning and be able to apply them to the case. You should recognize and articulate where the approach In the case reflects or differs from the course learning. Submission Criteria

The assignment should be 3000-4000 words excluding bibliography and appendices. It should be word processed Times New Roman 12 pat font and 1. 5 line spacing. The Harvard Referencing System should be used In the writing of this assignment. Hard Copies All written assignments must be accompanied by two copies of this sheet properly completed and signed by the student. Please retain one copy for your own records. The assignment deadline is mandatory and the following penalties apply to late submission. 10% penalty for assignments submitted within three days of the benison deadline. 0% penalty for assignments submitted wealth one week (seven days) of the submission deadline. Late submissions after one week will attract a further penalty of 5% for each additional day the work is late. Turning Students are required to submit all assignments and coursework to Turning before final submission. A range of between 15% and 25% matched text Is considered acceptable – this usually Indicates original work with substantial use of quotations, citations and referencing. Please note: Turning does not negate the need for correct referencing.

All quotations and cited text must be correctly referenced to avoid plagiarism. Extensions An extension may be granted In circumstances where a written request for an extension Is received no less than one week before the original submission date and considered only where written application is submitted to the lecturer in advance of the deadline with supporting evidence as to why the extension is warranted (e. G. Medical certificate). Technical problems such as computer failure or viruses are not deemed legitimate reasons for late submission or non-submission of work.

If an extension is neither sought nor granted and work is not submitted it will be considered by the College that a student has failed that component of the module. Students must pass each individual assessment in all modules in order to progress in the Programmer. Plagiarism Students are considered to have plagiarisms when they do not credit the sources of their writing-?the words, information, ideas, or opinions of others. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the assignment is properly cited and referenced in accordance with the College’s citation requirements.

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