Physical Education Essay
Physical Education Essay

Physical Education Essay

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  • Published: January 26, 2022
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To become a physical education teacher, individuals must obtain a degree in a related field such as health and exercise, movement science, or sports science. This article will cover the essential skills required for physical education teachers, how they can prepare for a career in this field, and the advantages and disadvantages of physical education for students impacted by obesity. Physical education teachers need exceptional abilities and qualities to succeed in their profession. They should exhibit unwavering dedication to personal health and fitness while also displaying genuine interest in working with children and young adults.

The teacher must possess excellent communication skills and show enthusiasm to motivate others. They should also have cognitive competencies in physical activities and enjoy them. Additionally, they should demonstrate a high level of organizational and planning ability. These skills are essential for a g


ood physical education teacher to help students achieve physical fitness and lead a healthy life (Mawer 2014). Physical education is accessible to students with obesity.

The aim of increasing physical education time in schools is to enhance the health of overweight children. By incorporating more physical education, we can decrease the likelihood of youth obesity and lower a child's BMI z-score, ultimately reducing their chances of becoming obese. Physical education plays a significant role in improving students' overall health, which can positively affect their academic performance. It is important to note that the effectiveness of physical education in preventing obesity and lowering BMI z-scores primarily applies to boys who respond well to the program and stay physically active afterwards. In contrast, girls tend to be inactive following physical education classes, leading to no noticeable impact on their health.

Despite th

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potential drawback of diverting students' focus from academic accomplishments and potentially leading to a decline in test scores, physical education (PE) in schools should primarily aim to promote better health and improved physical fitness. Additionally, PE can serve as a means to replenish students' energy levels, ultimately enhancing their overall engagement in the classroom (Cawley et al., 2013).


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